Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Suicidal Marketing: Ben and Jerry's

I was looking on Debbie Schlussel's website and I see this article about Ben and Jerry's which depicts homosexual marriage.  Of course, the image is of two cows but the implication is there which supports the idea of homosexual marriage.

Mixing politics and religion in business
This is a recipe for failure.  When people go to buy a product or a service, they don't want to hear about someone's religious or political views.  The more I study both, the more I realize that this is the kind of material that should be ignored.  However, in this case, it shows how perverted they are and no one should be buying their products.  All of us have had homosexuality shoved in our faces and it doesn't stop.  

Stop buying from these businesses
The best thing to do is to stop buying their products.  If they like pissing off 96% of their market, then let them do it.  I just wish I had a competing company as I would jump all over this.  There are many other companies that make ice cream so I would recommend not buying Ben and Jerry's.  Their approach to marketing is the same as having a Jim Jones party.

Debbie Schlussel's acceptance of the supreme court decision on gay marriage
I disagree with the idea that the supreme court and any constitution is the "supreme law of the land." Some conservative commentators like Debbie seem to miss the point.  Gay marriage is an abomination and it will incur God's wrath.  In addition, it will always violate the natural law that was set up by our creator.  So she accepts the supreme court decision as a "done deal."  But who put the supreme court over God's laws which are the natural laws?  There is no real authority for the supreme court to do anything, and in fact, their "ruling" is only an opinion.  Also, two of these supreme court justices were appointed by Obama who has no legal birth certificate to verify he's even the legitimate President of the United States.  Forget the constitution, they don't follow it anyway.  George Bush was correct when he said: "It's just a piece of paper."  Government people do not abide by the advertised principles of the constitution.  Besides, it is a bankruptcy, tax, and slave document.  And we can see the results of it in today's world.  No man made law can override the natural laws and when the attempt is made there is no real authority.  What I find disturbing is the seemingly blind acceptance of the authority of government as if it were God himself.  The state is the false god of the new world order and the supreme court has no authority to overrule the natural law.  

Suicidal Marketing?
I think this is a complete marketing disaster; however, I doubt too many people will notice it. Apparently, this company is having a Michael Sam moment and it will have a bad effect on their sales.  The image alone is enough to gross me out and I don't think people should buy Ben and Jerry's if they are opposed to having homosexuality shoved in their faces 24/7.  Will Ben and Jerry's follow the lead of J.C. Penny?  Time will tell, but the last thing a company should not do is anger their customers.  Heterosexuals are still 98% of the population.  To piss off 98% of your customer base is suicidal marketing.  


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I'll never buy any of their products. I've done the same for many other satanic smut, like the perverted split tail mermaid Starbucks with their goddess worship. Soon we won't be able to buy anything without it having a mark of satan.