Saturday, May 30, 2015

Working with Natural Law: Part Two

I've posted quite a few articles about swearing oaths.  I have never seen anything good come from oath-taking.  An important part of the natural law is that it stays within the parameters that the creator intended.  Oath taking goes outside of that natural law because it assumes a truth that is not evident or it is just an outright lie.  No one has the power to swear an oath and that's why the commandment not to "take the Lord's name in vain" makes  sense.

Any time there is an organization which uses the oath as their foundation is one that is going to have a bad outcome.  I've seen this over and over again.  From the government, freemasons, most religious groups of all "faiths", military, courts, service organizations, utilize the oath to the destruction to their members.  If there is one major conduit to death and hell, it has to be the oath.  Thus, it is self-evident that oath taking is dangerous and it is extremely dishonest because someone taking it doesn't realize that what they are saying is supposed to be the truth, nothing but the truth.  The problem is that this truth may or may not be present and their knowledge of it may come into question.  The best most people can do is to observe the facts and then make their judgment from it.

Swearing oaths establishes the false authority of government over other men.  Swearing oaths is like signing a contract with the Devil.  The only authority someone can get over other men is when a natural law has been broken such as an assault, robbery, or a murder.  A government which claims authority by the oath really has no authority.  No one can be forced to swear an oath, but as one can see at this link "Swear Not At All" attorneys will go to great lengths to trick someone into taking oaths.  The oath seems to give those with no authority, the power or "jurisdiction" over the people who take them.  Think of the legal system as the agents for Satan, and that will give you a good idea how it works.  If any legal system is founded upon oath taking, then the whole process is nothing but a farce with no moral authority.  I actually watched a judge tell a juror: "There is no moral component to this....."  And, of course, the judge was correct.  Under a satanic legal system, there cannot be any moral component; otherwise, it won't work for the government.  In my view, most bad things in life are promoted by the government.  And in the weakness of the society, is the strength of evil people.  The strength of any society or culture is adherence to the natural law that comes with the creation.

By avoiding oath taking, one can keep himself separate from the process.  There's no point in making statements under any type of oath.  The natural law tells us through simple observation that a man is never capable of swearing any oaths, and according to some religious writings such as the Book of Enoch states that it is God who has the power to swear an oath.  So, the idea of oath taking is just another attempt to usurp the power of God and install a false god which always leads to bad results.
And by simply observing the horror of modern "government" we can see for ourselves the horrible results and the genocide that occurs because of these governments and religions which have the oath as their foundation.
Oath-taking ensures that there is no credible opposition.  Those who swear to the constitution or on it are ensuring their own slavery and guaranteeing complete corruption of society.  This is easily seen by simply looking at the results.  The facts don't lie.

In order for a man to stay within the natural law or order on this oath, the issue is to simply stop taking oaths; which includes signing any documents "under the penalties of perjury."  How hard is that? The benefits are certainly worth the effort and will keep the man out of trouble.  There is no reason on earth or the universe for any man or woman to swear an oath.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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