Sunday, May 3, 2015

Crap Medicine: Vaccines

One of the most interesting medical debates has been the one about the use of vaccines on little children.  If there is any doubt about the use of vaccines on youngsters, this video will hopefully change your mind and never consider giving yourself or your children any more vaccines.  Here you will see that 1 in 50 children will come down with autism.  This is in direct proportion to the increased use of vaccines.  This video gives us a lot of evidence as to why the vaccines are dangerous and that the science of it is questionable.   I suggest that you block out some time to watch this video as it is well-documented and it could save the lives of yourself and your children.  This video is very difficult to watch when you see what vaccines do to the children, but it's better to properly understand why vaccines are evil as they are dangerous.

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Update: October 18, 2015
What's Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines

Update:  11/17/15
Teenage boy dies Gardisil Vaccine 

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