Friday, February 17, 2012

What Young People Should Be Thinking

     I spend some of my time around young people and I am very concerned about what their priorities are and how they will proceed with their lives.  Many of them are like punch-drunk boxers who are getting the crap beat out of them with no referee, and they don't even know it.
     Their music is trash, they have tattoos and piercings that look like shit, lousy job expectations,
poor moral foundations, uncontrolled drug abuse, and an education system that is almost completely useless in giving them a complete understanding of how the world really works.  They are given a vision of fantasy and fiction; wasting their time on video games, without the proper understanding of  the realities of decent living.
     Young people should be planning to begin their families.  Young men should be planning to make enough money to support themselves, their wives (not significant others), and their children.  Children should be raised by their parents and not some communist psycho in the public school system.
     Young people should not be having sex until they are married.  Sex before marriage completely distorts the loving relationship between a man and a woman.  Sex is not an end in itself.  Sex is the vehicle with which a couple produces babies.  That is the main purpose of sex.  Yes, it is enjoyable, but only in its proper context of a proper marriage.
     Men have to start acting like men.  They need to be responsible for themselves and their families.  I think that many young men have a lot of abilities that go wasted for a lot of reasons.  Young women should stop being so preoccupied with their appearance and put more thought about what kind of man they want in order to start a family.  Men and women are different, but both will compliment each other if they stay within God's natural order.  Men want real women; not whores or sluts.
     The best part of life is raising children.  There is nothing better than that, but today's society
teaches people that children are some kind of disease.  When I look back on my life, raising my children was the most fun and satisfying part of living.  It far surpassed any successes that I had in anything.  That's the way God created us, and that's a part of the natural law and it never changes.
     Do not listen to those who try to tell you that homosexual activity is "normal" or just some kind of lifestyle choice.  It is an extremely evil activity and those who engage in it have already destroyed their own lives.
     Today, you have to think outside of the box, because the current box is evil.  Politics and religion today are very stupid and evil and the political correctness is an engagement in the absurd.  It's time to get back to basics.  Boys and girls grow up to be men and women, who in turn have their own children.  Question authority, never accept anything at its face value.  Just because someone did this or that, test it for yourself.  You should be using the brain that you were created with and stop listening to people who are stupid and evil.  Stupid and evil people have nothing of value to say, so why even listen to them?  Remember 2 + 2 = 4 even if some other knucklehead comes up with a different answer.
     The natural law cannot be successfully overthrown, because it is always constant and it is always dependable.  Natural law is self-evident.  You don't need a textbook to know it.  Your primary senses are your eyes and your ears; use them.  These are the two primary ways a man takes in information.  Use them wisely and try not to subject them to stupid and evil things.  Stupid and evil are the beginning and the end of your slavery.  There's nothing worse in life than evil, so just stay away from it.
     Use the natural law and the commandments as your own rule for living.  This is the beginning of your liberty as a man or woman.  If you can stay within these boundaries, life will get much better and you will be more productive.  And don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it.  You can do it; you're supposed to do it.  Every man and woman chooses evil for himself.  Today's society has taken all of our defenses away, and we have become like the punch-drunk boxer who is too beat up to perform.  We have become the roadkill for evil and this ought not to be.  Evil is nothing; it accomplishes nothing and it is no service to anyone.  Stay away from it and life will become much more pleasant.
     Don't ignore your conscience.  When you think your conscience is telling you not to do something, there's probably a good reason.  Check that inclination with natural law and the commandments and then decide your proper course of action.  Our creator did not intend for us to have a miserable existence.  What would be the purpose for it?  Evil is weak and powerless, it is good for nothing, so just stay away from it, and life will get much better.  Don't worry about what other people think, just work within the natural law and you will experience the joy of freedom.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Totally agreed! Great post.

    The truth of what you've said will be day. To everyone. A world like this will not last much longer.

  2. Good article for the most part, but I disagree on "wasting your times on fiction". Fantasy and fiction are wonderfull inventions. Simply writing of video games as stupid, is immature in my eyes. And every generation had fiction. You and our ancestors had books, you had "boob tube" and we have nternet and video games. Videogames can improve your reflexes, and question some very good themes. Almost every "gamer" has family, job etc. when they reach the age. Video games are not lifelogn addiction. Also, creating your own fiction can improve your creativity. I'm myself, when out of scool and work, doing 3 things.
    1.Learning techology
    2. Learing natural way of life, in countryside, and how to live wihtout need of unnecessary technology
    3. read books, and later write down my own philosophy and fictional stories. it makes me calm and relaxed. Also, it is proved, that people who write teir thoughts now, are usually mentally better than the ones who don't. A diary, a blog, a doesn't matter in what way.
    Though I agree that good old, game of Chess is much better.
    Also, our music is trash? I love listenign to classical music, and some modern composers like Hans Zimmer, John WIlliams, Two Steps from Hell (they make fantasy music) etc. Is their music crap too? Also,music like rock and metal promotes manliness, so it's good in my book.