Thursday, May 21, 2020

Socialist Distancing

I've always appreciated the benefits of the natural law or the natural order.  I don't see how anyone can go wrong if they take the time to ask themselves the question on any issue they are contemplating: "Is this right or is this wrong."  In the times we are living in, I'm asking: "Is it right or is it wrong to deploy the socialist distancing on the people?"  From the research that I've seen, there is no medical reason to practice social distancing.  In fact, never in the history of mankind has such a practice been in place.  Along with the slave masks, social distancing appears to be another brainwashing ploy to make the population submissive to the socialist new world order.  Rather than blowing up countries and cities, the "new normal" is very aggressive mind control techniques are being used on the whole world's population.

Like the slave mask, the socialist distancing is designed to make the public obey their masters.  In fact, all government and religious organizations seem to be going along with this program regardless of the country.  All governments and religions are forms of slavery; some physical and some mental.
The Covid-19 nonsense reminds me of the Jim Jones death cult.  Jones was the leader of this death cult that resulted in the death of many people by drinking the poisoned punch.  And the problem starts with the people who do not question the authority of their so-called leaders.  They also don't question the morality of the orders they are given. 

Social distancing violates the natural order and it will ruin the social interaction of people just like the slave mask.  The "authorities" are even putting circles on the ground for children to play in and they are 6 feet apart.  This is a form of torture and cruelty never before seen in the history of mankind.  No one should comply with this order as it is unnatural to comply with it.

Fortunately,  I don't see too many people doing it.  But there's a lot of pressure from government and businesses to comply.  The whole point of this is to destroy the minds of the people and to make them compliant to the state.  The government never has the authority to violate a man's natural rights.  Forget about any "laws" that violate natural rights.  Legal doesn't mean it is lawful under the natural law.  All of us are giving the government too much authority to do us harm.  All of the wars have been caused by governments and in my view they are worthless.

The people in the government are corrupted, especially, the ones that advise on medical issues. People should be doing their own thinking and discovering the truth independently of the scientards.
It is perfectly natural to engage other people at close range if everyone is comfortable with it.  Socialist distancing is of no value and will not help deter any disease.  However, it is a good way to destroy what the real God created by twisting the minds of the population.  It is evil and it should be stopped.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mask of Evil: Part Two

I had just finished posting my article called Mask of Evil, when I decided to have breakfast at my favorite restaurant.  I used to be a regular there for many years and had lunch there almost every day as their food was very good and the people who worked there were friendly.  Some of the people have been there since 1997.  I don’t eat out as much as I did but I decided to get some food and relax.

When I got there, it was like a horror show.  All of the employees had black masks on and the experience was insane.  I got extremely pissed off but I did manage to hold my tempter and not make a scene.  One of the waiters came by and said “I’ll be with you in a minute.”  I recognized his voice but I couldn’t tell who it was due to the mask.  When he came by to take my order, I got up and told him “I can’t put up with this mask shit.”  I told him that the mask distorts any social interaction with people and the black masks are creepy as hell.  He called over the manager who I have known for a long time.  He agreed with me but he said he had his own bills to pay and he doesn’t want to lose his job.  I understood that and I’m sure a lot of other restaurant workers feel the same way.

I told him that no government has the right to make anyone wear a mask.  In his case, the manager told me he had asthma problems and the face mask makes it worse.  I’m an advocate of using the natural law, and it only makes sense that breathing your own exhaust is going to have very bad physical effects.  In fact, there was a story in Northern Commiefornia where a man was driving his car while wearing a mask and he passed out and got in a very bad accident.  This is the kind of idiocy the the government likes to create: chaos.  I gave the manager a card to give to his management. (See image above). He thanked me and we parted on good terms.  However, I was still livid at how the system leverages people who can’t help themselves due to the fact they need to make a living.  It’s a comply or die type scenario.

There is no medical reason for any healthy person to wear a mask.  But I think the real reason for the implementation of these masks is to completely distort the social interaction of the people.  I don’t want to communicate with people who wear masks.  I’m a fairly thick-skinned man, but attempting to communicate with someone wearing a mask is frustrating.  The mask is very dark, evil, and it comes from hell.  The mask represents deceit and lying; nothing good comes from wearing it.

If someone wants to wear a mask, then that is their choice but I don’t think they will get anything good out of it.  Certainly, no one has the right to make you wear one.  Nor do I think any employer has the right to make their employees wear them as it is completely unnatural to be wearing a mask.  In addition, the business owner may incur a severe liability for making an employee wear them.  If a waitress is wearing a mask and passes out while serving hot food, that can be a major problem.  It’s just not worth it for any business to require it.  To have to work an 8 hour shift with a mask on has got to have extremely damaging effects on the wearer.

None of us were born with a mask and no government, business, or any other entity has the authority to require it to be worn.  It’s time to stop listening to stupid government people because all they care about is gaining more and more control over everyone.

Mask wearing warps the mind; the govtards are doing it on purpose and their intentions are not good.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land  

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mask of Evil

Because of the fake pandemic being put on the whole world, the morally retarded authorities of government are trying to make the people wear masks when they go out.  They are making the people think this is done for medical reasons because of the Cotex 19 virus.  There is no convincing evidence that the virus can be spread from person to person. Here is a very intelligent explanation about the virus of Swine Flu.  According to this man, a virus can only be put in the body of a man if he has been injected with it.  So why the mask?  In my view, the mask is intended to make people have poor relations with each other because it is completely unnatural for people to be wearing masks.  A mask is a form of brainwashing and it causes trauma to the mind.

When I went to the supermarket today, all of the checkers and most of the shoppers had a mask.  My reaction to it is that it pisses me off just to look at it.  I can't see anyone smiling.  It's like a hell I've never experienced.  The men look like a bunch of pussy-asses walking around like zombies.  The women look like idiots.  There is no other reason for this but to demoralize the people at every turn.
The store has these stupid arrows which means I'll be walking in the opposite direction of the arrows if I want to.

The mask is telling the people that they are slaves.  To the people who run the government, the people are considered slaves and/or livestock; animals.  The government is a slave system that involves sex trafficking and kidnapping of women and children.  If the government does this to the children, just think about what they will do to the rest of the people in the world.  These governments are run by assholes and nothing but shitty policies come out of them.  They are willing to collapse whole economies using the “invisible enemy” as the boogie man.

Some reasons why government is a slave system:
  • You don't own your property.  Try not paying your property tax.
  • It has a central banking system that can inflate or deflate the value of its currency at will. 
  • It has established a free public school system designed to indoctrinate the children.
  • It has an income tax that can take up to 50% of earnings and then collapse the economy. 
The reality of government is slavery in one form or another.  This should never be tolerated.  People should judge the government for what it really is: it is a big piece of shit and a scourge to mankind.
Watching the interactions among the countries is like watching a gang war that lasts forever.  Mankind should be able to live better than this.

Governments and religions use symbology to give you a warning about how they are going to screw us. Look again at the photo at the top of this article.  Print it out and show your friends the truth.  The masks are the symbols of slavery.  The masks are being used to condition our minds to be slaves.   It has nothing to do with any medical truth.   None of their edicts have any authority.  The only true authority is the natural law which the real God created.

Fortunately, the demons of the new world order will never overthrow the natural order which the real God created.  But they can sure make the peoples lives miserable.  I try not to pay any attention to them and live separate.  I try to stay away from them to the extent that it is possible.

These demons want to be God and they will attempt to do anything to get it done.  They put up false gods to distract our minds away from healthful intellectual activity.  They want us all to worship their idols which is basically themselves.

There seems to be an underlying evil entity that is the overlord of all of the governments of the world.   We can study history over and over but the facts show there’s a conscious evil that seems to be controlling the governments and also the religions.  I would try to stay away from both.   It is obvious by the bad results that what we have is not working and it will destroy us all if we continue to go along with it.  Wearing a mask means that the one who is wearing it is a liar.  It distorts the normal communications among the people.  It is a worse disrupter than a nuclear bomb and more damaging as it ruins the minds of the people.

Making the right choices will always get a better result.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land