Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Insult to Stupid People

"Government and religion insults the intelligence of the most stupid person on the face of the earth."  Walter Allen Thompson

     In watching all of the parades of delusions and lies out into the public recently, I have a difficult time even listening to anything other than a conversation that I am involved in or listening to music.  We have the president (community organizer gone wild) who has received the Noble Peace Prize try to justify an attack on the country of Syria.  And you have the weak and ineffective John McCain and Lindsey Graham promoting a war on Syria.  I don't need to get into all the details of this, but if you pay close attention, you will discover what you subconsciously knew.

Government people are professional liars...

     I haven't met one of them who ever told the truth.  And if they ever did manage to tell any truth, it would still be wrapped up in a bundle of lies.  In fact, if they swore an oath, that in and of itself will expose the fact that they are liars.  Once the oath is present in any organization, that organization is cursed from the beginning and nothing good will come from it.  They swear to the air or some other false god that they will protect and defend one constitution or another and then they will turn right around and do just the opposite.  If any of us object to it, we are called hateful, terrorists, or intolerant.  But the problem with most governments is that they are structurally satanic and so nothing good will come from them.  Throughout written history, there have been so many wars that it is difficult to keep track of all of them.  War is satanic in its nature and it proves the failure of government or whatever you want to call it.  Nothing would be a fine replacement.  I looked up how many war the United States has been involved in and depending upon how many you count or where you want to start counting, I come up with about 158 wars in 237 years.  And of course there is a good reason for this.

Government people are evil......

     Almost every govtard that I have met was morally and socially dysfunctional.  Their god is the state, State, STATE; or, to put it another way, Lucifer, Satan, or the devil.  Because they took some stupid oath, the whole process is cursed.  Once it is cursed, it is like being damned in hell before one dies.  Oath taking is the most stupid and destructive thing anyone can do to themselves and it is just a matter of time when the payback from the creator comes. Taking an oath is the spiritual version of getting a can of gasoline, dumping it on yourself, and then lighting it on fire. The oath is the first mistake, and everything else that comes from it goes downhill from there.
     What I think is futile is to go over and over all of the things that the govtards do wrong because everything that they will do has to be wrong under the context of the oath.  Even if it appears to be right it will be wrong because they cannot get anything good out of evil.  Any truth or goodness that may appear will always be twisted toward the evil agenda.  That's who they are and that's what they are all about.  Their goal is to destroy mankind and anything good and pleasing in the world will be turned into evil and utter nonsense.  And in today's world, all we have to observe what's already there.  Their actions speak for themselves.

Religious people are evil....

     Religion is another component that entraps the people's minds as if another man has all the answers about God.  I don't think there are very many of us who do not believe in God, but it is the religions who purposefully destroy the minds of men with their inconsistent, evil, and lying documents.  I have been through most "Christian" churches and I find them to be more pagan than the pagans.  This is because of errant doctrines and inconsistent teachings.  However, there is the natural order which tells us everything we need to know.  We all have a latent knowledge of God and we cannot avoid it.  We all have a latent knowledge of right and wrong, good and evil, so we need to make sure we abide in the confines of the natural law.  All of us have a latent knowledge that homosexuality is wrong, yet other men will tell people--even children--that it's just an alternative lifestyle.  Most religions that I am aware of will not stand up to the homosexual-nazi community and so their children continue to get mentally and in some cases, physically abused.  Modern religions as I know them, are completely ineffective in opposing evil because their own doctrines are evil and misleading.  The only way I know of to avoid this crap is to stay away from government and religion to the best of my ability.  Evil is evil, and it is said that "evil will never divide against itself."

Insults the intelligence of the dumbest person on the earth...

     I've been aware of conspiracy theories for most of my adult life.  But it wasn't until 1991, when I got my first computer, did I realize the full extent of these conspiracies.  The problem is that most of this information is difficult to accurately confirm, and my guess is that these conspiracies are far worse than we think.  I don't think we've even scratched the surface of the volume of evil that has permeated this "country" and the world.  But it is important to search out the truth and live as honestly as we can.
     If a person isn't very intelligent but he's honest, this person is of more value to society than anyone who practices evil.  The dumb and honest person is smarter than all the lying evil pieces of feculent trash.  The dumb-honest person has more honor and character than the smartest evil government or religious leader.  His honor and character will far exceed the demented nature of the chronic liars.  The chronic lying that we see from government and religious people knows no boundaries.  Their lack of wisdom and discernment is like picking one's nose at the dinner table. In fact, the liar will eat the booger from his finger and then tell everyone about his good table manners.  This is your government and religious person.  I know that's a gross way of putting it, but I think it illustrates the point that govtards operate at such a low level of personal character.  There is no shame in their lies.  In fact, they are proud of their lies, especially those people who can remember what lies they told, to whom they told it to, and the date and time they told the lie.  These are the most evil people on earth, and they are all present in government and religion.  It's no wonder why many people don't like to talk about either.


Stop Swearing Oaths

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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