Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Only Safe Place on Earth

     I am 64 years old, and I have always been the type of man who respected government, law, and religion.  Throughout my early years, I always looked up to political and religious leaders.  I always thought that they were special people who always had the people's best interest at heart.  I no longer think that because I can see the utter devastation that they have wrought upon mankind.
     I recently got into an exchange with a "Christian" who told me that it is impossible for a man to keep God's commandments.  This is the usual insane fare that is put upon most Christians and the thought of not being able to keep God's commandments is completely ludicrous.  It would mean that God is stupid (I know He is not) and extremely sadistic.  This line of thought follows satanic doctrine.  This kind of doctrine conforms more to a pagan religion more than anything else.  I used to call myself a Christian but I couldn't find a suitable church for me to attend.  I've tried most all of them, and upon checking their doctrinal statements, I just couldn't stomach going to them.  And every time I did go, I was always disappointed and felt lost and abandoned.  I didn't feel that God disappointed me, but I realized that I was missing an important understanding.
     I realized that it was important to keep the commandments and that God expected me to keep them.  And I realized that if I attended churches or religious services that offended God, then I would be committing idolatry.  Idolatry is a sin against God, so I decided that it was in my best interest to simply stay away from these groups because I didn't want to be offending God and committing a sin.
     As time went on, I began to understand that keeping the commandments can bring some interesting results, but there is a big payoff in understanding.  By taking the time for me to learn self-control, I was able to improve my life.  Not so much in material things, but in ways I think are extraordinary.
     When I am able to overcome a temptation, I feel a very nice sense of security.  I don't feel any guilt or any evil consequences.  And the best part about keeping the commandments is that I am not under the impending threat of God's wrath.  Those who commit sins are only hurting themselves.
     Keeping God's commandments is the only way I can feel safe.  I don't feel safe in any church or any political system unless I do so within God's law.  I know that if I don't break God's commandments, I will
always benefit in so many ways: spiritually, intellectually, consciously, and my mood is always cheerful.
     The folly of today's governments and religions is self-evident by the complete chaos that they bring to mankind.  Man's laws are so convoluted, that I have given up trying to figure out what they say.  I have driven myself almost insane trying to understand these laws.  But I do understand God's laws and those laws are what provides for my freedom.  I am free from the guilt of sin and I actually feel better.  If I commit a sin, I feel bad and my life is worse for it.
     To me, it makes more sense to speak about the beauty of the commandments and to learn how to exercise the self-control over our sinful inclinations by abiding within God's doctrines.  I don't feel safe within man's laws or religion, because they change and are modified along with the political whims or religious fads of the day.  I don't trust the written word as they can be altered to the agenda of the writer.  The written word must be tested against the things that are true and can be observed.
     I referred to idolatry.  Man has a bad habit of worshiping that which is created instead of the Creator who made the heavens and the earth.  Some religions teach that a man can be a god.  However, nature shows us that God created it and that there is no other way it can be.  Thus, worshiping the Creator is the only proper religion or frame of mind that can prosper a man.  There isn't any "force" to worship, it is only the Creator and that's it.  If there is such a thing called Christianity, then Jesus Christ would have to be God in the flesh; or it is just another pagan religion.  If I worship God the Creator, then I am effectively worshiping Jesus Christ assuming he is real.  I can prove in my mind that God the Creator exists, but I can't do it with Jesus Christ because of the corruption of the scripture.  The Christ taught in the churches is a completely different thing than the Christ of the scriptures.  I can't tell from the writing alone, I have to have more evidence to make a coherent decision of what to believe.  But I don't worry about it because I worship the Creator.  And if the Creator came to earth in a man's body in Christ, then I have no problem believing it assuming it is true.  But I refuse to worship anything that would be a false god, or an entity that is intended to deceive me.  I can only trust in the truth.
     Idolatry is in graven images.  I've wonder why so many "churches" and government locations have so many statues.  The US has the "Statue of Liberty" but these statues are only metal, wood, and other materials that are not alive.  They can't stop a bird from crapping on them; they can't stop a dog from pissing on them, and they can't stop anyone from smashing them into little pieces.  Yet, many people treat them as if they were gods.  And herein lies our problem: disobeying God's commandments is going to destroy us all.  Whether it is idolatry, sexual sin, murder, and lying, the fact is that all of these sins affect the whole of mankind.
     If a man fornicates, it affects his wife and children in the most unseemly way.  Children get confused, and the wife feels as if she has been torn apart inside.  What goes on in Vegas is spread over the whole land.  Our sins affect everyone and it destroys the life of mankind.  If people don't start to repent and turn their lives around, this country especially will be completely destroyed.  The  morality should be God's commandments.  Because when keeping these commandments, men will bring upon themselves the blessings of God.  Life will be good.
     So it is certainly possible to keep all of God's commandments all of the time, and if you don't know all of them, at least do those which you do know.  There may be some understanding some of us may not know, but we should be able to use our reasoning to understand God's natural law.  Any religion that says that it is impossible to keep God's laws are extremely stupid and are pagan, and they should never be given any attention.  Life is too short to abide within the wrath of God.
     It is easier to live a life under God's commandments than to continue in debauchery.  While I am sometimes tempted to write about all of the wrongs, I would not be imparting any real knowledge or wisdom.  The smart and intelligent man keeps the commandments and encourages others to do the same thing.  If we all did more of that, we would begin to live the way God intended.  The only safe place on earth is abiding within God's commandments.

Walter Allen Thompson

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