Friday, March 23, 2012

Socialist Piglet Learning Centers

     As I look back on my life, I cannot count the hours and days wasted that I spent in various "Socialist Piglet Learning Centers". When I had my own children, I dutifully sent them off to communist training camp called schools.  However, I realized that the state was actually sponsoring demonic writings.  One was called "Impressions."  And if that was bad enough, my older son was learning the "haj"--and Islamic religious ritual during public school hours. (Probably a precursor to what's happening now.)   I was completely offended by the actions of this school.
     To me, it is really dumb to send off the children to schools, not so much to learn, but to become indoctrinated to the state or religious agenda.  Since most religious groups I've seen are clearly Luciferian, there's really no reason to subject young children to these teachings.  In schools, youngsters are subjected to teachings of the validity or tolerance for homosexuals and other perversions of life, and they are taught to consider it normal.  Kindergartners in some schools were taught to put condoms on cucumbers.  Children are taught that it is just fine for a child to have two daddies or two mommies. This is Fascist Piglet 101.  The homosexual agenda is intended to destroy the minds of the children at the earliest of age.  It is state sponsored child abuse.  But, since the governmental system we have is satanic, child abuse fits in perfectly in their sick and evil minds.
     My question is this.  Why would anyone in their right mind send their children to any school?  In today's world, that is completely unacceptable from any moral grounds.  You simply cannot have liberals, socialists, fascists, communists, and other perverts teaching your children.  When you send your children to school, you are feeding them to the Satanic beast.  There is nothing good about school as we know it today.  Most schools deserve to be flushed down the toilet because they aren't working for the betterment of the children.
    Here is the flaw of mandatory school: the state makes the rules.  Since the state is Luciferian as it stands now, there is no reason that it will benefit anyone let alone teach the children good things.  A parent who puts their children in a school probably hasn't thought this through.  The child is put into a school with other children which they may not approve.  He goes to school and starts bringing home bad habits which need to be corrected. Worse, they'll learn things you wouldn't approve thus causing confusion in the family.  Then, the teachers twist their heads some more with stupid and evil Luciferian teachings.   I went through this for five years before I almost popped a gasket trying to deal with liberal teachers.  I was about to go insane.
     Here's an example: I went to a parent and teacher meeting with my son's 5th-grade teacher.  The teacher was so proud of my son's ability to write.  I looked at the paper that he wrote and the grammar and the punctuation was a mess.  He didn't capitalize the first letter in a sentence, had no periods at the end of the sentence, and it had no paragraphs.  I remember my 5th-grade education and I knew all of that and I wouldn't have graduated from grammar school if I didn't know the material.
It got worse.  In this little paper my son wrote, he talked about very private family matters:  how much money I made, how many guns I had in my house, how many spankings that he got; there was a whole litany of personal family matters that were on this paper.  So here the state is intruding by getting the children to relate to them the personal information of their family.  So I asked the teacher what he was thinking; my son's English was deplorable.  The teacher responded: "Well, we don't want to interfere with their creativity."  I just about went ballistic and I withdrew my son from school that day, and I took the other son out that same week.  Liberals are just too stupid to teach anyone anything.  On top of that, the same teacher asked me if I have any job openings at the company that I owned at the time.  I couldn't believe it.  What would I use a liberal for in a company: a doorstop,
a planter, or maybe a computer cover, or a left-handed mouse pad?  How about using a liberal as an example of what not to do?  Friends don't let friends become socialists.
     But why do people, year after year, send their children to these communist schools?  It's because they don't want the responsibility to raise their own children the way they should be raised.
The parents know what's best for their children, not the state.  The purpose of the schools is to destroy the minds of the children and then render them useless so they can be controlled by the state.
The family takes the second position, following the state.
    So they give the children their liberal-communist-socialist-fascist indoctrination and then destroy their potential, ambition, and ruin their lives.  That's real statist education; that's how it turns out almost every time.
     From that point on my sons were home-schooled and my life was much better for it.  I knew that they were home safe with their mother and I didn't worry what might happen to their minds.  Yes, they missed being out and about with other children, but they were able to do a lot of outside activities, I just refused to let any more liberals have  an influence on them.  My younger son received private English lessons and was reading way above the grade average in just six months.  Yes, I paid for his lessons because the state would have made the young boy almost completely illiterate.
     I was fortunate in that I made enough money on my own to support my family.  This should be the goal of every young man who wants to have a family.  He needs to learn how to make enough money so that his wife can stay home with the children.  Sure, some women may want a career, but it is more important that at least one parent, grandparent, or relative is at home with the children all the time.  Young men should be developing their skill set. They should develop themselves to be able to carry the whole family financially. The skills pay the bills.  Everyone has some talent and ability, so it is important to develop those at an early age, rather than sitting in a classroom listening to communist brain-rot.  Education has its place, but it has to be relevant and useful to the man receiving it.  When I finally walked off the college campus without a degree, I felt like I had just made a jail break.  I was so elated, it is difficult to describe.
     Everyone is born with the ability to reason; using rational thought and common sense.  Schooling as we know it destroys it.
     When I think about it, who needs to sit in class and listen to such claptrap?  It is a complete waste of time.  Children in school should be learning how to read and write so they can learn skills with which they can earn money for their own families.  Instead of rotting in classrooms for 16 years preparing to be a knucklehead Marxist.

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  1. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    Mr Thompson, I understand your concerns and empathise a great deal with what you say. However, let's be clear about something here please; DO NOT EQUATE ISLAM as some kind of luciferian belief system and that learning about Hajj, is somehow detrimental to the wellbeing of your child or any other christian child. You are a learned man, Mr Thompson, so I would not expect some vile zionist hate mongering attitude directed toward Islam-from a supposedly enlightened christian. Be Mindful of the hate one carries-right or wrong-it can engulf us and turn us blind with hatred toward everyone except oneself. You write well and I agree 99% with what you say. But I ask you, Mr Thompson, to study what Islam is from authentic islamic sources-and learn the magnificence of the Hajj. If you cannot and will not, then you ultimately render void all of your teachings and exertions, and are no better than the minions hellbent on destroying humanity as we know it. Islam is beautiful-learn it, better still, live it.

  2. I think if you read through my blog, you'll find that I don't like any of the organized religions. I do favor Christianity, but not the "churches." The doctrines of all religions are not consistent. I've read some of the Koran and I couldn't believe much of it. I don't hate anyone, but however I feel about Islam, the same is directed at other religions. I believe in the God who created us, and the rules are the same for everyone. My thinking is that most religions instigate idolatry rather than please God. Our only duty to God is to keep his commandments.

    What I find offensive about Islam is that it is pushed upon people who have no interest in it. In the case of my son, he was being raised as a Christian which is not compatible with Islam. Just because you believe it, doesn't mean everyone else does or even wants to study it.

    I focus on the commandments. Religion is just too destructive for me.

  3. I was born and raised Muslim although not a strict follower in any sense. That changed about three years ago ( I am 41 now) when I discovered the conspiracy which in turn brought me to Jesus Christ. Religions are nothing but idolatry as Al Thompson says and yes they are satanic.Ther is only one truth and that is Jesus Christ is Son of God and has come in the flesh to save us. There is nothing beautiful about Islam if it even teaches one untruth and nothing beautiful about Haj wich is pure paganism! It took me a while to realize and admit that but once I realized God has a plan for everyone and gives everyone a chance to be saved it became possible to admit what I allready knew.