Sunday, September 1, 2013

Did Tim Tebow Forget How to Play Football?

A couple of months back on this blog, I gave my opinion as to why Tim Tebow may have been shut out of the NFL because of his religious beliefs. In my opinion, Tebow's inability to find a team is because the press, media, and senior management of the NFL are controlling the agenda to support the socialist-psychos of the new world order, which is a satanic cult that has nothing to do with a sporting event where people should be able to be entertained and not be hit with the inculcations of their Marxist-demonic drivel. Tim Tebow is the complete opposite of what the new world order creeps want on the football field. And I submit that the evidence of this shows by what comes out of the mouths of the sportscasters. 

Yesterday, Tebow was cut by the New England Patriots, even after the man won the preseason playoff game with two touchdowns and with 91 rushing yards. That's not bad for someone who can't play quarterback in the NFL. I have done some extra research on Tim Tebow, and based on my own experience with a rogue press, the sports media has intentionally done a hatchet job on Tebow because he has a faith in God and lives it. The fans love Tebow; but the press hates him because they hate likable people; but they love evil people.
Let's go through some of the nonsense that is claimed by these sportscasters and see if they are true. Because the real purpose in trashing Tebow is to facilitate the complete brainwashing of the viewers into the satanic agenda of the new world disorder.

Tebow is “polarizing”..............

I've only heard new agers, liberals, progressives, and other sportscasters freaks use the world polarizing. What this really means that if someone doesn't agree with their psycho-agenda of the new world order, or believes in God, or believes in having a good set of moral conduct that somehow this person is polarizing. Because Tebow is a likable man, the new agers can't stand the sight of him. Tebow believes in just the opposite than the “powers that be” because he believes in God and bring forth good moral conduct. How refreshing for a young man of 26 who is playing football in the NFL. Now, if Tebow was a tranny he would be extolled as a “courageous” he/she and we would hear about it almost 24/7. But since Tebow is claiming to be a Christian, but more importantly, attempts to live within God's commandments, he is treated like a piece of trash which tells me the media and the “powers” are terrified of him. So the persecution is on, and again, this may be another JC Penny style marketing blunder of the first magnitude because the fans loved Tebow. I liked him because he was different. Young people could actually look up to him. Tebow is a threat to the amoral state.

Tebow is a distraction....

What the press is really saying is that Tebow is making the new world order freaks look bad and we can't have that. We can't have the fans having this much fun. The fans can have fun, but only within the limitations by which we the immaculate press corps set for the population at large. For me, I don't believe much of anything on television because I am completely aware that the real purpose of any reporting of anything is being used for mind control. Remember, a liar will always distort the mind of another person, and that's why it is so dangerous. The truth is also dangerous to the liars, because the truth exposes the liars.

Tebow is a virgin. Wow! He is an NFL virgin. What most people don't realize that it is exactly what he's supposed to do if he isn't married. He's only keeping God's commandments in that regard. Oh no! We can't have that!  He doesn't even have any tattoos! For me, I think this is very refreshing and the fans have a better example than some of the other sleazy celebrities.

Tebow is a “flawed quarterback”......

My observation of the facts is as follows:
  • He wins games
  • He completes passes
  • He is a great runner
  • He is an outstanding leader on the field

If the reader takes the time to review the video I am posting, you can clearly see that Tebow is a very talented quarterback and that the people who are saying that he isn't NFL material are simply lying.  

Another reason the freaks don't like Tebow is that he is the product of a mother and father who decided not to abort him as his mother had prenatal complications. Rather than abort her child, his mother decided to continue the pregnancy. Planned Parenthood can't have that!  His mother made the correct moral decision.  Stories like that just can't be a viable part of their demented system. The feminist nazis must maintain their sick agenda, which seems to have been catered to by the NFL's front office. You can see just how much the media hates this young man. Tim Tebow is the complete opposite of the freaks agenda.  Tebow did not forget how to play football, this is simply a textbook example of the kind of persecution a man can encounter if he has high moral standards. This is a textbook example of deliberate mind control that targets anyone who is attempting to be of good moral character.  Tebow's treasure is in his faith in God and his good moral character and not the NFL.

After seeing this mess, I just don't want to watch football any longer because I can see the evil agenda that the fans and the players have to endure.  The only logical thing I can do about it is to not fund it.  So, I won't be going to anymore games and I just took the NFL software off of my cell phone.  This deliberate trashing of a young man early in his career is completely unacceptable and I don't want to be subjected to this kind of brainwashing again.  If Tebow was a black-homosexual-LGBT- latino-cross-dressing tranny with a counterfeit birth certificate and a fake Social Security number, he would be a national hero; hell, they may elect him president.  

The NFL doesn't deserve the quality of a man like Tim Tebow.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. I read one stat that said Tebow completed 11 of 30 passes in one of his preseason games-hardly stellar. HOWEVER-and this is key-the same folks will then say that stats don't tell the entire story of a QB; they'll say that 'the intangibles', i.e. things you can't measure statistically, are also important. When it comes to 'the intangibles', Tebow has them in spades; look at what he did in 2011! He can clearly make a difference in the game just by being on the field. These intangibles, his will to win, and his willingness to do whatever it takes to win clearly made a difference in 2011, when Tebow took the Broncos (who'd been a joke up to that point) to the brink of an AFC championship game. By being there, he turned the Broncos from joke of the AFC West to playoff contender. That's the most important QB's stat of all-at least in my book.

    When talking about any other quarterback, the ESPN, NFL, and other guys will say that winning games is the bottom line; it doesn't matter about stats, how you do it, etc., just so long as you win games; that is the stat by which a QB is ultimately judged. If that's the case, then why get rid of a proven winner like Tebow?

    What makes this whole thing suspicious is that John Elway, the former, Super Bowl winning QB of the Broncos, couldn't WAIT to get rid of Tebow; he couldn't run him out of Denver fast enough! I was like, are you kidding me?! You're not keeping the man who made your team RELEVANT again?! A GM's job is to help put a winning team on the field, yet Elway, now Broncos GM, got RID of the man who made your team a winner again?! What's wrong with this picture? Of all people, a former, NFL QB should best understand the difference intangibles make! John Elway should have kept this proven winner under center rather than get rid of him. BTW, how have the Broncos done since they released Tebow? I don't recall hearing too much about them since 2011-things that make you hmmm...

  2. FWIW, I heard a report on the radio today saying that Bill Bellichick, Patriots coach, may bring Tebow back later in the season...

  3. Oh, I forgot that, in 2012, the Broncos were able to get Peyton Manning. After his neck surgery, it was unclear whether or not he could play again; because of that, Indy let him go and took Andrew Luck. This left Manning as a free agent. As much as I like Tim Tebow, if I could get a hall of famer like Manning, I would have done the same thing...

  4. I just heard on Colin Cowherd's show on ESPN Radio that Tim Tebow turned down offers to play in the CFL and US Rugby. If Tim has his heard on playing in the NFL, doing a stint in the CFL might be something to think about. I know Warren Moon did the CFL, and I'm sure others have too. I know it's not his first choice, but it keeps him playing.

    The CFL would be a good place for his wide open way of playing QB. In the CFL, the have three, not four, downs. They also play on a wider field. This would give Tebow a chance to work on his passing, while he could use his running ability to good effect in the CFL game. Third and one is very common, so his running ability would be good in those situations.

    I know that Kurt Warner played Arena Football before becoming an NFL superstar. Perhaps Tim Tebow needs to do something similar, so as to get some experience; not only that, he can prove that he's capable of playing QB in the NFL. Again, Warren Moon played in the CFL for a while; why can't Tebow do likewise?

    The NFL game is changing, and running QBs are becoming more the norm with the pistol and spread option offenses. I believe that Tim Tebow could help someone, given the changes taking place in the game. Until the NFL wises up and realizes what he offers, I think Tim Tebow should keep playing, build experience, and remain relevant. If he doesn't play, he'll fade away; if he keeps playing, he remains relevant and on NFL teams' radar screens. Someone, somewhere will want him; again, the changes underway in the game will compel teams to use someone with Tebow's abilities.

    NFL teams are, above all else, businesses; those businesses are in the business of winning. Sure, they may not be crazy about his outspoken faith, but they ARE crazy about winning! If Tebow can build experience in the CFL, someone will take him. He's proven that he can win games, and winning games is the Numero Uno consideration of NFL teams.

    1. I don't believe for a minute that Tim Tebow "needs more work." Sure, anyone can improve. I heard Mike Ditka say that Tebow has so many positive intangibles such as his fire and desire to win and his leadership ability. You can't teach that, you either have it or you don't and Tebow has it.

      In addition, Tebow would probably sell out the whole stadium for anyone who picks him up. So, if you simply took your argument and say you need to run a football team as a business, then hiring Tebow would insure season and regular ticket sales. Nope, I see this is the JC Penney suicidal marketing 2.0 I can't stand to look at most of these sportcasters who are dissing Tebow. The man can win games and he's fun to watch. This is most definitely a religious persecution. And in my opinion, the NFL has lost standing in my mind as anything but just another pandering organization to the occult world of the new world order. BTW, like you previously said: "Tebow wins games."

    2. Part I

      Warren Moon wasn't shut out of the NFL for lack of talent; he had it in abundance. No, he was shut out because the league wasn't ready for a black QB. He went to Canada, kept playing, kept improving his skills, and then he was picked up by a NFL team. He then went on to have a hall of fame career.

      Until Tebow can get on an NFL team, why NOT do Canada? Why not continue to hone his craft under game conditions? Granted, the game is different north of the border, but he'd still be PLAYING-and that's most important. If he is being persecuted, it's not much different from Warren Moon's situation; why not emulate Moon's example? In my book, playing in another league is preferable to not playing at all.

      Jeff Garcia and Doug Flutie also played in Canada for a time. Why? No NFL team saw fit to pick them up. They played in Canada, honed their craft, and eventually got a chance. Once they got their opportunities, they took advantage of them and had NFL careers.

    3. Part II

      As much as I like Tim Tebow, I think he is foolish to blow off chances to play elsewhere. Sure, he'd like to play in the NFL, but that is not an option for him. He can't do anything about that, but he CAN do something about honing his craft, building his skills, etc.

      As for suffering persecution due to his faith, I'm sure the Tim Tebow bashing stems from that. However, I'm not sure his lack of opportunity in the NFL is totally.

      In Denver, they had a chance to upgrade to perhaps the best quarterback in a generation: Payton Manning. After the Broncos got him, they won something like 12 or 13 games and went to the playoffs in 2012. That's an upgrade over what Tim Tebow did for them. Yes, Tebow got them into the playoffs in 2011 (far better than they would have done under Kyle Orten), but his record doesn't stack up against that of Payton Manning's; then again, few QBs, either past or present, can.

      In New York, the Jets totally mishandled Tim Tebow. I was wondering why on Earth they'd gotten him, since his style of play is so totally different from that of Mark Sanchez, who's a pocket passer. Tim Tebow would be better suited for backing up Michael Vick, Colin Kaepernick, RG3, or Aaron Rogers; these are all mobile, athletic QBs with offenses matched to what they do. Since the Jets don't have that kind of QB and system, it didn't make sense to acquire Tebow for football reasons. I think that the Jets' ownership thought having Tebow would sell tickets, much like you suggested; it was a good idea, but it was badly executed.

      Then, we have New England. I wondered what Bill Belichik was thinking when he got Tebow. The same situation that applied in NY applied also to Tom Brady and the Patriots: to wit, that Brady is a pocket passer who doesn't run; Tom Brady, though he's one of the best ever, has never been accused of being mobile or athletic. The Patriots' offense is no doubt geared to what Brady brings to the table, again making Tebow a questionable fit for the team.

      While I don't know if Tebow's been blacklisted from the NFL for his faith, I have to wonder why someone like Washington, Green Bay, SF, or Philly doesn't pick up Tebow. These are all teams with QBs who can and do run; these are all teams with offenses GEARED to that type of QB; why not bring in a QB whose style matches that of their starter? Wouldn't it make sense to have a backup who can do the same things that the starter does, i.e. run and pass? I think so.

      In closing, I think Tim Tebow is foolish to blow off the CFL. Other QBs have done it, then played in the NFL. Warren Moon was kept out for BS reasons, but he DID something about it; he played, built his skills, and eventually got a chance; when he got the chance in the NFL, he did something with it. Ditto for Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia, among others. While I don't know if Tebow is being persecuted for his faith (after all, Aaron Rogers is a Christian too), I can't for the life of me fathom why teams with mobile, running QBs (I'm talking about Washington, Philly, SF, and Green Bay) don't snap up Tim Tebow; he'd make a good fit. I guess we'll see...

    4. I put things poorly. I didn't mean to say Tebow needs more work, but he DOES need to keep his skills sharp and fresh. Playing quarterback isn't like riding a bike; it's more like playing a musical instrument, an endeavor that requires constant, regular practice. Furthermore, nothing equals game conditions; to stay sharp, a quarter back MUST play all the time. Ergo, I think Tin Tebow should go to the CFL, keep playing, so he can keep his skills sharp. Also, by playing, Tebow keeps his name out there, so people will talk and think about him. If he doesn't remain visible, he'll be forgotten at some point; by then, there will be a whole new crop of stars who will eclipse Tim Tebow.

  5. Here's another clip of Mike Ditka and Bill Parcells talking about Tim Tebow's effectiveniess. Love how Ditka goes off on Hoge; that was classic! Parcells said it best, that Tebow had 'defensive coaches scared'...

  6. Walter,

    Here's an EXCELLENT ESPN documentary about <a href="Tim Tebow's high school football career</a>. He played well then; he played well @ Florida; I reckon the man STILL knows how to play football... ;)


  7. Here's the documentary of <a href=">Tim Tebow in high school</a>. He was a tough, gritty player who did WHATEVER IT TOOK to win. Whether playing with a broken leg, running, or putting the team on his back, he was a WINNER. No wonder why Urban Meyer (then coach at UFL) worked so hard to get him...