Sunday, April 29, 2012

Howling Judges

   One of the most common things you'll hear from attorneys or people who do their own litigation is this: "Don't piss off the judge!"  It has been my experience that if you don't piss off the judge, you're probably not doing a good enough job with your case.  If the judge's veins aren't bulging from his or her neck, you're probably working from a weak position.  You're going to get steamrolled and you could very well lose your money and your freedom; maybe both.  Of course, it is always better to simply stay away from such proceedings.  But as life goes on, stuff happens and if you are ever so unfortunate to have to use the courts, you will need to be able to manage the process in a way that is beneficial to you.
   Since judges and lawyers are the most chronic liars, the legal process under these circumstances are nothing more than demonic religious rituals with the intent to destroy and steal from the person being subjected to it.
     Within all of the court proceedings, there is always the threat of violence if the person doesn't comply with the "court."  I've been thrown in jail just for having the audacity to ask what law did I violate.  The problem we have with our government and court systems is that they are run by a bunch of extremely evil people.  They don't care about what is right or wrong; all they care about is their rotten communist agenda which they want to inflict upon all of the people of the world.
     The court system is spawned from evil.  The most used conduit is the oath.  Only God can swear and oath, not any man.  These oaths perpetuate the evil in the system of government and they produce death and hell.
     The oath is intended to offend God.  And for those of you who don't believe in God, they make you swear to a god you may not believe in.
     It is my view, that the courts as they are set up in the United States are founded upon the oath and, therefore, are extremely rotten.  And this is why judges like to scream at people.  They are not operating upon things like common sense, reason, and truth. A liar and a crook have no authority over anything.  Everything they say or do means nothing.  They have extremely weak character and no virtues. Just the paperwork alone is a lie.  Their paperwork uses improper English which is intended to confuse those who happen to get stuck in the process.  The liars like to scream at people to keep up their appearance of authority when they have none.  And this is  the way they exercise their dominance over their victims by screaming  at people and terrifying them into submission.  The unfortunate litigant is so terrified of the judge, that they compromise their legal positions and give in to the fear.  The howling judge does this to completely disorient his victim in order to get his way with them.  Think of judges as judicial rapists; with no condom.   These are the real terrorists.
     Every judge I've ever encountered was just a schmuck, a liar, and a protector of the "state."  They refuse to answer simple questions and they are sneaky lowlifes.
     The problem with the court system is that because it is based on evil, it is very difficult for them to do any good.  While sometimes the real murderer is charged and convicted, the problem is that there are others who are put away for life who were actually innocent.  It doesn't matter to the court. What matters to them is that they perpetuate the slave state while at the same time making people think that they are free.
     If you have an ongoing case, and you are trying to get to the truth, keep at it.  Don't give in to the howling judge.  Keep your cool.  Some of you guys who have screaming wives know that they scream at you because they know that you will do anything for them to get them to stop screaming.  Well, it is the same way with the judges.  Do not proceed with anything in the case before the first issue is settled.  If you piss off the judge doing this, it  means that you are being effective.  You can always recuse the judge and have him replaced by another psychopath.  If you keep doing this, you can demonstrate just how rotten and immature the judge can be.  If someone like a judge acts like a spoiled toddler, you can demonstrate the futility of the current legal system.
     One final point.  If the judge asks you: "Do you understand the charges?" don't say anything other than no.  If they won't answer your questions, how could you possibly understand?  If they won't answer your questions, why should you answer theirs?  When you are asked that question just know that you are about to get hammered.  And it may be at this point where the judge will go completely  berserk.  And when he does, keep your temper and your control with maintaining good manners.  You never want to give them any excuse to damage you more by giving you anymore "charges."
Mind your manners and stick to the point of truth.

Money Talks Socialism is a proven failure. Capitalism is better but it should never be mixed in with communism or socialism. The only reason socialists allow a market economy because if they actually operated a real socialist society, there would be little to nothing to steal. Look at Venezuela, they have shortages of toilet paper.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Friday, April 20, 2012

You Have Lung Cancer!


(Given some of the warnings coming about people will develop cancer issues from the Covid vaccines,
I think that a preventative approach will be in order.  Calcium is just one way to defeat cancer.  Look for alternatives rather than taking traditional treatments.  Do your own research and live.WAT)
     One of my non favorite things to do is to go to the doctor.  Anymore, if I feel bad, I try to just ride it out until I feel better.
     However, during my stay in federal prison they have mandatory chest x-rays, so in November of 2008, I had a routine exam.  Then about a month later, the scheduled yet another one so I asked the technician what was going on with the second exam.  He said that there was a growth on my left lung and they wanted to see if it was still there a month later.
     Most doctors in the prison systems are there because they can't get a good job on the outside.  These are the worst doctors anyone would want to encounter.  No care from them is usually better than if they actually treat the problem.  This doctor was Vietnamese, and I'm speculating that he must have been VC many years ago.  I'm not accusing him of anything, but if I wanted to get revenge on Americans, being a prison doctor would be one way to do it.
    So one day I was sitting in his office and he says to me: "You have rung cancer; I save your rife!"  I said: "No, thanks, dying would be better than the cancer treatment."  He looked at me at said: "You would rather die?"  I said: "No, I don't want to die, but I don't want any conventional cancer treatment because that will insure my death." I had watched my father-in-law pass away from chemo therapy and I just refused any treatment.
     An inmate had a book called Death by Diet, by a Dr. Barefoot who wasn't an MD but had a degree I believe in chemistry.  He was promoting the use of coral calcium as opposed to other conventional treatments.  I was fortunate in that the commissary had calcium tablets, and even though they weren't coral calcium, any kind of calcium would be better than nothing.  I also ate a clove of garlic almost every day along with taking between 2500-3000 milligrams of calcium per day.
     I did what I could do and then I forgot about it because the book Death by Diet made so much sense.  The idea of using calcium is to supply more oxygen to the blood system.  Cancer doesn't do well in an oxygen rich environment according to Dr. Barefoot. This was based upon the 1931 Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg. One could say that Dr. Warburg found the underlying cause of cancer.  If I had gone for the chemo or the radiation, I would have compromised my immune system and maybe would have contracted another disease.  If I had surgery, the cut into the tumor would have spread it to other parts of my body.  I saw no  benefit in any of the conventional treatments.  My mother received treatments for throat cancer, but then five years later, she died from lung cancer because it had just spread to other areas of her body.
     In June of 2010 I was hospitalized for pneumonia.  I had a CT on my chest and my lungs were clear of any kind of growth.
     Now, I always look for nutritional ways to solve a physical problem.  Those are the best ways to approach and illness, rather than taking a bunch of drugs that may relieve a symptom, but do nothing about the source of the problem.  Yes, there is no profit in having a cure for cancer and I believe the current research for a solution is just another scam to bilk as much money from desperate patients.
     I don't trust the medical community or the big drug companies.  Most of the time, they sell products only to relieve the symptoms rather than cure the medical problem. 
     What is interesting is the reactions that I get when I tell the story.  Those people who study nutrition have no problem with it, but brain-washed people believing in the godhood of the state and "health care professionals" go almost psycho when I tell this story to them. They cannot believe that an "alternative" method would have any validity.  After all, it wasn't "tested" by the gubbermint.  Had I believed in conventional wisdom, I believe I would have been dead by now.
     Thinking outside the box can save your mind and maybe even save your life.

Death by Diet by Dr. Robert Barefoot. Get this book it is important.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, April 15, 2012

HBO Shows Graphic Pornography

     Just when I thought the liberal perverts couldn't go any lower, the show "Angry Boys" Homo Box Office shows a little girl being made to drink from a cup on top of a plastic penis.  I will not post the photos because they are just too foul.  I wish I had never seen them; they are that bad.
     This show is starred by a Chris Lilley, who really looks like a complete lunatic.  The idea of putting little children in such compromising positions is typical of a liberal moral slut.  Most liberals are like this anyway.  They live in a death culture.  They destroy the idea of sex between a man and a woman who are married.  They engage in sadistic practices which bring pain and suffering to those who engage in their perversions.
    Liberals have attempted to mainline homosexuality and this trash is running rampant throughout our land.  Our lives are being destroyed by the fruitcake media moguls.  The black community has been devastated by so-called entertainment and the rap music is so foul that it can't be called music.  Movies are being made to promote LGBT, child molestation, murder, robbery, stealing, and all the rest.  Liberals are the death culture of the world.  Since it is satanic, their true goal is to destroy the lives of people.  But rather than rant about how bad things are, there are some effective ways people can be effective in turning the tide against these miscreants.
     In the case of HBO, I suggest that people simply walk over to where the cable is plugged in and pull it out of the wall.  And when you go to your cable company to return your equipment, tell them you are offended by the fact that they would carry such trash.  Don't let them talk you into taking the equipment back home.  You might experience some withdrawals but that should only last for about 30 seconds, and then you life will begin to improve.
     You won't be tempted to watch CNN (communist news network) or listen to the bullshit of Bill O'Reilly.  About a year ago, I was watching O'Reilly's show and I almost threw the pot of spaghetti
at the TV set.  You won't have this problem if you just rip out the cable connection. 
     I like the ripping out of the wall because it is more dramatic and frankly, more satisfying.  However, if you aren't a thrill seeker like me, then you may just want to cut the cable with a pair of wire cutters.
     What you will have accomplished is that you have cut off the funding and feeding of the beast.  Without customers, they can't produce their filth.  They won't listen to us, so why even bother sending them a letter.  It is about as dumb as voting.  Vote with your money.  If you have a cable system that has HBO then part of the money you are spending will go to shows that promote child pornography.
    Voting for more rules and regulations will not do any good.  Just pull the plug; you can do it.  It is a simple matter of getting up off your gluteus maximus, walking over to the outlet, grabbing a hold of the wire, and then pull it out by the roots.  (Try not to take down the dry wall when you do this.)
   My guess is that 99% of their market would disapprove of child abuse.  By pulling the plug on the cable, you have completely defunded their operation.  I know this works because I've been hearing about some good results regarding the boycott of "Good Christian Bitches."  Many of the sponsors have withdrawn from the show.  But I think it is better to just pull the plug altogether.  You can save up to $100.00 per month and that will make up for the increase in gas prices.  Oh, make sure you have an alternate way of accessing the internet if you decide to do this.  Some services charge as low as $20.00 per month.
     The media has been promoting homosexuality for at least 30 years.  Now, they are coming after the children.  The bastards are taking perfectly good children and corrupting them before they even reach puberty.  The payback from God is going to be horrible.  I don't know when that will start, but the media is trying to destroy everything good that is in our society. 
     Pull the plug on your cable: this is something you can really do " for the children."  You won't have to see shows like this one.  You won't ever see Piers Morgan, Wolf Blitzer, Candyass Cooper, or any of the other deviants.  Remember, Time-Warner, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and any other affiliated company feed from the receipts of the cable.
     Then, when you are done doing that, take note of any sponsors of shows you don't like and simply don't buy their products.  Buy from their competitor whenever you can.  This way, you can insure to some extent that the money you spend won't be spend producing more child pornography.  All you have to do is to "Google" the name of the show and the list of sponsors.  You might want to contact and inform them that you will not be purchasing their products until their sponsorship of the offensive show stops.  Vote with your money; pull the plug.

Walter Allen Thompson
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