Saturday, August 6, 2011

It Don't Get No Stupider Than This

     I never thought there could be a "president" worse than George W. Bush; I was wrong.  Not that I would want to go back to Bush, but I now question the whole system of government.  It seems as though only the most evil and stupid people ascend (or decend..depending on your point of view) to power.
     I thought I had seen everything when I saw the Speaker of the House cry profusely on 60 Minutes.  Here is a man who would be in a position to negotiate major legislation, only to be prone to crying at the drop of a hat.  Think of how much confidence that must instill in the people who follow him.  Of course, he caves in to the President in the budget bill disappointing the well-meaning Tea Party.  However, that should be renamed the Pea Party since Obama wanted Congress to "eat their peas".  Obama got the Republicans to eat their shorts.
     Obama has to be the most intelligent president in recent history.  Think of it.  He becomes president even though he may not be constitutionally qualified because he may have been born in Kenya.  He then produces a counterfeit birth certificate that even the most rank graphic software user could recognize as a fake.  But the guy is still president. He is using a questionable socialist insecurity number, and no one investigates other than a few reporters. Don't sell Obama short; he has his shit together.  He said in his campaign that he wanted to reduce troop commitments but starts two more wars.  He wrecks the economy and then blames George Bush.  Heck, why not blame George Washington?  He discontinues the most successful space program in the Space Shuttle at a time when there is chronic unemployment.  But that's OK, the astronauts can hitch a ride with the Russians.  It don't get no stupider than this.
     Obama is of mixed race: black and white.  But since it is politically convenient, he passes himself off as a black man.  If I use his logic, I could just as easily claim he's a white guy. But he gets away with calling himself black.  You gotta hand it to Obama, there's almost nothing he can't do.  Only Obama could be the first black president when he could just as well claim that he's white.  We could say that Obama is the first black president who is white.  I wonder if Jesse Jackson would cry over that; no doubt Boehner would.  It don't get no stupider than this.
     The only thing dumber than this are the conservative talk show hosts.  Right now, they are criticizing Obama for the high unemployment.  The reason for high unemployment is the unfair trade agreements such as NAFTA and GATT during the Clinton administration.  Limbaugh, Hannity, Liddy, Boortz, and many others all favored these agreements.  Perot warned that there would be a "great sucking sound"  which would be the jobs that would be lost as a result of the trade agreements.  Perot was right.  If you want to attach blame for the unemployment, it couldn't possibly be Obama.  The blame should be put at the feet of conservative talk radio which helped push the socialist agenda under the cover of "conservatism".  If Obama was smart, he would blame the high unemployment on Clinton, Limbaugh, and Hannity.  In this country; if it is political, it is socialist.  It don't get no stupider than this.
     Clinton, Limbaugh, Hannity, and others lead the way to destroy your job.  There will be no recovery because there is not a lot with which to recover.  I suggest that if you want a job, start sending your resume to India, Mexico, or China.  They'll need English speaking employees.  You won't make that much, but their living expenses are lower.  It will all come out in the wash.  Just have your relatives get on a plane to India  for the holidays and you can have your family gatherings in Mumbai.  Employment in the United States is highly overrated.  This is great for tech support people when you buy your Dell computer that was made in China and supported in India.  Just think how happy Dell's customers will be when they learn that a Texan moved to India to support their computers.  It don't get no stupider than this.

Walter Allen Thompson