Friday, March 9, 2012

Political Sluts

     Recently, Rush Limbaugh was excoriated for using the word "slut" relating to a woman who expected the government to pay for her birth control pills.  Now, I'm not a great fan of Limbaugh but in this case he was correct.  What he did was simply take the next step and apply logic.  If this woman is getting paid for her contraceptives, then one could extrapolate the idea that she wants to be paid for her sexual activity, thus making her a whore, slut, or a prostitute.  The left got hysterical over Limbaugh's words and like a typical paytriot panty-waist he apologized, not once but twice.  Of course, his apology was not accepted because there was just too much political mileage to be gained by the left.   Since Limbaugh actually told the truth, the liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotics went berserk, because anytime someone scores a point or two on them, the only way they can try to look good is to play the victim.
     And this is really the battle between liberals and conservatives.  A conservative is someone who likes the rule of law, whether it be government, religion, or the commandments.  A  liberal-fascist-socialists-
operates on a much lower level; with no moral standard with the exception that no one has the right to criticize them.  If if someone does condemn their actions, they are like little children who roll on the floor crying, making a big noise, hoping their parents will appease them so they will shut up.  A liberal is just  stupid and evil.
     It would be nice to get the liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotics put in another state, country, or planet
and let them be on their own without the support of the producers.  I suggest that we put all the suckers in one state and the producers in the rest of the country.  Let's see which group has the most successful living standard.
     Remember, a liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotic is a sucker, but what if are no producers from which they can imbibe?  Obviously, they'll have to actually go find a job and do some work if they don't want to disintegrate into oblivion.  They would probably bitch and moan that they are being treated unfairly and would probably want to launch a nuclear air strike on the producers.  But here's the rub, they would actually have to do some work to get that done; they couldn't do it on their own.  The liberal-fascist-socialists-communist-psychotics need the producers to feed their fat asses.  If we could actually separate from these skanks, I think our lives would be much better.
     At the very least, the political system should be consisting of the Suckers and the Producers; the Sucker Party and the Producer Party.  At least this way people would really understand what is going on, there is more disclosure with this system.  The Sucker Party would probably elect the dumbest, most vile, and evil person to be their candidate (Barak Obama), while the Producer Party would simply appoint the most talented person who is willing to hold that particular office for a period of time.  The exception would have to include no freemasons or new world order advocates.  Those people could, however, be placed in the Sucker Party, and people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and George Soros can have the rest of the Suckers consuming their resources.  They could have millions of suckers nursing at their financial teats until the breast collapses.  This way, they only have themselves to blame unless they can get neoconservatives--the quiche eaters--to start feeling sorry for them.  Then the producers( in their feigned compassion) may throw the suckers a lifeline and bail them out.  The problem here is that the suckers will demand more, and before we know it, the producers will be just one step up above a sucker.
     In this example, we can readily see how the producers have the upper hand on the suckers.  Limbaugh is a producer.  No matter what you may think of him, he gets the ratings and his show is always successful; and very consistent over a 25 year period.  So, the advertiser generates business from advertising on his program, which in turn produces sales; which is the whole point of being in business.  When the advertisers cancelled their ad slots, they cut off their main sales generating activity.   The immediate result was that they pissed-off their main customer base (the producers) but they pleased the liberal-fascist-socialist-communists (the suckers).  Some of these advertisers apparently are begging to be put back in their regular advertising slots.  Obviously, trying to please the suckers just didn't work out for them.  Limbaugh, a producer, consistently comes up with the ratings which produces sales.
     So why would anyone care to appease a sucker?  Government, religious, and other psychotic people are suckers and they know they are worthless.  However, if they can "sucker" the producers to feel sorry or compassionate for the suckers, they can draw millions if not billions of money away from the producers.
     A sucker is a political slut.  Whether they be Republican or Democrat, the fact is that they are sluts or suckers who want to feed off of the producers.  And until this problem gets resolved, the suckers will bring down everyone to its lowest common denominator.  The idea that "taxpayers" should be paying for someone's contraceptives, Viagra, or sex change operations is completely absurd.  However, I think that no one should be a "taxpayer."
     However, it was poetic justice in hearing that these advertisers realized the mistake they had made, and this is the underlying power of the producers; the pocket book.  The ballot makes things worse because almost any moron can vote, but the pocket book is where the rubber meets the road.  We can vote with the pocket book every day.  If you don't like any corporations policies, then don't buy from them.  Spend your money with companies which do not offend your moral standards.  The wisdom here is do not feed the suckers, do not vote for the suckers, do not send your children to the sucker's schools, to not attend the suckers functions; get the suckers out of your life.  There are more producers than there are suckers.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments
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