Monday, February 29, 2016

Here's Your Sign

     One of the things I've learned is to notice and to take note of the various Satanic signs given by public figures.  In this case, this is a photo of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who are both candidates for President of the United States.  Notice the hand inside the jacket of Ted Cruz.  This tells you that he is a Satanist and a freemason.  I use the words Satanist and freemason interchangeably.  This is bad news for any conservative that thinks this is an honorable man.  According to their own doctrine, the Freemasonic god is Lucifer.  Cruz seems to be a phony as a three dollar bill.

Here is another photo of the Communist Jew Karl Marx.  Notice the Satanic hand inside the jacket.

Here's one of Joseph Stalin displaying the same nonsense as Karl Marx.

Napoleon Bonaparte....are you starting to see a pattern here?  The true rulers are Freemasonic-Satanists who worship Lucifer.  These are the morons who have been giving the general population the shaft for thousands of years.  There's nothing new.  Communism is simply a type of codification of the old feudal societies with the oath as the basis for inflicting evil upon mankind.  The oath is a pagan ritual and no man can make an oath as he doesn't have the power to keep it.  Swearing oaths is taking the Lord's name in vain.  The best course of action is to never swear an oath for any reason.  If you want to know more about oaths, enter oaths on this blog search engine and you'll get all the extra information you'll need.

The Two-Fingered Finger

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Head Shot Threats are not Newsworthy?

     It has been reported that the former chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, Pat Brady, made the following statement:  "If you're going to take on Donald Trump, you've got to take him out with a head shot,"
Read more:

Of course, the mainstream media of socialist libtards did little to report on the incident but this goes to show how desperate the powers-that-be are to intimidate the Trump campaign.  If any of us had made that statement about Barack Obama then we would have the Secret Service knocking on our doors have drones flying over our houses, and whatever else they decide to throw at us.  To be fair, Brady did state that he wasn't talking literally but as an expression used by attorneys.  However,
many of us are taking that as a literal threat.  Having seen all of the political assassinations in the 1960s, I'm quite upset when I hear talk like this.  If I made a statement like that I would probably be arrested and thrown in jail for a long time.  But the political class--well--they are special.  They can make violent threats against anyone and get away with it.

If that wasn't bad enough, we see the following quote from NewswithViews.comNot to be outdone by Brady, Republican political consultant Rick Wilson appeared on MSNBC and was more direct when he said the GOP political establishment has to “put a bullet” in Trump’s head.  These are not so subtle threats against Trump and the use of the word "headshot" is used intentionally and they are using these words with the intent of carrying out these violent threats.

And the reader should understand that the MSM is not there to inform the public.  They are there to indoctrinate the public into their communist dung heap.  These two incidents have been underreported and it just shows how they will stop at nothing to hold back anyone who doesn't dance their perverted tune.   

It seems to me that the real arbitrator of the political system is murder and voting is a complete waste of time.  My idea of fixing the political system is to take the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the government and put them on an aircraft carrier for a nice Cuban vacation. If they like communism and tyranny so much, then they should enjoy and an  indefinite stay in Cuba.  Everything these communists want is in Cuba so let them have it, but leave the rest of us alone to take care of ourselves and our families.

The clear intent of the words "head shot" is a threat of murder against Donald Trump and this is how the political system really works.  It is conquest (head shot) and confiscation (taxes).  These are people who have no regard for the natural law and they are of the Devil.

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

New York Times Gutter-Slut Reporters

     It has been reported by The Drudge Report that a New York Turds reporter by the name of Ross Douthat made the following comment on Twitter: "Good news guys I've figured out how the Trump campaign ends."  He then links to a movie called "The Dead Zone".  You can see the whole story here.  This appears to be a veiled attempt to threaten The Donald with an assassination.  This little douchebag reporter knows no boundaries of morals and ethics and he makes a mockery of the voting process.  I lived through the 60s where JFK, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King were assassinated and this is probably why I puke at the thought of ever casting another ballot.

New York Times is a communist newspaper
     This poor excuse for a newspaper is an instrument of the "powers that be" to intimidate people into conforming to the Communist Jew World Order.  The excrement that pours forth from both Communist Jews and Communist gentiles knows no limits.   They will prey upon the innocent and the upright and anyone else who opposes their agenda.  But make no mistake about it, I believe this was a threat to murder Donald Trump.

New York Times has no moral authority to write about anything
     When a newspaper takes the initiative to promote any political agenda, they are no longer a newspaper but instead they become just a propaganda arm of the federal government.  And in order to keep their agenda intact, they will resort to threats of violence.  While some may think this was a bad joke, I believe that it was done intentionally to send Donald Trump a message.  Of course, some people think that Trump is going to do a "Ross Perot" and bail out of the race due to threats against his family.  Either way, the fact remains that the NYT reporter issued this veiled threat and then the other reporters immediately chimed in to oppose the tweet.  If this was done against Obama, a whole platoon of cops would be dragging his ass off to jail.

Threats affect the family
     The problem Trump is going to have is to keep his family safe and at peace.  I think that may be a thing of the past for him now as his family is probably very concerned.  This is why I think the New York Times is the most chicken-shit organization in the world and I'm glad that they are losing money.  The NYT is not fit to read at any level.  Just remember, the NYT has a communist-fascist-socialist agenda that they need to keep their owners happy.  They don't care who they harm just as long as their communist agenda isn't threatened by a populist type candidate such as Donald Trump.

MSM ignoring the story
     I am not seeing any reference by the MSM to this NYT story which is another reason that this was a legitimate threat.  I first found out today about this from Alex Jones and The Drudge Report.  If anything happens to Trump or his family we will know that it was done on purpose and that we were told ahead of time.

Government by and for the thugs
     The government under these conditions has no authority for anything as they are completely immoral.  I personally can't understand why The Donald would want to take a big juicy piece of excrement called "government" and try to make a Trump Tower out of it.  Trump and his family being in the White House would be like taking a chandelier and putting it into an outhouse.    Trump is different in that he thinks for himself which I find refreshing.  Whether he is being honest about his candidacy is something that only time will tell.  But the "elite" PTBs are nothing more than gutter-sluts with no moral sensibilities.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Monday, February 15, 2016

Hatred is the Main Component of the New World Order

     One of the main components of the "new world order" is the hatred communists, socialists, libtards, progressives, and fascists have for other people.  For simplicity, let's call them commie turds. They have no love or compassion for anyone but themselves.  They have the most perverted sense of authority and they push their nonsense upon all of those who do not resist.  These people are the most worthless groups of people known to mankind.

Moral people seem to be at a disadvantage
     I would like people to think about this question:  What facts do you have or show that any government in the world has the authority to kill, murder, steal, extort, and brutalize anyone?  If I decided to get a group of people together and then steal the fruit of the labor of other people, then we would be thieves and thugs.  However, as soon as the word "government" is attached to the act, somehow people think that it has authority.  People who are moral people have a difficult time relating to this because they think that the government has this authority.  They trust the government to "do the right thing" when none of it has any authority.  The only offense that can come against anyone is the usual lying, stealing, murder, and adultery which would violate the natural law.  Many people think it is moral to support the government, even though its actions are obviously evil.  The problem is that moral people don't seem to question the morality itself.  All morality must be tested against the natural law to see whether something is right or wrong.  Religion does have some good things but they are just as corrupted as the governments as they add to the immoral condition of society.  I can't think of one religion that has any value and their writings are so inconsistent that it is difficult to know what is true and what is false.  The nonsense of the commie turds becomes more difficult to discern if they mask their religion with a lot of the truth.

High moral standards are the key to a better society
     Without higher moral standards there will be even more hatred.  The commie turds hate God; hate men, hate women, and they especially hate children.  Men and woman should be bringing joy to each other and the exchange of love between to married people and their children is important in order to have a stable and happy society.  Commie turds hate your happiness.  Commie turds hate your children and they show it by teaching your children perverse ideas.  Commie turds love it when you cannot support your own family.  They like it when you lose your job.  Commie turds love to abort the children in the womb.  Commie turds are a pathetic bunch of libtard bastards from hell.
     The commie turd doesn't have to be one.  It is remarkably easy to turn one's condition around and starting to act like intelligent adults.  A commie turd perverts everything to their own destruction.  So, even for a commie turd there is nothing of any value in his belief system.  Everything he lives for is to be promoting hatred for himself and others. The higher moral standards will eliminate the hatred by modifying the behavior to conform to the natural law or the commandments that conform to the natural law.

Using natural law
     Using the natural law is easy and all it takes is to use some common sense and I'll briefly go through some of them.
  • Idolatry: don't worship a false god.  The only god that matters is the God that created the heavens and the earth.  There is no benefit to worshiping multiple gods.  In my view, there are so many religions that I'm of the opinion that they are all useless.
  • Swearing oaths:  Another way of saying it is taking the Lord's name in vain.  I've written a lot about swearing oaths and this is one of the major problems in society today. (Do a search on this blog for swearing oaths and you'll see all of the various articles.)
  • Honoring mother and father:  They are the ones who provided a home and took care of you so it is important to respect them.   Parents must also bear the responsibility of bringing up their children in a good moral framework.
  • Cannot commit murder:  Obviously, this is important and this is why the governments have no authority.  They cannot contain themselves and they routinely murder millions of people in the name of whatever nation-state they represent.  This is an abomination and it shouldn't be tolerated.
  • Lying is forbidden:  The lie is the primary satanic tool for mind-bending in order to promote the "new world order."  There is no limit to the lies.  Lying is dangerous because it gives the hearer bad information.  If a man takes action on the bad information, then he will have bad results.
  • Adultery and fornication:  These two things are major problems that need to be fixed.  Young people should be married at an earlier age and men should have something going for them by the time they are 16 in terms of making a living in order to support a family.  Sex, without the benefit of marriage, will always get bad results.                                                                             
     There are many other "natural laws" that can be observed through using common sense and right reason.  These laws promote love and compassion for others.   However, it is the of the commie turds that must be avoided.  To be blunt, the commie turds hate everything that is good.  Deep down inside their decrepit souls, they are losers and they know it.  It is just a matter of time before they destroy society with their hatred.  I enjoyed raising my children and having a nice family and that is more important than any socialist agenda that is centered around hatred, bigotry, and moral insanity.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Defending Yourself in Traffic Court

One of the nastiest places a man can find himself is going to court.  The system is rigged against the defendant, and most people would rather pay the fine and go home to continue with their lives.  However, if a man is motivated, he can, at least, limit the damage and possibly win his case with just a little extra effort.  I had a traffic ticket and with my experience after being steamrolled in federal court years earlier, I decided to shift the burden of proof and I said very little.

The first hearing in most courts is called the arraignment.  This is where the damage can be limited by simply asking questions.  The judge will call your name and then read the “charges.” Some courts will swear in the parties at the beginning of the hearing.  Do not swear any oaths and do not affirm. This is the first step in effective damage control.  You don’t have to give any reason why you won’t swear an oath but you can say that you have moral objections to oath-taking.  You don’t have to explain it any further.

The big question will most likely be: “Do you understand the charges?”  Your answer should always be “no.”  The judge will then ask you what don’t you understand?  Your next response should be: “What facts do you have that show that the vehicle code applies to me?”  The judge will probably get annoyed with you but he will not answer the question.  Remember, the burden of proof is always on the accuser and it is extremely important for them to prove your guilt before you pay any fine.  Without the facts, there is not an essential element of any crime or infraction.  This question put the burden of proof on the accuser and they won’t answer the question.  The judge may come back with another question at which point the defendant should insist on a factual answer to the first question.  Remember, the man is in a sleazy legal environment.  They want the defendant to answer questions and not the other-way-around.  The one who controls the process is the one who asks the questions.  It is important that the defendant stays on point with the facts question.

If the prosecutor starts making statements about the defendant then the defendant should always say the following:  Objection, prosecutor’s statement is not relevant because there are no facts in evidence that show the vehicle code applies to me.  Every time the prosecutor makes another statement, do the same thing.  A hired attorney will never do this.

Now the judge or the prosecutor may answer by calling your question an argument.  The question and the argument are two separate things.  They might make the claim that your question is as an argument.  It is important to simply state that the first question wasn’t answered and that you can’t move forward until the element of this crime is proven in court.  They must produce facts that the vehicle code applies and they will not do it. In my case, at the arraignment, the judge entered a plea of not guilty and it proceeded to a trial date. She refused to tell me the facts that the vehicle code applies to me.   When I showed up in the courtroom on the trial date 30 days later my name was called, and the judge proceeded to tell me that she had called the cop and asked him not to appear.  Once the cop doesn’t show up, then the case is usually dropped.  She dropped the case and the whole thing was over.  The only thing I actually said was at the arraignment: “What facts do you have that show that the vehicle code applies to me?”  

Why can’t they answer the question?   I think the better question would be: Why won’t they answer the question?  I believe that the reason is because the STATE, State, or state is an artificial entity with no authority within the natural law.  Man-made laws are in subordination to the natural law.  The government really doesn’t have any moral authority.  Also, the other reason is if they did answer the question it would open them up to disclose the true nature of the court system.  I don’t want to get into all that now, but the courts are extremely corrupted.  The judges wear black robes for a good reason; they are evil. The black robe is the warning that something very evil is going to take place.  Also, most nouns have been redefined to mean one thing but to look like something else.  So perhaps the “court” doesn’t want to incur any liability by making a bunch of false statements.

The judge will always pressure the defendant to get an attorney.  This will usually be a waste of money and will be ineffective.  You want to get in and out with a minimum of damage.  Just say something like “no thanks” when asked if the defendant wants an attorney.  Remember, the courts will tell you that the burden of proof is on the accuser, and in the case of a traffic ticket, the burden of proof is on the STATE, State, or state and the cop who issued the ticket.

Now, if it goes further and there’s actually a trial, then there’s more to learn.  The only question you need to ask the cop is the same thing: “What facts do you have that show that the vehicle code applies to me?”  The prosecutor will usually object because it calls for a “legal conclusion.”  The response to this should be: Didn’t the cop make a legal conclusion when he wrote the ticket?  Then if the judge allows the prosecutor’s objection to stand then say “exception.”  That’s a polite way of telling the judge he’s full of it.  But make sure you object to everything except for a dismissal of the case.

I wouldn’t argue the merits of the case so that will save a lot of time.  Because if the vehicle code’s applicability is in question, the merits of the case is a moot point.
But remember, never, ever, never, never, answer in the affirmative to the question: “Do you understand?”  Say no, and then ask: “What facts do you have that show that the vehicle code applies to me?”  Don’t freak out if the judge starts to scream and act like a toddler who is missing his pacifier.  That’s an act to frighten the defendant to do what the devil in the black robe demands.  Stick to your questions right to the end.  Make them prove everything.  If they won’t or can’t answer the facts question, then they have no case.  At that point demand a dismissal or a termination of the case.  The reason is because the major element of the crime or infraction has not been proven and the prosecutor has no case. 

In my case, I almost got physically ill going into court.  It felt like the Temple of Doom.  I wanted to get it done—quickly.  This is the easiest way I’ve found and I always got more traction when I shifted the burden of proof and then stayed with it.  Most of my experience has been with felonies which are much more difficult to handle than traffic tickets.  But the traffic ticket experience will prepare people to defend themselves in the event that they pick up a serious case.

Disclaimer:  I am not an attorney nor do I recommend that people use them.  Attorneys are overpriced and overvalued.  I think it is better for people to learn how to defend themselves, making sure that the burden of proof is always put on the prosecutor.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, February 11, 2016

IRS: Rotten Customer Service

      I had to laugh when I saw an article in the Washington Examiner that says that the Commissioner of the IRS blames rotten customer service and data hacks on Obamacare.  I want to address the idea that the IRS has "customers."

"Customer" is a euphemism for "slave"
    The idea that anyone who is a "taxpayer" is a customer is laughable.  Since when did anyone go to the IRS and purchase anything?  Now, it could be said that those people who would like to get financially fornicated can go to the IRS and get the shaft.  However, in keeping up with the times, they do have a self-screwing form called a tax return. Think of it as something like the self-check-out lanes in Walmart.   The "customer" can then fill out the form and send in whatever amount he thinks "purchased" from the IRS.  In order to fill out the form, a "customer" must sign under the "Penalties of perjury" which violates God's commandments by taking the Lord's name in vain.

National loans from the Federal Reserve
     In order to have currency to use the Federal Reserve Bank provides for money but they charge interest.  In my opinion, the idea of the IRS customer is similar to a loan customer.  He takes out the loan and then pays interest.  After all, when you have money in your pocket, they are in reality debt notes.  In order for having the privilege of using their money they charge interest; and that's how we become customers.  The problem is that the people are paying interest on money that Federal Reserve bank pulled out of their collective asses.  All of the money that the "taxpayer" pays goes for interest on the national debt. This was well-documented during the Reagan administration by the Grace Commission.  Click here for the PDF.  Because people accept their money in the debt notes produced by the Federal Reserve, I suppose that's the IRS feels that the "taxpayer" is a customer.  But really, who would consider themselves a customer of the IRS?  My guess is that is why so many politicians say that the income tax is voluntary because people choose to use their debt notes.

No other options available
     When there is a monopoly on currencies, the ones who own the monopoly are the real rulers of the political roost.  If there were a legitimate alternative to using FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) then they might have a point.  But they never disclose any terms or conditions when using FRNs.  Essentially, the IRS is a fraud and it should be abolished along with the Federal Reserve Bank.  In addition, the use of interest and usury has to also be abolished.  We can either have a failed system based on communist principles or we can have a successful economy without usury.  The income tax is a forced payment of interest on the money the Fed created out of thin air.  That's my opinion as to how people become "customers" of the IRS.

Income Tax Repealed

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Special Place in Hell for Educators

     Rarely do I post anything from other blogs, but my attention was drawn to the following article: Ontario's Radical and Perverse 2015 Sex Ed Curriculum Examined  While this article involves schools in Ontario, Canada, it does show how sick and twisted the public schools have become.  This is a perfected example of why I think schools should be shut down as they are instruments of the communist system.  The intent is to twist the minds of the children into a "new world order" which is a morally chaotic socialist order.  The people who would teach this garbage to children are demented perverts.  And if there is a hell or anything close to it, then these people are going to have a very bad outcome when they die.  Hot excrement is too good for them.

Withdraw the children from the school system
     A communist libtard has nothing to teach anyone.  They put themselves in the place of authority when they don't have any authority.  The only sane thing to do would be to withdraw the children from the schools.  This would devastate their finances and with any good fortune, the whole stinking thing would collapse.  The children aren't learning anything useful that couldn't be learned at home.
They could take their English and math lessons online and avoid the nonsense of the communist shit-people who infest the school system.

Education in this form is futile
     Actually, this is a form of indoctrination.  Instead of teaching the children good moral principles, the state turd-teachers inflict the most disgusting thoughts upon helpless children.  The parents don't really have to put up with it.  There are a lot of sensible options that could be used to ensure the mental and intellectual safety of the children.  This is obviously a demonic attack upon the children which has been around for hundreds of years, but it is getting much worse and it is intolerable.  The state is not there to inform children, but its mission is to brain-rape the children until they themselves become perverted and socially dysfunctional.

Teachers should look for other work
     Teachers should realize that their profession is not about teaching but it's about indoctrination into the Satanic mindset.  Again, there's a special place in hell for teachers like this.  It was Christ who said something to the effect that it would be better if a millstone was put around their necks and thrown into the water than to hurt any of the children.

State schools don't educate
     These schools are useless in providing the skills for children looking forward to having marketable skills.  Instead, many of these children will end up taking drugs to try to rid themselves of the communist-socialist-fascist influences.  The only sane thing to do is to flush the whole educational system down the toilet and start over; not repeating the same mistakes.


Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Conservatives are Socialists Too

     In observing the ongoing election process, it is obvious to anyone that the voting process is corrupted and it does not serve the benefit of the public at large.  The idea of "choosing" the leaders of the government is completely absurd.  I think many of the politicians are as deluded as the people they solicit for their votes.  On the Democratic side, there is a self-described socialist by the name of Bernie Sanders.  At least, he's honest about it and knows he's a socialist.  Hillary Clinton is also a socialist and so are all of the other so-called "conservative" candidates.  In today's world, socialist is a polite word for a communist.  Voting seems to validate the communism.  Voting is just a way for the people to choose their slavemasters.  Socialism is a slave system.  Remember, in other posts, I mentioned that Karl Marx and Frederic Engels were both Talmudic Jews who wrote The Communist Manifesto in 1848.  Communism is the underlying political system regardless if there is suffrage attached to it.  Unless these candidates attack the underlying socialism in the system, all of it will remain essentially the same.
     Most of the religions co-operate with the socialist govtards via tax breaks and do nothing to stem the tide of an immoral system.

Conservative govtards and still socialists
     It cannot be disputed that a conservative provides for a false opposition.  They are intended to appear one way when the fact show that they are essentially the same thing.  Many hard working activists become despondent when they work hard for many years only to find out that the people they depended on to make proper changes turned their backs on them.  The real problem is that the government cannot do anything good upon the principles of communism.  Being a member of any modern government means that they are communists.  They may not think of themselves as communists but they are and it can't  be disputed.

Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto
     The easiest way I've found to understand the political systems of the world is to understand The Communist Manifesto.  And the easiest way to understand this piece-of-shit document is to know the "Ten Planks" as they are key to understanding the basic principles of the de facto government.  Most sane people would never choose a socialist political system for themselves.

  1. Abolition of private property and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.
  2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
  3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
  5. Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
  6. Centralization of the means of communications and transportation in the hands of the state.
  7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state, and bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
  8. Equal liability of all to labor.
  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolution of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.
  10. Free education for all children in public schools.  Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form.  Combination of education with industrial production.
     I have made comments on all of these planks here.  A few of the past Presidents of the United States have attempted to change the banking system and all were met with untimely deaths: Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy.  But even if they did change the central banking system, there are still a lot of communist principles that need to be addressed and abolished.

Conservatives have no capacity to change anything other than minor details
     A conservative will always say (I did the same thing) that we have to get back to the Constitution when the facts show that the Constitution was a big part of the problem.  In my opinion, the Constitution is a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document.  The Constitution ensured the slavery of all men, women, and children.  The voting part is nothing but a scam to make people think that they have a choice; providing for a false hope which always turns to nothing.  Someone who is interested in true freedom must address this plague and scourge called communism, socialism, and fascism.  All are socialists doctrines and the world's "governments" are essentially communist.  Don't be confused with the seemingly "capitalist" mask.  Communists have to allow a certain amount of private economic activity or there would be nothing to steal.
     The Constitution is the problem and not the solution.  I had personal experience with it.  I tried to use the "bill of rights" only to find out that they are not honored by the legal system.  Thus, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are just bullshit.  What is important to the govtards is the STATE, State, or state which are the instruments of conquest and confiscation.  Communism is the tool for conquest and confiscation.  The reader should now be able to better understand what is really happening.  The only alternative system that would work is using the natural law the way God created it.  The Constitution is the document for slavery and not for freedom.  We've all been horribly brain-raped into thinking it is an instrument for freedom.  And this is the reason conservatives look like traitors.  They can't help it.  They think the political process is something that can be used to improve or change the government.  It's not who votes, it's about who counts the votes.  The govtards always have everything under control to benefit and to enrich themselves.  Thus, any conservative who honestly thinks he can change things for the better is deluded and is not dealing with reality.  Until people start questioning these communist principles then nothing much will change.  Conservatives are socialists too!

Anti-Federalists Papers
     In the following posts, I will review some of the writings of the Anti-Federalist Papers.  These were written by people who did not want a constitution nor did they want a large federal government.  In the meantime, I suggest that the reader consider these writings at the link provided below.

Lipstick on the Communist Pig
Anti-Federalist Papers

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Vote Scam: Iowa?

     With the alleged voting results in from Iowa, it certainly looks to me that it is not important for who votes for whom or what, but it is important who counts the votes.  This saying came from  of the Joseph Stalin Soviet Union.  And I think in these case there is no exception.
     Democracy is a crooked deal even if the votes were fair.  The scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton barely edged out Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz edges out Donald Trump.  Both Sanders and Trump had healthy leads in the polls only to finish second in the "elections."  But it was the vote counting that was the problem and some dirty dealing from the Ted Cruz campaign.

Democracy Defined
       Democracy is defined as two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner.  Voting is like deciding who is going to be your slave master.  There isn't any change in the condition of the slaves, just the slave masters are different.  Under democracy, it ensures that the worst people will become the slave-masters.  There is a name for this: kakistocracy.

Deciding results with a flip of a coin?
     This is insulting to the anyone with the intelligence of the average plant.  If they wanted to be honest, they would have a complete audit of all of the results.  Coin flipping is OK for football but not for elections.  But as usual, the people who run the elections are just as crooked as the people who run for office.  Only the most evil and unintelligent people win them.  Just look at the bad quality of political people that are in the Congress and in the White House.  And this flipping of the coin just shows how little regard political people have for the people who vote.  They don't give a shit about anyone.  It was also reported that the Clinton camp won all six coin tosses.

Ted Cruz discloses the departure of Ben Carson before the vote 
     This was quite sleazy but it is really standard operating procedure for the political class which has no class.  Trump has called Cruz a "nasty man" and Cruz has lived up to the description.  What is so obnoxious is the hypocrisy of Cruz in giving "God the glory"  What a pantload.

Was it a vote scam?
     My guess is that it was but it would be difficult to prove and the Iowa caucuses are not that important.  They did give Clinton and Cruz some momentum but I doubt it's going to last.  The political class in this "country" are just a bunch of liars, thieves, and cheats.  It won't matter who gets elected.  Because the purpose of government is not to provide a proper infrastructure, but the government is there to fleece the people of their resources.  The government wants control over everything.  So electing anyone still condones the evil.  The anomalies of these elections show that anyone who might be good will lose.  That's why voting is a scam.  No one chooses anything other than who is going to be their slave-master.  It has always been that way and it will remain that way until it ends.

Voting Condones the Evil

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

Monday, February 1, 2016

Mark Dice Demonstrates Voter Stupidity

     Here is a reason to question the value of democracy or even a republican form of government.  Mark Dice, a comedian from San Diego, went out on the street to ask for signatures in support for Karl Marx to be the nominee for Hillary Clinton's vice presidential candidate, people just signed the petition as it was a normal course of action. 
      For those of you who don't know, Karl Marx was the author of The Communist Manifesto.  The man has been dead since 1888.  Talk about stupid.  On the surface it was funny, but when I thought about it, it does show that the people are not just too stupid to be of any value to themselves and to society.  Each one of these people are so uninformed that they really shouldn't vote and this is the problem with choosing leaders by this system.  To make things even worse, this is done with secret ballots.  My thinking is that people should have their votes published to make sure they got counted properly.  Then, if the candidate who wins and then goes on to be a liar, the people who didn't vote for the schmuck should be able to sue those voters who put the idiot in office in the first place.  I. have no confidence in the government system any longer.  And voting seems to condone the evil.  This video very pointedly  shows just how idiotic the democratic system and that the worst voters can set the course of history.