Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Real Financial Problem is Usury

Usury is like a plague
Usury-interest has been a financial plague on mankind for thousands of years.  In many areas of thought, the idea of it is an abomination because it is considered stealing.  In my opinion, if it is stealing then it is obvious that it violates the natural order.  The natural order is what God created and set forth for mankind.  With the well-publicized financial problems with the country of Greece, we can see what turmoil is waiting for the global economies which engage in usury.  Usury is a horrible financial process which steals the future labor and productivity of the people by turning over the money from the producers to the parasites.  But in order to be a productive parasite; controlling the banking system yields the most power to any group of people.  The people who borrow from the moneychangers or bankers are essentially slaves to the financial system.  While the lifestyles may vary in quality, the reality is that the people who borrow are slaves.  The style of government doesn't really matter because whoever controls the banking system are the modern slave traders.

The Greek example
Even though the people voted not to accept the refinancing agreement their political leaders stabbed them in the back and are moving forward with a new loan program.  The problem with the debt is that it is a system of usury or interest that makes the loan bigger, thus making it almost impossible to pay back.  If the numbers in Greece are correct, they have a 200% debt ratio to their GNP(gross national product).  These loans will never be paid back and it puts the people of Greece in an impossible position.  The debt burden will destroy economic activity and ruin the lives of millions of people.  And that's the whole point.  The purpose of banking is to destroy the lives of the people.  Stealing is Satanic and usury is stealing.  The refinancing of Greece will be just kicking the can down the road to further impoverish that nation.

Democracy is a major problem
Just like communism, democracy doesn't work.  The reason is that if a group of people establish a set of laws or financial conditions that violate the natural order, the end results will always be bad.  No group of people has the authority to set rules that violate the natural order.  And this goes to the heart of the problem.  If stealing is evil; then usury is evil.  So the evil has to be corrected by allowing competing currencies under a free market environment without the use of usury.  Usury violates the natural order because it is considered stealing.  And there is no special group of people who are allowed to violate this natural order.  Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding who is going to be for dinner.  Thus, if any number of government thugs tell someone they have to give them a part of their paycheck, by what authority do they have to violate the natural rights of any man, woman, or child?

Income tax is the forced payment of usury
During the Reagan presidency, there was a study conducted by the Grace Commission and their conclusion was that the money collected by the income tax went to pay the interest on the "national debt."  Income tax is a communist slave tax and the monies collected go to pay the interest.  These monies do not fund the "government."

Usury is a curse from hell
Usury destroys any economy.  It creates the conditions of war and it is the most oppressive financial instrument of the new world disorder.  Usury should be eliminated completely if the people want to have a healthy and vibrant economy.  When usury is practiced there is the usual payback that is always unpleasant.  As in the case of Greece, they will never resolve this problem by taking on yet more debt.  They would be better off establishing their own currencies allowing for an open market for competition.  This would provide the best foundation for their economy.  Usury is truly the economic curse from hell and ignoring this problem isn't going to help to provide a solution.  There is no justification for usury as it is an abomination.  Usury is stealing; stealing is evil; and, evil comes from the Devil.

The Scourge of Usury
IRS: Communist Slave Tax

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. Jct: Agreed, usury is the curse from Hell, the sin that leads to death, the sin that leads to death-gamble mort-gage. So join an interest-free timebank and stop paying them interest by creating our own chips for our own use? Nice to inveigh agalnst evil, better to act against it.