Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump, NAFTA: That Giant Sucking Sound

     Last night, I was watching Donald Trump thanking everyone for their support of his primary victory in Indiana.  Now, I hate the political system, and I chose not to vote because I just don't trust what I am seeing and hearing.  However, in this case, I heard Trump say something that I have never heard a politician say.  Trump has been critical of the "free trade" agreements because they were detrimental to the labor base.  Since NAFTA was passed in 1994, tens of thousands of companies left the country for either Canada or Mexico.  This has had a devastating effect on the public and it is probably the economic version of  a mass suicide.  Trump plans to pin the failure of NAFTA directly on Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election.  However, the support for the NAFTA abomination crossed all party lines and this showed me that the whole government is communist to the core.

Giant Sucking Sound
     Ross Perot warned the American public of that "giant sucking sound" which would be their job losses if NAFTA was passed.  Two years later, it was agreed upon and the jobs started to go to other countries: Mexico and Canada.  Over twenty years later, depending upon whose information is accurate, the net job loss range is at 700,000 to over 1,000,000.

"Conservatives" Loved NAFTA
     Right wing socialists such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, and many other supported the passage of NAFTA.  At the time, I thought these people had lost their minds. Even many union leaders supported this fiasco; true to their socialist leanings.   Rush Limbaugh called people like me who were concerned about the job losses; conspiracy "kooks".  Well, us "kooks" were spot on and the facts show that we were right.  Today,the United States is running massive trade deficits with Mexico and Canada.

Pin the NAFTA on the donkey
     When Trump said that he's going to use NAFTA as an example and pin it on Hillary, Trump will also be pinning it on the current Republican establishment as they were just as responsible for it as the Clintons.  I think Trump should easily win the election using this tactic because the people can now see how stupid this agreement was and how damaging were the results.

Trump's intelligence
     Trump's position on trade agreements should get him into the White House and I think he is a very smart man.  I think his children are equally intelligent in their own way and it would be refreshing to see some brain-wave activity in the presidential office.  But the problem is still going to be the structural communism that is in the government i.e. income and property tax.  The monetary system still has central banking and the use of usury is still present.  These things need to be addressed before there will be a true prosperity and economic freedom.
     I still don't know if Donald Trump is the real deal but another Clinton presidency will probably finish off this country as we know it.  Again, the real problem is the structural communism built into the system.  It would be wonderful if Trump could throw all of that out.

Neutered Newt Helped Cause the Economic Collapse

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