Sunday, December 25, 2016

Free Baby Holm

    [This baby is the definition of cute.]
      There is nothing better than having your own children and watching them grow up to be adults.  This beautiful little baby was born to Christian and Danielle Holm on October 10th, 2016 and then was kidnapped by the Alabama Department of Human Resources on October 11th, 2016.  Imagine if you were the parents of this child and watched helplessly while he was stripped from his mother's breast and taken away by the social worker goons.  The cops held Danielle's arms while they stole the baby from her as she was nursing the baby in the hospital.  This is the kind of thing I would expect from those communist countries like Russia or China.  The problem here is that there were no legal or lawful grounds for them to take the baby away from this married couple.  The Holm family is poor by normal standards because they have chosen an off-the-grind lifestyle that most of us wouldn't do.  However, that is not a reason to steal the baby.  Danielle has had three miscarriages and when she finally gave birth to this little boy, she had him ripped from her arms to be put in a foster home.  She has been able to see the baby yesterday for 2 hours.  I'm not sure how this case will progress, but it goes to show the useless of the government and that the government only cares about its own interests.  The more babies the government steals, the more money it makes through various federal grants.

Refusal of social security numbers and vaccinations
     All parents have the right to refuse the socialist insecurity numbers and vaccinations which may cause autism.  Some of the statistics now show that 1 our of 50 boys who receive vaccinations may become autistic.  The Holm family declined the vaccinations for their own reasons and that decision should be respected.  But, the government, in this instance, decided to play God and kidnapped their baby.  They did it under the color of law.  A kidnapping is a kidnapping no matter who does it.  I've checked some of their paperwork and there are no grounds to take this child away and put him in a foster home.  The judge, in this case, was to have a hearing and then quickly removed herself from the case for unknown reasons.  My guess is that the public pressure was building and she couldn't take the scrutiny.

Just like the government crooks
     From what I can determine, the govtards are trying to find an excuse for taking the baby after the fact.  They are trying to insinuate that Christian Holm is psychologically unfit to be a parent.  The govtards are scrambling because they have an extreme liability which could hopefully put them out of business and put some social workers in jail.  As we will see, this is not an isolated problem.  This happens all over the country and the pattern of the CPS activity shows that they pick on the poor people and place these children in foster care.  And it is looking like poor white babies are in high demand at the CPS around the nation.

Audio of the hearing
     Here is an audio of the hearing and I think that this couple handled the situation extremely well under the circumstance.  This is a Facebook link  Click Here  You can see that the govtards could give a rats ass about the parents or the baby.  To be honest, the parents handled themselves a lot better than I would have done if I was in their position.  And it is the cruelty oft the government that knows no limits.  I have been of the opinion for a long time that the government is nothing more than a Satanic cult, and this incident, unfortunately, is more common than most of us believe. For more information on this case go to Medical Kidnap.

The government Satanists are all about perversion and hatred
     The proof of the Satanism is evident in their actions.  The government is pure evil; from the top to the bottom.  What kind of man or woman would pull a baby off of the mother's breast while she's nursing?  Apparently, this has been going on for quite awhile and I found out about it through the Medical Kidnap website while I was studying Pizzagate.  The people in the government are perverts, Satanists, and grand assholes.  I have an old saying that there are only two types of government workers: 1. assholes, and 2. assholes-in-training.  If people join the government as a career, they might be doing it with good intentions, but after a few months or years, they will lose their moral compass.  The Satanic stupor will drag them down into the abyss and totally destroy their own lives.
The government has no problem in starting wars and killing millions of people, so it isn't any big deal to them to torture this family by stealing the baby and then collecting money for it.

People can handle their own affairs
     One thing that is evident is that people will respond and handle their own affairs and intervene when necessary.  Family, friends, and neighbors can handle almost any situation.  The purpose of government is to establish a slave state with themselves as the masters.  This system doesn't work to the benefit of the general public.  And with society at such a low level at morality, it will perpetuate the evil.  The people need to evaluate everything that they do: whether it is right or wrong, good or evil.  These judgments that are made should be in line with the natural law which God created.  And the natural law in this instance dictates that the baby needs to be with his parents.

#freebabyholm  Facebook hashtag
Babies Should Never Be Separated from Their Mother

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Boggles the mind. In our case, children and youth found my child had been raped by her father on multiple occasions (6-9 yrs old), yet the family court judge didn't take that into account! Luckily, I didn't let up, though it did almost kill me, and my kid is safe and well now. However, just last night she and I were talking about it, and being as her father to this day is not on her birth certificate, we both said, she was trafficked BY THE COURT, during her youth. End of. Because during those times, I was legally forced to hand a baby over to her rapist or I would've gone to jail.

    My heart goes out to this family. Remember, a JUDGE signed off on this child being legally kidnapped. Let's remember that when their society falls.

    God bless

  2. I know how it feels to loose a child. I lost 3. Everything I did was not enough. I know that Alabama has been in business of kidnapping babies from their families for a very long time. I have indian blood and we was going to get our indian tribe involved to help get my children back where they belong. The man that did the investigation told us that they had been doing this for years. He has passed on now but if there are any kind of Indian blood please bring the tribe in. They will help you. Don't let dhr scare you like they did me. My children were abused in there foster home and the foster parents has pull. Everything I did wasn't enough. When the workers found I did everything they asked of me they would take the workers off the case and this could have been what happened with the Judge. I passed all drug test but they tried saying I had methanthedimine in my blood stream . I know the spelling is wrong. I have had problems with learning my whole life. I maybe slow but I'm not as slow as they try to put me as. They told me that my son and myself was schizophrenic. My oldest daughter was melested and they said it was my fault. I was like how can it be my fault. I didn't alow it to happen. They said there my children and it was my responsibility to keepisode them safe. I told them I did my best to keep my children safe. I didn't know the person was going to do what they did to my children. I was only gone for 2 hours to pick my baby and my mother up after I got out of the hospital from surgery. My mother was coming back to help me with my children so I could get better. There too much to tell. I went through it 9 years before they took my rights away . The Judge was bought off and later was forced to retire. My children were never returned home. There grown now. Now they tell me I can't be unsupervised with children because my rights were terminated. I know alot that had lost there children and they never stopped them from baby sitting. They told me ifor they catch me baby sitting they was going to take the children away and take me to jail. I spoke to a lawyer and he said they can't do that. Well I never took any chances. I can't spend time with my Grand baby because I am afraid of them loosing her . I pray my case could be looked into and they find something that could help others case. I know there is more going through the same thing I did. They told me I was lengering on to the past and I needed to move forward. Anyway Praying you get your child back safely and rather it be here on earth or in Heaven Justice will be served.

    1. Dear Anonymous in Alabama,
      Your story made me very sad and I hope that things can change for you! First, I want to say that you are NOT responsible for your children being abused or molested. No one can predict a perpetrator unless they have a history of assaulting children and the WORD is out on them. I don't know if dhs or the judge (are still involved on some level) with you, but if they are, would they feel more confident in your skills with parenting if you were to take a parenting class? I know it sounds silly, but sometimes you have to work with the system in order to have the life and freedom that you want! I hope you will be able to have a relationship with your Grand baby and it would be good to start having contact with this child while the parents are around. That way the Grand baby can get to know you, develop trust, and love you. With your son/daughter you could be with the Grand baby under supervision of a therapist (and there should be some in the area that do not charge an arm and a leg) and they could observe your interaction with the child. The therapist could write a letter to advocate for you that you are a reliable person after so many sessions and then you would have a relationship with the Grand baby! The therapist could act as a go-between for you with dhs and the court. It is just an idea I have seen work for someone who was treated unfairly. God bless you in whatever decisions you make! Don't sit back and be sad. Look for a therapist or person who teaches parenting to help be an advocate for you!! It is worth the time to be able to know that your own child and the Grand baby.

  3. I hope everybody will read this and what is going on and wake up and help put a STOP TO THE KIDNAPPING OF THE AMERICA CHILDREN.

  4. @ Anonymous above. "they've" been "legally" trafficking children since the inception of this country. Even the adoption agency I was bought from, The Edna Gladney adoption center, dallas tx was CREATED basically, to traffick the "orphans" across america as work farmhands (via the trains). The problem is, those who "run the show," then and now, are the ones who lack empathy, they will kill, destroy without so much as a thought or feeling, to get what they want. It is in their blood. THEY ARE TRUE VAMPIRES. May God be with you. ps.. My husband and I had thought of using my Native American blood (I am half Tejas) when my child was being trafficked. Sadly, I'm not destitute enough for anyone to want to help. And our case was so obviously corrupt (meaning, the people who I was up against went all the way to the top) that no one wanted to touch it and told us as such. Again, God sees All and IS with you. Blessings to you.