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Working with Natural Law: Part One

Government and religion are anti-social...
I've been thinking for a long time that the reason government and religions are so corrupted, that they are unusable and they are anti-social.  Most religions cooperate with the governments of the world, yet it is the governments that cause most of the chaos and a most of it is intentional.  The more chaos there is in society, the more the government wants to take control.  The problem is that this "new world order" is a failed system of government.  It is really satanic communism, but the problem is much deeper.  I've posted numerous articles about the corruption of government and religion on this blog, but I want to give some examples of how one can make his own corrections by keeping everything simple.

I believe that there is only one God and that is the one who created the heavens and the earth, and all that is in and on it.  So if there is only one God, and all the other religions say that they are the true religion, then someone or maybe every religion is lying.  One of the traps of religion is that they establish an environment for idolatry.  Most of us would shutter at the thought of worshiping a false god.  What good comes from worshiping something that was created by the mind of a man?  The only God that counts is the one who is the creator.  He established the natural law and it is understandable by just about everyone.  To think that one would have to follow any particular religion is a bit absurd.  If these religions actually followed truth, then they may have some value, but the problem is that depending on any writing, without proving its veracity is very dangerous.  If a man starts to believe in the wrong god, then he has been set up for idolatry.  Since most religions are satanic, one can see the purpose for their errors.  That purpose is to drag the man's body and soul into death and hell.  Idolatry destroys the healthy social order under the law of nature.

What we are seeing today is a coordinated effort by government and religion to drag mankind into idolatry via the false god of the state.  The state is one of the many false gods of the new world order.  The claim that their "laws" are the "supreme law of the land" is simply ludicrous in comparison to the law of nature.  The law of nature always holds supreme and there cannot be any argument about it.  Since truth is the critical part of the natural law, any of man's writings must conform to the truth. So the ultimate arbitrator between good and evil is the truth.  The truth must be the first priority in living a healthy life.  The truth can always be known through careful reasoning; right reason.

The conscience is the disciplinarian....
Everyone has a conscience, even if it seems as though people don't have one.  The conscience works in many ways to give us the proper way to do things.  Obviously, the pain of living a deviant life will manifest itself by the torment of the conscience.  In my opinion, this is why some people engage in substance abuse, as it is an attempt to eliminate the pain of the conscience.  I didn't have to look this up in a book because it is my life experience that tells me this is true.

There's always the payback...
I can't state how many times that I've done something wrong and then I got paid back for it.  One of the motivations for staying within the law of nature is knowing that whatever a man does, he's going to get it back; be it good or evil.  If a man does good things, he will be paid back for it in good ways he might not imagine.  And, of course, the evil man's life is going to be wretched and extremely unhappy. The evil man essentially shits in his own nest and completely destroys his own life as God had intended.  The evil man is like the person who lights himself on fire.  And, of course, the purpose of evil is intended to destroy the man and make him a slave to his own perversions.  The payback is always ugly, but people seem to forget about this in their quest for debauchery.  What might seem like a fun idea at the time; if it is wrong, the payback is going to be unpleasant.

Natural law needs no written doctrines....
The natural law is what it is and no one but God himself can alter it.  The natural order of the universe is unchangeable by mankind.  Therefore, any written documents that claim to be "the word of God" ought to be always reflecting the truth.  However, given all of the various books and their innumerable revisions, it is difficult to sort out fact from fiction.  Common sense and right reason will always carry the day if it conforms to the natural order.  All written material should be tested for its truthfulness.  Since we are all born with a latent knowledge of right and wrong, we should recognize that we are responsible for our own actions.  The nice part about the natural order is that there isn't any conflict over doctrines.  The natural order speaks for itself and no one can change it.

Now, there are people who would like to change everyone's perception of that order via their on political and/or religious agendas.  But their views are of no consequence if they cannot come up with the facts to prove their point.  Many people have rotted their brains on evolution and it only serves to show their lack of critical thinking.  Thus, it is worth the effort to do our own reasoning; using the mind that God gave us to come up with truthful conclusions.

Natural law is easier to use...
Natural law or the natural order doesn't need a "supreme court" to decide what is right and what is wrong.  Right and wrong are always self-evident. And, if the wrong choice is made, then the payback is on the horizon.   If we use our natural ability using our conscience and facts, then we will be able to stay out of a lot of troubles.

I see no reason given the history of the thousands of years of government and religion that there would ever be a clean set of writings or scriptures that can be relied upon.  By putting them aside, the man can concentrate on building his moral character upon the natural order that God had intended.  In my opinion, any writings would have to be in line with that order in order for them to be usable.

Governments and religion are instruments of genocide...
Just in my lifetime, there have been numerous political and religious wars which proceed to kill and injure millions of men, women, and children.  Their failure is evidenced by the wars that they start.  If these two things were so good, then there would be mostly peace in the world, but without a moral structure or foundation, there is no way any government or religion can work for the betterment of mankind.  In my view, government and religion as we know them today, are not anything close to what God had intended.  Their bad example and proven failure is self-evident and nothing will change until mankind decides to reside in the natural order.  I believe the easiest way to do that is not to depend upon any group, but that each man, woman, and child be aware of this natural order and stay within it.

Avoiding idolatry....
It is best to always avoid idolatry.  Some people pray to statues that cannot speak.  These "graven images" cannot stop a bird from crapping on it's head, yet people pray to them.  How dumb is that?
Idolatry is putting any god before the creator and that is routinely done by most religions.  This is a trap.  So it is always worthwhile to test your beliefs from time to time to make sure you are in safe spiritual territory.  Idolatry sets the course for bad government and bad religion.

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