Sunday, June 12, 2016

Communist Candidates

10/13/17 Update  I wrote this article during the last election and it is important as to what has NOT been done.  In order for any government not to have a communist-fascist agenda, there must be an eliminatiion of things such as the income tax, property tax, public schools, central banking, and inheritance tax.  Or, an easier way to say it is to eliminate all programs which seem to comply with the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.  Don't hold your breath.
One of the stark realities of this election season is that both Trump and Clinton are both communist candidates who will probably do nothing to rid the government of communist principles.
There are some things that would have to change in order for a government to function properly.  However, neither candidate appears to want to do what it takes to adjust the government for the benefit of the American people.  In fact, the value of any government comes into question given the poor results of a communist society.  If people had a higher standard of morality, then there would be no need for the government as people would abide by the natural law and solve their own problems between themselves.  But that would mean that they would have to take more responsibility for themselves rather than having the government do it for them.  When a society is weak and dependent on the government, society as a whole suffers.  No good thing can come from large government and today's version of the government shows the abomination in full bloom.

Communism that should be removed
     The United States government and the candidates running for office should be taking a big look at the poor results of the current communist state.  However, the liberal candidates will never address the problems because they are in fact communist.  Having said that, so are the conservatives and I'll give an example of this.

Income tax
     The income tax is the 2nd plank of the Communist Manifesto.  Trump, who claims to be a conservative  has stated that he intends to lower the income tax.  The problem here is that the lowering of the tax rate does little to solve the problem.  What needs to happen is that the income tax should be abolished completely.  The income tax is a communist style tax and all of the libtards go along with it and so do the "conservatives."  The income tax is a slave tax and everyone who pays it is a slave.  If the tax were just one penny, it would still be evil.  The result of the income tax is that it creates the market for loans and usury which always destabilizes society economically.  All of the income tax money goes to pay the interest on the phony debt to the Federal Reserve Bank.

Property tax
     In order to truly own their property, the titles to the properties would have to be in the form of allodial titles and the property tax would have to be abolished.  If the property tax cannot be paid, the state could come in and take the property away.  This also destabilizes society and the people are not secure in their own homes.  Much of the property tax goes to fund the communist schools who not only teach socialism, but they are now teaching sexual perversions to the children.  If the property tax is taken away, then the schools will close and that would be a good thing.  Children belong at home with their parents and not in school being taught by communist libtards and "progressives."

Lowering income tax
     If Trump could get elected and lower the income tax, the economy would do better but it   wouldn't solve the problem.  Income tax is a curse upon the land and it is a communist idea and it should be abolished.  I call it the Communist Jew tax as this idea was first put into a writing called The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels who were Talmudic Jews.  This is important to know that there is a religious overtone that stems from Judaism which is offensive to God's natural law.  Everyone understands that slavery violates the natural law and income tax is slavery.  The natural law says that a man is entitled to the fruit of all of his labor.

Voting solves nothing
     Voting is the Lipstick on the Communist Pig.  It gives the people the idea that their vote can effect a positive change in the system when the facts show that the system is rigged.  Even Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump know that the system is rigged to keep the same dictators in place.  And that's what politicians are; dictators.  I suggest that they all get shipped to Cuba and let them stay there for awhile until they repent.  In the meantime, it's probably better to stay separated from all of it and learn to be more independent because at some point the system will fail tragically and it will destroy society as we know it.  Until mankind learns to abolish all of the principles of communism, the problems will remain to be a scourge on mankind.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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