Friday, March 23, 2012

Socialist Piglet Learning Centers

     As I look back on my life, I cannot count the hours and days wasted that I spent in various "Socialist Piglet Learning Centers". When I had my own children, I dutifully sent them off to communist training camp called schools.  However, I realized that the state was actually sponsoring demonic writings.  One was called "Impressions."  And if that was bad enough, my older son was learning the "haj"--and Islamic religious ritual during public school hours. (Probably a precursor to what's happening now.)   I was completely offended by the actions of this school.
     To me, it is really dumb to send off the children to schools, not so much to learn, but to become indoctrinated to the state or religious agenda.  Since most religious groups I've seen are clearly Luciferian, there's really no reason to subject young children to these teachings.  In schools, youngsters are subjected to teachings of the validity or tolerance for homosexuals and other perversions of life, and they are taught to consider it normal.  Kindergartners in some schools were taught to put condoms on cucumbers.  Children are taught that it is just fine for a child to have two daddies or two mommies. This is Fascist Piglet 101.  The homosexual agenda is intended to destroy the minds of the children at the earliest of age.  It is state sponsored child abuse.  But, since the governmental system we have is satanic, child abuse fits in perfectly in their sick and evil minds.
     My question is this.  Why would anyone in their right mind send their children to any school?  In today's world, that is completely unacceptable from any moral grounds.  You simply cannot have liberals, socialists, fascists, communists, and other perverts teaching your children.  When you send your children to school, you are feeding them to the Satanic beast.  There is nothing good about school as we know it today.  Most schools deserve to be flushed down the toilet because they aren't working for the betterment of the children.
    Here is the flaw of mandatory school: the state makes the rules.  Since the state is Luciferian as it stands now, there is no reason that it will benefit anyone let alone teach the children good things.  A parent who puts their children in a school probably hasn't thought this through.  The child is put into a school with other children which they may not approve.  He goes to school and starts bringing home bad habits which need to be corrected. Worse, they'll learn things you wouldn't approve thus causing confusion in the family.  Then, the teachers twist their heads some more with stupid and evil Luciferian teachings.   I went through this for five years before I almost popped a gasket trying to deal with liberal teachers.  I was about to go insane.
     Here's an example: I went to a parent and teacher meeting with my son's 5th-grade teacher.  The teacher was so proud of my son's ability to write.  I looked at the paper that he wrote and the grammar and the punctuation was a mess.  He didn't capitalize the first letter in a sentence, had no periods at the end of the sentence, and it had no paragraphs.  I remember my 5th-grade education and I knew all of that and I wouldn't have graduated from grammar school if I didn't know the material.
It got worse.  In this little paper my son wrote, he talked about very private family matters:  how much money I made, how many guns I had in my house, how many spankings that he got; there was a whole litany of personal family matters that were on this paper.  So here the state is intruding by getting the children to relate to them the personal information of their family.  So I asked the teacher what he was thinking; my son's English was deplorable.  The teacher responded: "Well, we don't want to interfere with their creativity."  I just about went ballistic and I withdrew my son from school that day, and I took the other son out that same week.  Liberals are just too stupid to teach anyone anything.  On top of that, the same teacher asked me if I have any job openings at the company that I owned at the time.  I couldn't believe it.  What would I use a liberal for in a company: a doorstop,
a planter, or maybe a computer cover, or a left-handed mouse pad?  How about using a liberal as an example of what not to do?  Friends don't let friends become socialists.
     But why do people, year after year, send their children to these communist schools?  It's because they don't want the responsibility to raise their own children the way they should be raised.
The parents know what's best for their children, not the state.  The purpose of the schools is to destroy the minds of the children and then render them useless so they can be controlled by the state.
The family takes the second position, following the state.
    So they give the children their liberal-communist-socialist-fascist indoctrination and then destroy their potential, ambition, and ruin their lives.  That's real statist education; that's how it turns out almost every time.
     From that point on my sons were home-schooled and my life was much better for it.  I knew that they were home safe with their mother and I didn't worry what might happen to their minds.  Yes, they missed being out and about with other children, but they were able to do a lot of outside activities, I just refused to let any more liberals have  an influence on them.  My younger son received private English lessons and was reading way above the grade average in just six months.  Yes, I paid for his lessons because the state would have made the young boy almost completely illiterate.
     I was fortunate in that I made enough money on my own to support my family.  This should be the goal of every young man who wants to have a family.  He needs to learn how to make enough money so that his wife can stay home with the children.  Sure, some women may want a career, but it is more important that at least one parent, grandparent, or relative is at home with the children all the time.  Young men should be developing their skill set. They should develop themselves to be able to carry the whole family financially. The skills pay the bills.  Everyone has some talent and ability, so it is important to develop those at an early age, rather than sitting in a classroom listening to communist brain-rot.  Education has its place, but it has to be relevant and useful to the man receiving it.  When I finally walked off the college campus without a degree, I felt like I had just made a jail break.  I was so elated, it is difficult to describe.
     Everyone is born with the ability to reason; using rational thought and common sense.  Schooling as we know it destroys it.
     When I think about it, who needs to sit in class and listen to such claptrap?  It is a complete waste of time.  Children in school should be learning how to read and write so they can learn skills with which they can earn money for their own families.  Instead of rotting in classrooms for 16 years preparing to be a knucklehead Marxist.

Drugs and Prostitution Rampant in US High Schools

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Defeating Evil: Suppressing Anger

     Some of the most useful Jewish and Christian writings are the ones about which we rarely hear.  We are told by the commandment "Thou shalt not kill.." but many of us don't realize that anger is the precursor  to murder, jealously, envy, strife, hatred, fighting, and other forms of aggression.  Anger can start wars.  Anger is evil, yet most of us have experienced way too much of it, and no one ever taught us how to properly deal with it.  I'm going to try to do that with this article.
     Before a man can control his anger properly, he must have a great degree of patience.  This is the foundation of controlling anger.  Most of us have "lost it" when others try our patience.  Some of us have so little that we immediately get involved in the strife, and then all kinds of bad things happen.
However, remember, that the person who is trying your patience will enjoy your suffering.  He will take glee in your misery if you show your discomfort.  That's really the whole purpose of someone who is a jerk--they want to upset your life and will go to great lengths to destroy it.  But if a man can manage to have patience, he will then take the joy away from the person who is aggravating him.  All most of us have to do in this situation is to simply not respond.  There isn't any reason to feed the evil, so the best thing to do is to just leave it alone; let it burn itself out, and don't give your adversary any enjoyment out of his evil.  If we allow ourselves to get angry, then we will give joy to the one who is doing the antagonizing.  Patience is the virtue to be acquired as it is godly.  Whereas, impatience is of the evil one and it should be defeated.
     Now, before you start thinking that I'm a smart guy, I actually learned patience from an early Christian writing by Tertullian, called "On Patience."  And I had no sooner read and understood this writing, I had an extreme example of how it actually worked to my benefit.
     When I was in prison, I had a cell mate who claimed to be a Christian, but he had a Harry Potter book.  I asked him how is it that he called himself a Christian and read Harry Potter?  Well, he went berserk and he wanted to fight.  He kept mumbling to himself, telling the other guys that he was going to kick my ass.  The only problem for him was that he was soon to be released from prison and he was debating with himself if it was worth the extra two years in prison he would get if he beat me up.  Now, I wasn't scared as I can take care of myself, but if he ever sat on me I'd be a goner.  But I don't like to fight, I just don't see the point.    
     He kept after me for three weeks.  He called me names, called me a coward, called me almost everything you could think of, and all I did the whole time was to lay down on my bunk and listen to music.  I had to in order to drown out his babbling.  The other guys were saying: "Are you going to take that shit from him?"  I told them just to watch what happens.
     At some point, he realized what I was doing to him.  I was taking all of his fun out of harassing me and he finally stopped.  He didn't say much, but he was grinning to himself that I had beat him on this incident.  He actually became more friendly to me and actually helped me help another inmate with some paperwork that needed to be done.
     Before this happened, I learned patience from Tertullian's writing.  I never learned that when I was a younger man.  While I was far from a hot-head; when things like this come up, I wouldn't have known how to deal with it.  But this time, I learned it well and it worked.  I could have become angry and fought it out with him.  But that would not have accomplished anything with the exception of the two of us getting an additional two years each for fighting.  Somewhere in Tertullian's writing on patience he calls it "the pilot of peace."  He was absolutely correct.
     Along with patience, I needed to get rid of my anger.  I just shut my mouth and suppressed it.  In the Shepherd of Hermes in Mandate #5, we are told that the cause of anger is spiritual.  It says that we are influenced or egged on to being angry by demonic or satanic forces.  It goes on to explain how to recognize it when it is starting.  When we feel the anger coming up inside of us, that is the critical point to where it can get out of control. It is the evil spirit that is attempting to influence us to do something bad. While I don't know if this writing is "scripture" I do believe it is true because it is exactly the way it happens.  The early Christians apparently thought it was and I can understand their thinking.  But it's only a writing, but what makes it special is that the writing, when applied to practical living, worked perfectly.
     It it important to understand that anger is provoked on a spiritual level.  I think this is why a man can have a nice relationship with a woman one minute, and at the other, the woman goes from 0-bitch
in seconds.  Men can do this too, but I think that women have a tendency to be overrun with anger and they have a shorter fuse and are more emotional. The reason I think this is happening is that men and women don't understand the dynamics of temptations and anger.  This may also help to explain why a man or a woman will get evil thoughts that seem to come from nowhere.  Most people don't act upon them, but it has been my experience that when it happens to me, I think: "Where did that come from?"
      But remember, when anyone says anything to someone else in a fit of anger, it can almost be as bad as shooting or stabbing them.  I remember many times I used to walk away devastated by a verbal attack.  I would not ever underestimate the destructiveness of verbal assaults, especially if done on a spouse.  The damage that can occur on just one exchange can ruin the whole relationship.Trust is compromised and the person receiving the assault starts to shut down because he cannot trust that person who delivered the assault.
     When the provocation of anger comes upon us, it is my opinion that the best thing to do is nothing and just let it pass, even if we have to suppress it.  I have found that it works really well and it stops even more problems later on, as you can see in my example.
     Most of us have allowed evil to lead us around by the nose because we are so used to it, we don't give it a second thought.  So the idea here is to recognize it for what it is and deal with it accordingly.
Since anger in and of itself is evil, but many times understandable, to take any actions while being angry can be very dangerous.  It is always better to let it pass.  I am able to do this because, in order to suppress anger, I had to learn patience.  And I think marriages would be better served if men and women learned how to do this.  It really isn't that difficult, and I think the main thing to do is to recognize impatience and anger for what they are: evil and satanic.   Nothing good comes from evil or anything that can be deemed satanic.  So nothing good should be expected of actions based upon them.  I believe that many marriages could have been saved throughout the years if more people understood the destructiveness of anger.  People would have fewer enemies if any at all if they knew what was going on--understanding the dynamics.
     Another way I accomplish self-control is by repeating the commandment with which I'm being tempted to break.  I almost find it unbelievable, but when I remember to do that, whatever is bothering me almost immediately goes away.  And rightfully so, because evil is weak.  Evil is a losers game.  Just look at an evil person and ask yourself is this someone of true strength.  No, because he is in the bondage of the evil; evil is bondage.
     I strongly recommend that the two writings be examined by the reader.  I'll post the links here at the bottom for your convenience. 

Tertullian's: On Patience
Shepard of Hermes: Go to the Mandate #5 Section

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reality of God: The Fallacy of Religion

     I spend a lot of time outside and I especially like the mountains.  And I was sitting on a rock near the Sacramento River when I saw some of the most beautiful scenery.  As I looked out over the river, I saw small little puff balls falling from the trees into the wind.  At one point it looked so thick you would almost think it was snow.  At the same time, there was a moderate mist floating over the water and beauty of it was simply amazing.  I continued to sit on the river for about 15 minutes and I saw even more of the majesty of nature.  There were little spinners (for lack of a better term) which looked like a small helicopter with a stem coming down from the middle.  They were taking their place along with the puff balls.  As I'm looking at this, I was thinking, God really does know what he is doing. There is nothing that man has been able to make that competes with the beauty and simplicity of what God has provided for all of us. 
(Double Click on the Photo if you want a larger view.)
      I believe in God because I can see His creation.  When I go hiking, I always see something new and interesting.  I notice how dependable nature is in providing for our necessities.  Nature provides water, soil, food to eat, air for breathing, and everything that God created works in harmony with each other.  In other words, our environment is perfect for our needs.  Some of us may prefer one place over another, but all of it is incredibly beautiful in its own way.  I am not a worshiper of the created, but I do admire it because it is the evidence of the existence of God.  I see other people on the trail and most of them have smiles on their faces because they are outside in God's nature which is really more interesting that what we can get on a TV or a computer.  My faith in God is based upon what I can see and experience, and not so much upon any writing.  While some writings appear to reflect God's will, many others do not.  So I believe in what I can reason for myself.  The existence of  God is evidenced by creation.  Everything that God created is beautiful, dependable, organized, and it's even color-coordinated.  Everything works well and looks good.
     Contrast God's creation to the teachings of the world's religions.  There is no end to all of the confusing doctrines.  These religions create wars by instituting rotten governments who oppress people.  By killing people, these religions claim that they do it in the name of God, but the fact is that God probably told them to do nothing of the kind.  If you take each religion for what they say, the ones I have examined are just plain liars.  They don't even believe their own religious writings.  My experience with this has been mostly done with the Bible, although I have read a small amount of the Quran.  And my opinion about the Judeo/Christian religions is that they are too fragmented and they are doctrinally inconsistent.  If religion was an orchestra, they would get booed off the stage because they couldn't even play in the same key.  If  God created nature to be in harmony with itself, then it doesn't follow that these religions do nothing more than cause mankind more problems than they are worth and that they do not represent God.  In other words, these religions are fake.
     In my opinion, the existence of God doesn't depend upon any writing or religion.  And any writing that is proffered has to pass my stink test.  I believe that all of us men and women are only responsible for keeping God's commandments which are in compliance with the natural law.  Natural law is what we can see and experience.  We can't see God, but we can't see the wind, nor the air, but we experience the benefits and joy of life itself.  Just because we can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.  
     The standards that I use are the commandments and nature.  If a teaching doesn't line up with rational thought and reason, or with the commandments and nature, then I simply put it aside.  For instance:  It doesn't make any sense to worship anything that is created because it is just that; created.
It doesn't have any power of itself other than what God gave it.  If I hear any teaching or observe any writing that contradicts the commandments and natural law, I discard it as I would my trash.  If I don't understand the issue completely, I then just put it aside until I get the proper understanding.  This method has kept me out of a lot of trouble.  It's too bad I learned it so late in my life.
     If the religions of the world were so good, then there would be no more wars.  People wouldn't lie to each other, kill each other, commit adultery, they would honor their parents, and they would not commit idolatry.  Most of these religions don't really teach the commandments nor do they teach much of natural law.  It has been my experience, that I simply don't read many religious readings anymore because any writing is only secondary information.  A writing has to be compared with the truth.
     If all the religions teach something different, then the logic here is that they are all wrong.  Yes, they may have a lot of the truth, but I believe that the writings have corrupted man's relationship with God because they are too inconsistent.  If my responsibility to God is to simply fear Him and keep His commandments, then that is my only duty, and it gives me the proper structure for my life.  This always worked to my benefit.  
     The reason is that I keep myself out of danger and trouble, and I don't have to worry about the eventual payback from my sinful actions.  I don't want to be on the receiving end of God's wrath.  It just makes too much sense to comply with the commandments.  God's commandments are just common sense and they make everyone's lives more enjoyable.  It makes more sense for mankind to assume his proper role in God's world order and to throw off the "new world order."

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Political Sluts

     Recently, Rush Limbaugh was excoriated for using the word "slut" relating to a woman who expected the government to pay for her birth control pills.  Now, I'm not a great fan of Limbaugh but in this case he was correct.  What he did was simply take the next step and apply logic.  If this woman is getting paid for her contraceptives, then one could extrapolate the idea that she wants to be paid for her sexual activity, thus making her a whore, slut, or a prostitute.  The left got hysterical over Limbaugh's words and like a typical paytriot panty-waist he apologized, not once but twice.  Of course, his apology was not accepted because there was just too much political mileage to be gained by the left.   Since Limbaugh actually told the truth, the liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotics went berserk, because anytime someone scores a point or two on them, the only way they can try to look good is to play the victim.
     And this is really the battle between liberals and conservatives.  A conservative is someone who likes the rule of law, whether it be government, religion, or the commandments.  A  liberal-fascist-socialists-
operates on a much lower level; with no moral standard with the exception that no one has the right to criticize them.  If if someone does condemn their actions, they are like little children who roll on the floor crying, making a big noise, hoping their parents will appease them so they will shut up.  A liberal is just  stupid and evil.
     It would be nice to get the liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotics put in another state, country, or planet
and let them be on their own without the support of the producers.  I suggest that we put all the suckers in one state and the producers in the rest of the country.  Let's see which group has the most successful living standard.
     Remember, a liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotic is a sucker, but what if are no producers from which they can imbibe?  Obviously, they'll have to actually go find a job and do some work if they don't want to disintegrate into oblivion.  They would probably bitch and moan that they are being treated unfairly and would probably want to launch a nuclear air strike on the producers.  But here's the rub, they would actually have to do some work to get that done; they couldn't do it on their own.  The liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotics need the producers to feed their fat asses.  If we could actually separate from these skanks, I think our lives would be much better.
     At the very least, the political system should be consisting of the Suckers and the Producers; the Sucker Party and the Producer Party.  At least this way people would really understand what is going on, there is more disclosure with this system.  The Sucker Party would probably elect the dumbest, most vile, and evil person to be their candidate (Barak Obama), while the Producer Party would simply appoint the most talented person who is willing to hold that particular office for a period of time.  The exception would have to include no freemasons or new world order advocates.  Those people could, however, be placed in the Sucker Party, and people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros can have the rest of the Suckers consuming their resources.  They could have millions of suckers nursing at their financial teats until the breast collapses.  This way, they only have themselves to blame unless they can get neoconservatives--the quiche eaters--to start feeling sorry for them.  Then the producers( in their feigned compassion) may throw the suckers a lifeline and bail them out.  The problem here is that the suckers will demand more, and before we know it, the producers will be just one step up above a sucker.
     In this example, we can readily see how the producers have the upper hand on the suckers.  Limbaugh is a producer.  No matter what you may think of him, he gets the ratings and his show is always successful; and very consistent over a 25 year period.  So, the advertiser generates business from advertising on his program, which in turn produces sales; which is the whole point of being in business.  When the advertisers cancelled their ad slots, they cut off their main sales generating activity.   The immediate result was that they pissed-off their main customer base (the producers) but they pleased the liberal-fascist-socialist-communists (the suckers).  Some of these advertisers apparently are begging to be put back in their regular advertising slots.  Obviously, trying to please the suckers just didn't work out for them.  Limbaugh, a producer, consistently comes up with the ratings which produces sales.
     So why would anyone care to appease a sucker?  Government, religious, and other psychotic people are suckers and they know they are worthless.  However, if they can "sucker" the producers to feel sorry or compassionate for the suckers, they can draw millions if not billions of money away from the producers.
     A sucker is a political slut.  Whether they be Republican or Democrat, the fact is that they are sluts or suckers who want to feed off of the producers.  And until this problem gets resolved, the suckers will bring down everyone to its lowest common denominator.  The idea that "taxpayers" should be paying for someone's contraceptives, Viagra, or sex change operations is completely absurd.  However, I think that no one should be a "taxpayer."
     However, it was poetic justice in hearing that these advertisers realized the mistake they had made, and this is the underlying power of the producers; the pocket book.  The ballot makes things worse because almost any moron can vote, but the pocket book is where the rubber meets the road.  We can vote with the pocket book every day.  If you don't like any corporations policies, then don't buy from them.  Spend your money with companies which do not offend your moral standards.  The wisdom here is do not feed the suckers, do not vote for the suckers, do not send your children to the sucker's schools, to not attend the suckers functions; get the suckers out of your life.  There are more producers than there are suckers.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

How To Reclaim Your Brain: Part 3


      One of the things I've written extensively on this blog and in my book, The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments, is the swearing of oaths.  I have a free chapter which covers the dangers of swearing oaths.  I suggest that the reader read the free chapter of my book first before continuing.  Take your time reading all of this, I think the benefit of making the proper adjustment is worth the effort.    I have additional articles on this blog:
     A man does not have the power to swear oaths, nor does he know if he will be able to keep them.  In fact, no man can predict the future with any accuracy 100%.  The oath swearing then becomes a taking of the Lord's name in vain.  The swearing of oaths breaks the commandments, but, in addition, is creates the foundation of slavery in modern times.
     The taking of an oath is as if a man wants to take the place of God Himself.  Government officials swear to uphold the constitution, but by their actions, one can tell that they have no intention of upholding anything but their own personal greed.  The oath is the key conduit to Satan and hell.  It is the lowest common denominator, and it spawns the evil throughout the world. The oath is present in government and religion.  The swearing of an oath is idolatry and it is evil.
     The purpose of the oath is to put everyone in a state of feudal bondage.  It is a demonstration of fealty or fidelity.  Now, if a person wants to be a slave, the oath is the best way to offend God and be a bond servant to the state; in other words, a serf.  I advocate never, ever, for any reason, should any man or woman swear any oaths because it violates God's commandments; no idolatry, no taking the name of the Lord's name in vain.  That's really the only reason anyone needs.  If the "government" needs people to swear oaths, then that's their problem.
     And if you notice that almost all the commandments,  seem to require that we don't do something.  How hard is it not to do something?
     Same thing goes with swearing or affirming under the penalties of perjury.  Perjury is lying under oath.  Well, if you're not under oath, why would you ever want to sign a document under the penalty of perjury?  If you're not under any oath, you're lying by signing it.  Can you see how this all can go completely out of control?  This is what evil people like.  They like to confuse people and then they take control of the whole situation through the weakness of the chaos.
     This will reclaim more spiritual strength as you will not be in bondage any longer to the state; at least spiritually.  I know for me, I don't want to go to hell where all the government types will probably end up.  I don't want to be a serf. If there is such a thing called hell, it will have government and religious people in there.  Life is tough enough.   I want to earn my own keep and keep the state and religious people as far from me as I can.  The elimination of the oath gets most of the job done.  And all I have to do is to not do something.  That's it!  How hard is that?
     I'm going to use myself as an example of what not to do.  A few years ago, I signed three income tax returns that were controversial as I was an anti-income tax activist.  I wound up being "charged" with perjury, even though the income tax forms were correct and the person who filled them out was acquitted.  If I had not filled out those forms, I would not have gone to prison.  See, a man has to prove he didn't lie on the forms he signed under the penalties of perjury. How is he going to do that? It is difficult to prove a negative.  I had misgivings when I did it because of the oath and the penalties of perjury.  I probably got what I deserved.  I didn't listen to my conscience.  So let that be a lesson to you.  Don't ever sign anything under the penalties of perjury again.  In fact, I'll go as far as stating that anyone who signs anything under the penalties of perjury is insane, crazy, and a wack-job if they do it after reading this article.  I got very bad results for signing the documents under the "penalties."  Same applies for "affirmations" which are considered the same as oaths.  Only  has the power to make oaths so don't try to be a god.
     The benefits for this one commandment are remarkable.  Because by not signing documents, it takes me out of the dark side and it allows me to operate out of bondage.  While I still may have to deal with government entities, I don't ever do it under the penalties of perjury.  I just scratch off the
words "under the penalties of perjury", initial the document, and then put either "religious objection" or "conscientious objection."  I've never been refused any product or service as a result.  It also keeps a man out of any inadvertent trouble.  You will never fall into any legal trap by withholding your signature.  If you need to testify to something just do it the best way you can but never under oath.
     Everything will operate just the way God intended it to as the swearing of oaths is forbidden and can be reasoned outside of any scripture.  A man is not capable of swearing an oath, nor is he able to accurately forecast whether or not he'll be able to keep any oath.  Thus, the mere act of swearing any oath means that the person is a liar.  So every group of politicians, judges, lawyers, and other groups like freemasons who have sworn oaths are liars.  And I don't have to go to far to prove the poor results.  Swearing oaths is bad; refraining from them is good.  Nothing but good things will come to a man who turns away from swearing oaths.
     Now, this is why I advocate keeping God's commandments.  Nothing but trouble comes from disobeying them.  The poor results of disobedience are self-evident.  All we really have to do is to look at the rotten results.  The same is true for the rest of the commandments.  When we disobey them, we get ourselves in major trouble.  You don't have to be a religious person to understand this, as these commandments are a part of the natural law; natural law is forever, man's laws continually change.  Natural law is dependable; and it works the same way--every second of every day.  Swearing of oaths is in opposition to natural law and is a proven failure.  If you don't like being a slave, then don't swear any more oaths.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Truth Movement: All Show and No Go

    Truth is not a very interesting subject to people who are stupid, ignorant, or just plain evil.  Whether it is controlled opposition or idiocy, the fact is that the "Truthers" get no results. No problem ever gets fixed; it always gets worse.  Even a blind squirrel  gets a nut every once and awhile.  Because the evil has been allowed to keep going for so long, we always get confused when we try to secure truth for ourselves to use in our daily lives.  I've been watching how the press has ignored Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse on Obama's birth certificate issue.  The so-called pay-triot movement used people like me and Dick Simkanin to put forward the issue of income tax, but when the going got rough, they cut and ran like a bunch of little pussies.  
     Simkanin and I were battling for our lives as we knew it, and the chicken-shit pay-triot movement had no cojones.   The people who convinced us that this was a problem that needed attention were nowhere to be found.  They stabbed us in the back and ran off with any money they could find.  I can't prove it but I'd say at least half of them are government weenies and the other half are just cowards.        
     Dick Simkanin died in prison because he took a stand against the income tax but he was hoping that some people on the outside would support him and get him out.  If Simkanin was a one-legged homosexual with AIDS he would have had that support.  But as a patriot, he had little to no standing and they just let them "twist in the wind."  The pay-triot movement let him rot in prison.
My case was different but it had the same problem.  My case involved Joe Banister who prepared the returns in question.  I was "convicted" in Jan. of 2005 and acquitted of the conspiracy. Then, in June of 2005 Banister was acquitted of all charges which included filling out of my returns which the government thought were fraudulent. 

     When Banister was acquitted of everything, I should have been released because of the inconsistent verdicts.   Again, I was left to rot in prison, like Dick Simkanin, twisting in the wind.  I was not allowed to handle my own appeal and so I just sat in prison rather than get screwed by an attorney.                                      I can't say anything about Banister because I've never seen him do anything unseemly, but those so-called pay-triots around him are not the kind of people you would want to trust with anything, especially your mind.  I wouldn't listen to any of them. I've mentioned this to Joe but he keeps appearing with these people who can do no good for anyone. Their world is like a demented asylum. A continual imbroglio that runs night and day no end.                  

       Dick Simkanin was one of the nicest men I've ever known.  He was always well-mannered, respectful, thoughtful, and he had a great sense of humor.  He owned a 5 million dollar company.  Read what he said to the judge before going to prison for another seven years based upon some flawed legal process:

"Well, yes. I would -- I would ask the Court not to, not to do that, and to give me a chance to
prove that I can go through with the supervised release as I was given wrong advice, I acted on the wrong advice, and I'm telling you right now that I would not do that I'm tired of listening to all of these theories, and I don't think that I want to do that anymore. I want to get down and just get settled in my life and be a grandfather to my kids. I don't want to go back to prison."

A little later he continues:
"I would ask the Court for compassion and a chance to do the right thing, if what I did was not right. to start my supervised release if the Court would show mercy and not send me back to prison.  Prison has taken a toll on my life, my health. I have three grandchildren, two of which I still have not seen, and I [don't] want to be a grandfather from a prison cell, so I'm willing to go on supervised release if the Court would show some mercy. I don't want to write them. That's all I have to say."


So the federal judge showed him some federal mercy; he gave Dick another 79 months in prison plus an additional 33-months supervised release.  Asking a judge for mercy is like asking Satan in hell for a glass of water.  This is serious stuff and the evil runs amok. Dick passed away on December 28th, 2010.  He was one of the nicest men I've ever known and I was honored to be called his friend.

No one is truly prepared to battle the government because it is just too evil. The pay-triots come up with very expensive phoney solutions  The people who might agree with me are just too scared and don't want to do anything to jeopardize their lot in life.  That's understandable.

But the government is in gross violation of God's commandments and ultimately, governments like that will fail.  Since I don't want to fail; I just try to stay away from it to the extent that I can because it is just too stupid to be given serious consideration.


Since I'm bashing "Pay-triots" I would also like to point out that the conservative talk radio has the same problem: all show and no go.  They sure know how to talk trash but if you notice nothing really gets solved. 

Look at how these talk show hosts completely ignore Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Case Posse. These same talk show hosts ignored the Simkanin, Thompson, Jackson, and Banister income tax cases.

While I was being vilified by the New York Times and the case was all over the wire services, no one in conservative talk radio mentioned it. That's controlled opposition. The same problem continues over and over and over again.

      So then, the problem we have with paytriots is not really new to me, but it has the same symptoms as my experience. The leaders of these groups would probably get kicked out of a psycho ward.  They are chronic back-stabbers.  

They start groups, get people to contribute their time and resources, and then they never, ever, get any problems solved within the current political process.
Another way you can tell a phoney patriot is when they start talking about getting violent against the government. They start talking about "breaking a few eggs to make an omelet...". I doubt if these guys have enough balls to break their own eggs.     

 The problem with violence is that a person would have to act exactly like the idiots they are trying to overthrow. It is quite a paradox. Most reasonable people do not advocate violence because they have respect for God's commandments. Even a Nazi or a communist deserves a chance to repent.

     Men like Irwin Schiff went all the way with what they believed, only to find out that no one really cares.  Irwin appeared at my trial (lynching) but they wouldn't let him testify, even though he was an expert economist and an expert of the tax code. Irwin appeared at my trial even though he could be in legal danger as he was under indictment himself.   Just like most attorneys, Irwin's served him up to the beast for a 14 year term in prison.  Schiff was a kind and generous man and he was always very nice to me.  If there was anyone that the patriot movement should have stood behind, it would be Irwin.  He and Cindy Neun helped a lot of people, including me.  The problem is that this country is completely lawless, and those of us who thought we were a nation of laws were sorely disappointed.  Schiff, if he lives long enough, will be 88 years old when he leaves prison.  That's scheduled to be October 7, 2016.  Irwin got some extra time for mentioning the word "law" in the courtroom.  The judge told him not to mention the word "law" in the courtroom and Irwin let it slip out.  This is how stupid the legal system is; it is not fit to exist.  The judge was a Mormon, so we'll probably look forward to more nonsense like this if Romney (Mormon) gets elected.*
     I don't join any groups as they are too easily compromised. I try to stay to myself as I cannot ever have any notion that these problems can be fixed by any political system.     

    Without a complete moral structure within the natural law, nothing will ever be right. It it "unsustainable." In my view, politics and religion are the two most vile things that I cannot endure any longer.  Oh, I believe in God, and I believe that God isn't that stupid to come up with religious and government systems as evil as the ones we have been exposed to.

Do we continue to write about the truth? I say yes. Telling the truth will always be honored by God.  At the very least, a man can at least function with the truth; without it, nothing is going to work.

 If a man can use that truth for himself, I suppose that's all that can do and maybe all that should be expected.  If other people want to be evil and believe lies; then that's their problem, but there's nothing like the truth that will give a man a straight path to enjoyable living.

*I just added the part about Irwin Schiff.  This article was originally posted

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Is Voting Worth The Effort?

      I have followed American politics for the better of fifty years. I have done a lot of research, and it is my opinion that the most vile, stupid, and evil miscreants continually get elected, taking away any virtue from the act of voting.
      In this election of 2012 we are seeing some of the most idiotic things occur and it is impossible for someone like myself to take it seriously. You mean to tell me that out of 300,000,000 Americans the best we can do is to come up with talentless people like George W. Bush and Barack Obama? The reason why it happens this way is because various groups of the occult have taken control over the leadership of mankind. There are no checks and balances put into place, and if there are some written down, they mean nothing to the people in government. They just do what they want, so there's really no reason for any kind of congress. Obama operates more as Caesar than an intelligent president. Voting for the lesser of two evils still produces evil. It doesn't make any sense to elect bad people. We can see this happening now. The difference between Obama and Romney is very little with the exception that Obama probably doesn't wear the magic underwear. Either way, the wishes of the majority of the people will never be met because every stupid and ignorant vote will always cancel out the well-informed and thoughtful one. Voting as we know it today insures that nothing but low quality people will always be running the government. People like this would have a very difficult time in a market economy, so they gravitate toward government jobs so that they don't have to work in a competitive environment.
      Voting as we know it is a proven failure. Voting never got us out of a war, never balanced any budget, never opposes communism, and it never has worked for the benefit of the people. The main reason is that the people in government disrespect the laws that are already on the books. They only care about their “policy” but not the intent and purpose of the law. If their policy is to screw the public, then that's exactly what is going to happen. The Bill of Rights in the United States is a joke. It guarantees nothing and if you don't believe me, just get into a legal problem and try to use those rights. They are not there; in short, they are poppycock. Voting only serves as a delusion for the people to make them think they have a say about who gets elected, but that's all it is, a delusion. The government of the United States at this point in time is a complete failure. It is also a complete waste of time.
      The people of the United States are not failures. The ones who do well do it in spite of the bad government.
      What would I have in its place? I'm leaning toward nothing. If a group of people what to accomplish a task or organize themselves, then they should be free to do whatever they want as long as other people are not injured. I would love to move to a community and live near people who have the same moral and value system that I do. I don't like being governed by people who participate in the occult. They are stupid losers and I don't even want to look upon any of it. The government today is bad religion. It is founded upon sand and it is doomed to fail unless it is corrected.
      Government as we know it today is a bankruptcy, tax, and slave system. Most of them are not fit to exist. The purpose of a government should be to provide an infrastructure and establish rules for people to operate under. The NFL or NBA has more respect for their rules than the congress does. Can you imagine going to a game, and all the players start cheating and the refs rule in favor of the home team? Who would buy a ticket to see that? Government is like a bad orchestra. If government was an orchestra they would all be playing in a different key. That would empty out the hall in record time. Voting doesn't alleviate the problem of dishonesty. If there is rampant dishonesty in government, nothing other than a complete reversal of attitude could possibly fix it. Voting cannot fix evil; voting cannot fix stupid.
      The only way it might work is if every vote and who voted for what is made public. This way, the government could not pad the ballot boxes with people who have been dead for years. Everyone would know who voted for what and then hold them responsible if the outcome didn't go well. Maybe the ones who made the bad choices would be fined or penalized for voting for a bunch of idiots. The way it is now, there is no consequence for those who made bad choices.
      We are paying for these consequences as a whole group of people in a nation. The most immoral, vile, base, and evil people run critical areas of government. Judges make up their own rules as they proceed in a case. They put people in prison for long sentences just because someone questioned their authority. Yes, voting has not done anything to cure the problems of government. Perhaps, we should not have government at all if it is going to be so destructive.
      Whatever form a government may take, it cannot violate God's commandments and natural law and if it does, it will fail.  It doesn't matter what form it takes, it will ultimately fail.  All countries with economies based upon interest/usury in their banking systems will always fail because they violated God's law against stealing, interest or usury is stealing.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments