Tuesday, September 21, 2021

You Can’t Fix Evil


The very idea of looking to government to fix problems is like being in hell asking for Satan for a glass of water.  Especially with the current vaccine nonsense, we can certainly understand that old saying: “You can tell a tree by its fruit.”  It seems like everything has been corrupted by the government and the reason for it is that it is based on an evil foundation.  

Voting seems to make things worse as it is like choosing one’s slave master.  In fact, voting seems to condone the evil and nothing seems to get fixed.  Even recalls don’t seem to do any good.  The people who count the votes have the ultimate power. This is why I have tried to separate from government to the extent possible.  It doesn’t do any good to participate in any political activities because the end result will always be shitty.

The natural law works better than anything and if properly used, the results will be always good.  Why look to failures in order to get something good?  It is a waste of time.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, September 20, 2021

Happiness in the Natural Law


Instead of focusing on the freaks of the “new world order,” my thinking is that it is much more profitable for me to focus on the natural law and keep myself within its boundaries.  I wish I had learned this a long time ago as my life would have been much easier.  It would not have taken much instruction as the natural law is something to be used to the benefit of mankind.  Everyone has a latent knowledge of it but then we get too wrapped up in government, religion, and politics.  These things prove to produce more strife and they don’t serve mankind in a beneficial way.  All we have to do is to look at society for what it is and the evidence is there for all to see.


Abiding in the natural law improves everything


If the real God created everything, then it makes sense that if we stay within our proper boundaries, our lives will improve. Having been a political researcher and activist way back when, I can readily see that when it comes to government and religion, it is very difficult to have an intelligent conversation about either one.  The problem is that governments and religions operate outside of the natural order.  Governments produce tyranny, envy, and strife while stealing the wealth from the people.  Religions have so many variations in their doctrines that it is difficult to know if what they say is true.  They have so many variations of “God” that following any of them is going to lead to spiritual disaster.  If we look at the symbols used by these organizations, we can see that they come from the occult.  However, I do not want to waste any more time scuba diving in the cesspool of politics and religion.  But rather, I want to focus on how to keep myself within the natural order of life which has been a blessing to me.


I believe in the real God but not religion


Just by observing the natural order, I can see that there is only one real God who created it all.  However, I’ve never met him and my knowledge is limited by my own existence on this earth.  Rather than take a crap-shot at religion, I simply work with what I can see, hear, and experience.  This way, I avoid getting myself mixed up in idolatry.  I have a Christian background, but almost all the churches I have seen do don’t stick with the Christian teachings but they go off into their own fantasy.  I’ve done this myself and I’m a bit embarrassed by it.  I stopped doing it over 20 years ago and my life has greatly improved.  But, if I screwed up and went into the “new world order” mode, things got really bad.  I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way and it could have been avoided if I had just taken the time to understand life and my part in it.


The new world order violates the natural law


The “new world order” is a direct conflict to the natural law or the natural order.  Natural law is not a theory but a fact that applies to everyone the same way.  It doesn’t matter which country or culture someone is born into, the facts show that the natural law will apply the same way to everyone.  Morality is the same for everyone.  No one on Earth has any special power or authority over the natural law.


The natural law is my anchor for happiness and fulfillment


I’ve been very happy using the natural law and if I don’t understand something, I just set it aside until I can figure it out.  Using the natural law keeps me out of trouble.  By abiding in the natural law I then keep myself from the eventual payback that comes to everyone who does evil.  I don’t join any groups as they can get corrupted.  Staying within the proper moral context makes life much better and peaceful.  I don’t have a lot of anxiety and the fear goes away.  I figure it this way: If I cave in and go outside of the natural law or natural order, I’m going to get a bad result.  This isn’t a theory, it happens to everyone.  If I stay within the natural order, the I always will get a good or a better result.  Learning to use the natural law was easy for me once I realized that it has always been available to me.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Natural Law is Perfect

 After spending my entire life as a believer in both government and religion, I have come to the conclusion that both of them are destructive, unnecessary, and evil.  All anyone has to do is to look at the results and that will tell us everything we need to know.  It is the immorality of society that is destroying the lives of all that have lived in the past, that will live in the future, and that are living in the present.  There is a much better alternative to government and religion, and that is the perfect natural law. It is the law that was created by the real God.  The natural law applies to everyone equally no matter what their race, culture, or country.  All men women and children are born with a latent knowledge of the natural law. The problem seems to be that all of us had been brainwashed at one point or another since we were young children to believe in something called ”the new world order.”  The new world order is nothing new.  It is a reversal of life as the real God created and it is founded on occultism.  The new world order takes what God created and inverts everything to the destruction of mankind.  Thus, the natural law is the order that the real God established and it is all that we need to live in a peaceful society; relatively free from mayhem and chaos.  The governments and religions are worthless in that structurally they violate the natural law.  Any government that violates the natural law has no authority over anything.


Is there an honest government?


The simple answer is no.  Honest and government is an oxymoron;  honesty and virtue are not the product of any government.  Even when they tell the truth it is done to hide the lies that are in plain view.  This is why people need to start thinking for themselves instead of letting someone else do it for them.

Government is not important and in my view it is worthless.  It would be much better to have the people begin to use the natural law on a daily basis and separate from the occultism of any government or religion.  Natural law is easy to use and it always produces good results.  It works the same way for everyone.  Anytime the natural law is ignored, the results will be devastating.  The bad results may take years to manifest themselves, but they will eventually produce the bad results which will make life miserable. 


Rights are self-evident in the natural law


Many people will look to the founding documents such as the United States Constitution as the source of their rights.  The facts show that all men have natural rights and they don’t need any government to guarantee them.  Documents like the Constitution have oath-taking which will always provide bad results.  The government doesn’t care about anyone’s rights as they are acting like slavers.  I cannot stress enough the dangers of oath-taking.  It is a form of lying and it is complete idiocy to use oath-taking as a foundation for anything.  All oath-takers get bad results.  Oath-taking is the ticket to hell.  The rights come from the real God who established the natural law and we can learn about it by using our brains with right reason and common sense; taking care that we injure no one.  When we make immoral decisions, we hurt ourselves and those who may come in contact with us.  Therefore, it only makes good sense to always be cognizant of the natural law in everything we do, especially when protecting our rights and the rights of others.


Governments should be abolished and replaced with natural law


I think that this should be the goal of mankind to simply use the natural law or natural order instead of establishing corrupted governments which will eventually destroy everything that is good about living. This would produce a free market economy which would allow everyone to earn their own living and produce enough resources for everyone to prosper.  The people should be able to own their own homes without having to pay a property tax.  There would be no income tax because there would be no government slave system. There would be no school system that indoctrinated the children into immoral behavior.  Life would be much better than the nonsense that we are seeing today.  Goodness and virtue will produce the good results.  What’s there not to like about the natural law?  The “new world order” is a spiritual cesspool that is making life miserable for everyone.

Governments are too corrupted to be of any value

As we are seeing in the current situation regarding possible vaccine mandates and the usurpation of our natural rights, government is worthless in regards to any benefit to society.  The natural law is what is needed for society to thrive.  I don’t suggest any groups as they will get corrupted.  But each man, woman, and child can utilize the natural law to their benefit by using right reason and common sense.  




Government of Thugs

Abolish the Government

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land  

Friday, September 10, 2021

How To Live Through the “New World Order”


It doesn’t take a “conspiracy theorist” to understand that all governments are corrupted and are intent on the destruction of billions of people.  Government, like the vulture in the above photo, is simply waiting for the opportunity to pluck the meat from the dead bones of the people who die from their misguided medical mandates such a the one we are experiencing now.  The only thing that works for me is to avoid and separate from the evil system by keeping my mind off of all the details.  I’ve been a conspiracy observer for many years and in my 74 years, I have never seen anything get resolved or justice served on the perps.  The reason is because the foundation of the governments is corrupted.

Government is founded on the principles of Satan

Anytime a government requires a man to swear oaths or has oath-taking in the founding documents, it establishes a government run by occultists.  Since oath-taking is a form of lying, nothing good will come from it.  Rather than trying to document all of the evil, I think it is important to go to the root of the problem.  Evil is evil and nothing good flows from it.  This has been going on for thousands of years and it doesn’t seem to get any better.  Now, with all the pandemic nonsense, we are being manipulated into compliance with truly evil medical mandates.  The medical “professionals” are also oath-takers and we can see from the damage they have caused, that they are more evil than the politicians. Look no further than the oath. Oath-taking is evil and this is why we get bad results.  In my opinion, the good doctors should separate from the evil medical industry and simply work under the natural law. 

No government, religion, or doctor has the right or authority to mandate evil on any group of people.  If taking a vaccine is evil, then no one should be ordered to take it.  The natural law always takes the higher authority than government legal declarations.  I’ve been getting in the habit of judging everything by the natural law.  This way, I have less of a chance of making a big mistake.

Those people who have complied with government mandated injections are destroying their own lives because they fear the government or believe in the bullshit regarding the “pandemic.”

Choosing good over evil; right over wrong

Choosing good over evil; right over wrong is the key to living through the “new world order.” I try to make sure that when I make any decisions, I am always concerned that I make the right choice and then stick to it.  It’s not always easy to do.  How I look at it is that I know I’ll always get a better result than if I cave in and make a bad choice.  If I choose evil, then I can expect bad results and the bad payback for it.  We always need to make the proper judgments about our own lives and how to conduct ourselves in a seemly manner.

Endless research

I’ve come to the conclusion that with all the research that I’ve done, I think the problems are many times worse than what I know now.  Just the act of reading that kind of material can destroy the mind.  It’s one thing to know about problems but it is another to fix them.  All of us should take more time to make better decisions and stop depending on groups to get things done.  By taking care of yourself—by yourself—there’s no one who can corrupt your mind.  By working with the natural law will help stop the intake of the horrible information.  There are not any solutions to the endless research.

Preserving our minds

In order to live a reasonably good life, it is important to preserve one’s sanity.  Choosing good over evil; right over wrong, is the key to making good decisions.  Government is not going to make good choices, and watching what is going on today proves my point.  If any group of people want to do something together, then they have to determine whether the action they want to take conforms to the natural law.  If it doesn’t not, then that group has no right to impose their desires on other people.  The natural law is much easier to use as all of us have a latent knowledge of it but we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that the STATE, State, or state has some kind of godly authority.  The state is the real “Nothing Burger.”


Preserving My Mind in the New World Order

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land