Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Be Careful of the Payback

     One of the things that I've learned the hard way is the fact that life has a way of paying back a man for his evil deeds.  I've noticed this throughout my life that when I messed up it would always come back the haunt me.  I have been in situations that I shouldn't have been in and as a result, I received back what I put into it.  The best thing for anyone to do is to stay away from the occult as bad things will always happen to anyone who engages in it.

Heavy Metal Music
      As a former musician, I cannot see the attraction of this kind of music. The guitarists simply turn up the amps to as loud as they can and then play "power" chords.  It's the same shit over and over again, and it doesn't sound good.   There are a few exceptions in my case, but for the most part, this kind of music always dabbles in the occult.  For example, in the example of the Paris bombing incidents, young people were gathering in a concert hall to see The Eagles of Death Metal.  The name alone should have been a good warning.  And in observing the photos of the incident, I noticed that many of the concert goers were flipping the Two-Fingered Finger, smiling as if they were going to a joyful event.  The shooting occurred during the song, "Kiss the Devil" and the rest is history.  The lesson learned here is to never get involved with the occult as it is extremely dangerous and always produces a bad result.  I would think it would be insane to go to any heavy metal concert knowing that the whole concert will be steeped into the occult.  Even if there is no incident, the idea that this crap can get into the mind is very unsettling.  It is much better to remain separated from these things.

We always get a warning
     It has been my experience that we always get a warning and if we ignore these warnings then we are open to getting injured, which in turn can create a lot of damages, and in this case, a loss of life.  The hand signals are the best warnings of something that is not going to be good.  Sometimes, when I meet new people, they'll give me the "two-fingered finger" and that's all I need to know.  I simply stay away from them because these hand signals are intended to curse the one receiving it.  In addition, you will always see the various Satanic symbols associated with these groups.  These symbols are there for a warning.  Use them for your own benefit.  They are indicators of something evil and the best course of action is to remain separated from them.  We can save ourselves a lot of trouble by taking this course of action.  Life is more peaceful without the influence of the occult.

Recognizing the payback
     I think it is the conscience that tells us what is good and bad.  We don't really need any written works to tell us what is right and what is wrong.  I think God uses the conscience to help us make these decisions.  It is when we ignore our conscience and do the dirty deed.  Then, when we get paid back for it, we realize that there is a cause and effect.  Rather than going through all of that aggravation, it is much easier to stay away from the occult than to submit to the temptations and then get slammed with the payback.


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