Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Reclaim Your Brain: Part 1

      If you are anything like me, I have realized in the last few years that I was completely brain-washed to the point that most of the government and religious information was completely useless.  The reason is that these two groups of people lie so much, that it is almost shocking when they tell the truth; which confuses things even further.  When something is written down, we really don't know if it is truthful information and without error.  
     When I was put in prison, I discovered that I had a brain and I could use it.  After being isolated, I discovered just how damaging regular media outlet can be.  I began to spend my time just thinking about things, rather than being lead around by the nose.  Even though I was in prison, I felt like I was becoming emancipated from the daily onslaught of the various medias.  I found it odd that I could feel free while being physically enslaved in prison.  I thought I was going to go into convulsions without a computer.  But the opposite actually happened.  I started to enjoy the peace and quiet.
     Now, I try to bring in more accurate information by observing truth through sight, sound, or some other kind of experience.  In other words, written information may or may not be true so then the veracity of it must somehow be confirmed.
     The same is especially true for visual media such as TV and movies.  I no longer go to or watch movies because I don't want to see evil things.  By not seeing them, I am clearing my mind for information that may actually do me some good. Every second I engage something useless is a part of my life that I have wasted.  I didn't learn anything and I acquired no virtue, nor did I build up of my character.  And since my time on earth is quite limited, I know that I should be spending my time on things that are good and getting rid of the evil.
     Evil things are intended to distract away from things that are honest and good.  Government and religions are the most destructive forces on the earth.  The main tool of both is the lie.  Once a lie is told, the people who hear it now waste their precious time responding to it; whether by thoughts or deeds, a person's mind is completely distorted by lies.  All of their actions that are based upon any lie are wasted and are destructive.  Why would anyone even listen to someone who they think is lying to them?  For me, it was out of a bad habit.  I used to think I was educating myself by listening to the various news outlets.  What I have been able to do lately is to completely cut myself off of those things I just don't need to hear.  If it isn't anything good or something that I can't do anything about, I don't bother with it.  If it is of no service to me, then there's no point in considering it.  This saves me a lot of time and effort.  The nice part about this is that the power of the liar is ruined if no one listens to his nonsense.  Since there is no real power in evil, if people stopped paying attention to it, most of it would collapse into nothingness.
     The major issue of reclaiming your brain is to stop believing other peoples' nonsense. Don't consider it; don't even listen to it.  If you're not sure about something, then by all means, go ahead and study the issue, but if you find that it is stupid or evil, then just leave it alone.  See, we give power to evil by talking about it all the time.  By paying attention to stupid and evil people, we empower them.  Ignoring their words takes their power away.  And certainly, withdrawing from their ways of doing things can only serve to improve our lives.
     Evil people like to make slaves out of men, women, and children.  If the mind can be enslaved, then it is much easier for the evil ones to control the people.  The first line of defense in this atmosphere would be to stop opening the mind to these people and closing it off for only that which is seemly.  Why would anyone care what an evil person has to say?  You know it's not going to be good, so why listen to it?
     By cutting off your attention to evil things, the power of the evil will implode upon itself.  It will make your life much more bearable, and you will enjoy the good part of life.  The purpose of evil is
to destroy mankind, so the best thing to do is to stop listening to their poppycock.  Think about the time all of us have spent on things that can't possibly do us any good.  And then we feed the evil by paying attention to it.  We are wasting our time and our lives.  Every second that passes buy should be used for good things; building character and virtue, rather than constantly feeding the evil.
     By reclaiming your brain, you will free yourself of the mental and spiritual chains of evil.  Life will get better.  I don't think God put us on earth to be miserable.  And if you look at the actions of government and religion, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that these two forces are the primary instigators of the misery of mankind.  The only comfort I have been able to find is contained within God's commandments and His wisdom, because those actually work.

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