Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuscon Child Sex Camp Exposed?

I have been following the Tuscon Child Sex Trafficking incident and I am appalled at the conduct of the Tuscon Police Department, Craig Sawyer, and Alex Jones.  I will post a good recap of the incident as another writer did a good job and it seems to be accurate.   I don't have any other evidence other than what is being posted on the internet, but I am noticing some consistent reactions of the people who should be investigating this case.

Nothing to see here
This is the usual scenario when the government wants to cover-up the child trafficking.  Notice the restraints that were nailed to the trees.  The TPD was called out to investigate and then just hours after they investigated this the site was bulldozed.  This reminds me of the tactics of the authorities regarding the McMartin Pre-School.  The abused children said that they were taken through tunnels
and then ritually abused at some other destination.  However, the school building was also bulldozed and the evidence was covered up.  A few years later, a team of excavators uncovered the tunnels the children spoke about.  There is a consistent effort by the govtards to cover-up the evidence.  So, the ones who are doing the cover-up and the cops who remain silent are complicit in the sex trafficking.

Then there is Craig Sawyer who initially thought that the site needed more investigation and then decided that there was no evidence of any child trafficking, even though the photo about shows that the restraints on the tree could have been used as a "rape tree."  Someone convinced Sawyer to change his story.  This does not look good for his credibility.

The alleged Alex Jones also made a big statement that there is no evidence when the fact show that there is a lot of evidence.  For example, in the article I am posting below, shows that there is some dark hair coloring.  The only purpose for this, in my opinion, is that this hair coloring is to be used on blonde or light-haired children so they won't be noticed while they are being trafficked through Mexico.  I'm thinking that maybe these children are being stolen within the United States and they processed through Mexico.  But Alex Jones is making the statement that there isn't any evidence just like he did when he knuckled under to James Alefantis of the Pizzagate incident.

During my efforts to help Christian and Danielle Holm, none of the public officials were willing to do their job, unless their real job is trafficking in children.  In my view, based on other experiences in this area, I'm thinking that the government is one big child trafficking operation.  For whatever reason, Alex Jones refuses to report on it, just like he did with the Pizzagate fiasco.  Where there's smoke; there is fire.  But what is extremely consistent is the fact that the press and the "authorities" have not done much to stop this trafficking.   This is like being in hell because the hatred for what is right is evident by the actions of the government.

Are there some good people in the government?
No.  They are lying, thieving, people with no morals.  There's no such thing as a good cop.  If a cop thinks he's a good person, then he should resign from working for such corrupted people.  There are only two kinds of government persons: assholes, and assholes-in-training.  And it is the stupid American public that doesn't give a shit about the welfare of the children and society.  Hopefully, the people out in the field will find something and there may be some hope as there are a lot of people helping and trying to find the children.  Communities all over the country should be looking to fix problems like this one their own as the government appears to be a part of the action.  Especially the FBI.

Craig "Shillman" Sawyer and Operation Backyard Brawl https://steemit.com/tucson/@urbanmoving/craig-shillman-sawyer-and-operation-backyard-brawl

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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