Saturday, September 5, 2015

Tim Tebow Released by the Eagles: Why am I Not Surprised?

     Almost three years ago, I posted an article on this blog about how I thought that Tim Tebow was being shut out for his religious beliefs.  Today, we find out that he was again released by the Philadelphia Eagles.  Coach Chip Kelly said that Tebow need to take more "reps" and "needed more playing time."  He also said that Tim had a good last game.  However, it is my opinion that even if Tebow was 100/100 pass completions with 1500 yards gained, they would still kick him out because of his good moral behavior and also the fact that the fans loved him.  His presence on the team would almost guarantee a sold-out stadium.  Tebow was vying for the third string quarterback position and the jersey with his name out-sold all of the other players.  Why is that?  It's because people genuinely like the man for who he is and he plays an exciting game of football.

NFL is a closed club
     The NFL is a booming business.  The game of football is very popular.  But given the Satanic half-time performances in the past years, I'm thinking there must be an Illuminati type group of owners who must actually enjoy the pain they are inflicting on Tim Tebow and the fans that like him.
There's no other explanation for this move.  It's like the Roman Circus which always are intended to uplift the authority of the state.  They keep the people busy with a bunch of nonsense while they are destroying civilization.  This is the mindset of the NFL owners, in my opinion.
False Hope of Making the Team
     What I think is going on is that the new world order freaks have a unique opportunity to torment Tebow by giving him a false sense of hope of making the team; any team.  They let him play in a few exhibition games; Tebow does his best and performs well and then gets shafted in the end.  But this isn't just an attack on Tim Tebow, but it is an attack on people who have a set of high moral principles.  These does not fit in well with the communist-corporate scheme.  This cut from this team may be demoralizing to Tebow, but what about the people who enjoyed him as a man and as a player?  They get the same bull shit.  I believe that this is being done on purpose.  The NFL is basically saying "screw you" to Tebow and the people who like him without saying it directly.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
     I think Tebow's experience is a perfect example of the evil powers mocking the Christian kid.  Since the man has a well-defined set of virtues, this does not fit in well with the NFL owners. After all, you can't have any virgins playing football.  The fans love him; the owners appear to hate him.  He does well in football games and then gets cut.  I thought he did very well considering he hadn't played in any NFL game for over two years.  It is my opinion, that this has been done on purpose.  I can't prove it, but the circumstances prove it in my mind.

Moral people shouldn't be in the NFL
     When I try to justify watching a football game, I have a difficult time with my conscience because I may be watching someone get seriously injured.  So, maybe it is better for Tebow to find another line of work and I can find something else better to do than watch football games.  He has all the skills of a quality quarterback, but perhaps he may get seriously injured if he stayed in the game.  The danger of concussions is enormous and I don't think that kind of an injury is worth the price of playing the game.  This may be God's way of telling Tebow to go find something else better to do.  He has his foundations for charity and perhaps he should spend his time there.  But it is obvious to me that the NFL owners don't want him on any team.

Are they really doing it on purpose?
     In my opinion, that's exactly what I think they are doing.  They got people all  excited about Tebow being signed, and now they are rushing to point to Tebow's artificial failure.  This is mind control stuff that normal people won't realize it is happening to them.  Could I be wrong?  It is possible, but I doubt it.  It is my experience that they are keeping him in the spotlight to mock and torment the man.  The sports press are like vultures descending down on a piece of meat.  I think that the NFL should collectively stick it where the monkey puts his finger.  As for me, I'm going to continue to avoid watching any more football.  They can take their bread and circus and......well, I already said it.

Did Tim Tebow Forget How to Play Football?

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments


  1. When you look at who really controls the league and many other sport franchises...the number of zionist jews that own these teams is astounding. It should be statistically impossible in their representation...but nope...they own a lot teams in the major sports. Combine that with their control over Vegas....its not surprising many things are fixed...just like our government and money system.

    Tim Tebow is just a goyim to them...cattle. They hate Christians....especially outstanding specimens like Tim Tebow.

  2. Al,

    While there may be some credence to your theory here, I think Tim Tebow could have done more to make his case that he belonged in the NFL. I'll cite the examples of Kurt Warner and Warren Moon. Both the aforementioned players were bypassed by the NFL at first, and both had to play in other leagues to show what they could do.

    Kurt Warner is a Christian, though not as vocal as Tebow. He played Arena Football, for cryin' out loud! He was bagging groceries before he got his shot in the NFL. While playing in the AFL, Kurt Warner showed what he could do; he honed his playing skills. As a result, he got a chance. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Warren Moon had to cut his teeth in the CFL, where he played for years. The NFL teams didn't think he had what it took, so he had to go to the CFL to show what he could do. After all, a black QB couldn't hack it, man! Warren Moon had to overcome prejudice too. With the wider field and three downs vs. four for American football, passing is more emphasized in the CFL than it is here. Warren Moon had to hone his skills while playing there. When he showed what he could do, he too was given a chance. Though the NFL hadn't been that receptive to black QBs prior to Warren Moon's arrival, it was afterwards. He had to show what he could do first. Tim Tebow could learn something from Warren Moon's example.

    Though I like Tim Tebow; though he did well in Denver, taking them to they playoffs; he was NOT willing to do this, i.e. emulate what Kurt Warner and Warren Moon did (play at a lower level and continue to hone their skills under game conditions). Gene Simmons, the front man for Kiss, offered him a job with his AFL team in Los Angeles; though Simmons doesn't share Tebow's Christian faith, he knew that Tebow would put fannies in the seats and help his team win games. Tim Tebow turned down the opportunity! Why do that if you want to play QB so bad? Why do that, vs. following in the footsteps of Kurt Warner, who also played in the AFL before getting his big break? Why not continue to play, even if it isn't at the highest level? Why not make such a compelling case that the NFL CANNOT ignore you and what you can do? I think Tim Tebow could have torn up either the AFL or CFL, and forced NFL teams to give him another look.

    Tim Tebow is a proven winner; he's been a winner wherever he has been. Though the NFL has put on Satanic halftime shows that turn me off; though there is prejudice against him; some owner in the league WOULD have given Tebow a chance. I think that there are owners out there who'd like to give Tebow a chance, but they're under the peer pressure of the league and their fellow owners Why? Because the main objectives in the NFL are winning games and putting fannies in the seats, that's why; at the end of the day, the NFL is a business-a very BIG business. Tim Tebow would have done both for whatever team he played for. Unfortunately, he wasn't willing or able to emulate the examples of Kurt Warner or Warren Moon, so he's out of the NFL-this time, probably for good.