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How To Reclaim Your Brain: Part 3


      One of the things I've written extensively on this blog and in my book, The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments, is the swearing of oaths.  I have a free chapter which covers the dangers of swearing oaths.  I suggest that the reader read the free chapter of my book first before continuing.  Take your time reading all of this, I think the benefit of making the proper adjustment is worth the effort.    I have additional articles on this blog:
     A man does not have the power to swear oaths, nor does he know if he will be able to keep them.  In fact, no man can predict the future with any accuracy 100%.  The oath swearing then becomes a taking of the Lord's name in vain.  The swearing of oaths breaks the commandments, but, in addition, is creates the foundation of slavery in modern times.
     The taking of an oath is as if a man wants to take the place of God Himself.  Government officials swear to uphold the constitution, but by their actions, one can tell that they have no intention of upholding anything but their own personal greed.  The oath is the key conduit to Satan and hell.  It is the lowest common denominator, and it spawns the evil throughout the world. The oath is present in government and religion.  The swearing of an oath is idolatry and it is evil.
     The purpose of the oath is to put everyone in a state of feudal bondage.  It is a demonstration of fealty or fidelity.  Now, if a person wants to be a slave, the oath is the best way to offend God and be a bond servant to the state; in other words, a serf.  I advocate never, ever, for any reason, should any man or woman swear any oaths because it violates God's commandments; no idolatry, no taking the name of the Lord's name in vain.  That's really the only reason anyone needs.  If the "government" needs people to swear oaths, then that's their problem.
     And if you notice that almost all the commandments,  seem to require that we don't do something.  How hard is it not to do something?
     Same thing goes with swearing or affirming under the penalties of perjury.  Perjury is lying under oath.  Well, if you're not under oath, why would you ever want to sign a document under the penalty of perjury?  If you're not under any oath, you're lying by signing it.  Can you see how this all can go completely out of control?  This is what evil people like.  They like to confuse people and then they take control of the whole situation through the weakness of the chaos.
     This will reclaim more spiritual strength as you will not be in bondage any longer to the state; at least spiritually.  I know for me, I don't want to go to hell where all the government types will probably end up.  I don't want to be a serf. If there is such a thing called hell, it will have government and religious people in there.  Life is tough enough.   I want to earn my own keep and keep the state and religious people as far from me as I can.  The elimination of the oath gets most of the job done.  And all I have to do is to not do something.  That's it!  How hard is that?
     I'm going to use myself as an example of what not to do.  A few years ago, I signed three income tax returns that were controversial as I was an anti-income tax activist.  I wound up being "charged" with perjury, even though the income tax forms were correct and the person who filled them out was acquitted.  If I had not filled out those forms, I would not have gone to prison.  See, a man has to prove he didn't lie on the forms he signed under the penalties of perjury. How is he going to do that? It is difficult to prove a negative.  I had misgivings when I did it because of the oath and the penalties of perjury.  I probably got what I deserved.  I didn't listen to my conscience.  So let that be a lesson to you.  Don't ever sign anything under the penalties of perjury again.  In fact, I'll go as far as stating that anyone who signs anything under the penalties of perjury is insane, crazy, and a wack-job if they do it after reading this article.  I got very bad results for signing the documents under the "penalties."  Same applies for "affirmations" which are considered the same as oaths.  Only  has the power to make oaths so don't try to be a god.
     The benefits for this one commandment are remarkable.  Because by not signing documents, it takes me out of the dark side and it allows me to operate out of bondage.  While I still may have to deal with government entities, I don't ever do it under the penalties of perjury.  I just scratch off the
words "under the penalties of perjury", initial the document, and then put either "religious objection" or "conscientious objection."  I've never been refused any product or service as a result.  It also keeps a man out of any inadvertent trouble.  You will never fall into any legal trap by withholding your signature.  If you need to testify to something just do it the best way you can but never under oath.
     Everything will operate just the way God intended it to as the swearing of oaths is forbidden and can be reasoned outside of any scripture.  A man is not capable of swearing an oath, nor is he able to accurately forecast whether or not he'll be able to keep any oath.  Thus, the mere act of swearing any oath means that the person is a liar.  So every group of politicians, judges, lawyers, and other groups like freemasons who have sworn oaths are liars.  And I don't have to go to far to prove the poor results.  Swearing oaths is bad; refraining from them is good.  Nothing but good things will come to a man who turns away from swearing oaths.
     Now, this is why I advocate keeping God's commandments.  Nothing but trouble comes from disobeying them.  The poor results of disobedience are self-evident.  All we really have to do is to look at the rotten results.  The same is true for the rest of the commandments.  When we disobey them, we get ourselves in major trouble.  You don't have to be a religious person to understand this, as these commandments are a part of the natural law; natural law is forever, man's laws continually change.  Natural law is dependable; and it works the same way--every second of every day.  Swearing of oaths is in opposition to natural law and is a proven failure.  If you don't like being a slave, then don't swear any more oaths.

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