Monday, June 8, 2015

Vain Fairy: Satanic Brain Worm

(Note: I use some foul language in this article because the subject matter deserves it.  If you're on the "sensitive" side then you may not want to read it.)
There seem to be no limits to the immaturity of some of the modern men.  There is this media hoopla over the fact or idea that Mr. Jenner is now a woman.  With homosexuals behaving like crazed nazis on meth, they have infected the society in general and they have spewed their filth against society; especially toward the children.  In addition, they are so arrogant in their evil, depravity, and stupidity, by thinking that homosexuality and transgenderism are a form of an enlightened social conduct.  Homosexuals are the full-body assholes that few people like.  Yet, despite their small numbers, they continually push their perversions on other people and their children.  The photo of "Caitlyn" Jenner is a perfect example of the homosexual broadside through the slut magazine Vanity Fair.  In my opinion, the motivation of the mainstream media seems to be the destruction of the family by conditioning  the minds of the general population to tolerate homosexuality, with a special emphasis on twisting the minds of the children.

"Gender Reassignment...."  Warning this is going to gross out a lot of people

I was visiting with a friend who has been in the medical field for quite a few years.  He told me about a documentary film he viewed which was about changing the gender of a male.  It is alleged that Jenner has had this type of operation.  This is how it was explained to me.  The penis is cut down to the size of a clitoris.  Since a man or a woman still has to urinate, a small part of the penis remains to facilitate urination.  It also is for sexual stimulation that a woman has with the clitoris, but it is usually about the size of the end of the penis.  This is a sickening modification of a man's body.
It gets worse.  The testicles are then removed and the scrotum (skin that holds the testicles) is turned inside out to simulate a vagina.  This is like a bad version of a Frankenstein movie.  To take a person's genitals and make them something that was never intended is a complete abomination.  Notice the euphemism of "gender reassignment" as opposed to cutting off the penis.  Either way, this type of activity distorts and traumatizes the minds of those who see it.

I'm wondering as to why any doctor would do such an operation.  I was told that the reason is that there is a lot of money to be made.  Many doctors have no moral scruples in their lives, so they will do this kind of operation regardless of the harm it inflicts upon the patient.

Is Jenner "courageous" or "heroic"??????.......

What bothers me is that these words imply that Jenner has done something noble.  However, the facts show that he mutilated his own body in pursuit of his twisted sexual orientation.  He claims that now he's "free," but homosexuality is a form of bondage and the transgenderism makes that bondage much worse.  Unfortunately, Jenner has set himself up for a major tragedy in the future.  These kinds of actions have their own form of natural payback and it will be very bad for him and his family.  However, the press mostly seems to think this is a good thing.  How can opposing the natural order be a good thing?  How does cutting off the penis liberate a man or make him a woman?  He's still a man who cut off his penis or mutilated his genitals
.  Jenner was born a man and he will always be a man no matter what declarations he pronounces upon himself.  No man has the capability of  changing the course of nature.

Jenner is being used as a pawn.....

It appears to me that Jenner is being used as a vehicle to further promote the LGBT lifestyle that provokes disorder in the natural family.  This nonsense is being taught within the public and even private schools and that's why I have suggested that schools--as we know them today-- should be shut down.  The damage that is being done to the minds of the young people is unspeakable.  Even adults, who have listened to this nonsense have their minds twisted into places where the mind should never go.  But all of the major MSM are covering this story with words such as "heroic" and "courageous."

MSM is mental abuse.... 

Jenner is being used as a willing or unwilling stooge for the satanic "new world order" agenda. And the continual inculcating of homosexuality is as an armed conflict against the people of all nations; with the special emphasis on attacking little children.  Every homosexual I've met was a complete asshole, and they are proving their worthlessness every day.  And Jenner is an asshole for doing this to his family. This kind of story is traumatizing the mental health of the population at large.  I cannot imagine the damage this is doing to his family; especially his children.   Children love and respect their parents, but in this generation, the god of the new world order is me, myself, and I (the unholy trinity).  Jenner has stained the minds of his children and I don't think they'll be able to recover from it.  Just the memory of this is going to be very difficult for most of them to endure.

Avoiding homosexuals....

These people should be avoided at all costs.  They are the type of people who destroy themselves and then attempt to pervert others into their satanic agenda.  I have refused to work for companies in the past because they had too many homos in the office.  I have better things to do than to be associated with people that are perverts. And they will always attempt to influence straights and try to sucker them into a homosexual lifestyle.  Life can be difficult enough, but when the trouble is self-inflicted, it doesn't make any sense.  But from a satanic point of view it makes perfect sense.  Evil has its own goals of death and hell.  And all someone has to do is to look at the bad fruit of homosexuals, there is nothing desirable in them whatsoever.

Mainstream media is mental genocide......

MSM is intentionally destroying the lives of the general population through their manipulation of news and current events.  They are as bad as someone who has exploded bombs in major cities.  In fact, their reporting of Jenner as "heroic," "bold," or "courageous," is proof that this is a major mind control assault upon the people of the United States, but also of the world.  This is the kind of subject matter no one should ever have to consider or  running through their minds.  This is a satanic brain worm let loose upon an unsuspecting public.  This brain worm is like a constant repetition that homosexuality is noble and good.  The purpose of this is to completely destroy the minds of the children before they become adults.  This act is so horrific that it boggles my mind.
But the mental and intellectual damage this causes fits in perfectly with the Talmudic-Freemasonic Jews and phony Christians.  Frankly, I'm beginning to believe all religions are phony as they do not hold to their own moral standards.  No one can learn anything from their hypocrisy.   Notice that there is little to no criticism coming from any of the major religions.  In an article I saw in Christianity Today, it said: "we need to learn to deal with it."  There was nothing taught about the immorality of attempting to change the natural order of life into a satanic cesspool.

Will end in disaster.....

I have no idea how this is going to play out, but it seems to me that this may be a major cause of a national trainwreck.  There is too much horsepower from the MSM to ignore it as some kind of anomaly.  Regardless of what homos or trannies think, their perversion spills over onto other people, most of whom don't appreciate their deviant behavior which transgresses the natural order.  The fallout or God's payback is heavy upon them and they will suffer unspeakable injury because of their self-inflicted folly.  What Jenner has done to himself is bad enough, but to inflict it on his family is way off-the-hook.

This should be a lesson learned especially for young people.  And the lesson is that young men and women need to separate from homosexuals and any other sexual perversion because there's nothing but trouble associated with it.  Satanic machinations have a certain stupor that is inflicted upon people who don't know how to guard themselves.  Once this kind of nonsense is generally accepted, then the evil will naturally go to the next step: child abuse.  Having young children witness this is an abomination.  The only thing that we can do now is to boycott mainstream media and then joyfully watch their ratings drop even more than they have already.   We don't need to know any of the information that they provide because it is always twisted toward evil.

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Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2015

    Love when discussion in society arise about homosexuality, & then you have the "doo gooders" mentioning. "Some of my best friends are homosexuals"
    I love to shock them, by saying. "None of my friends are homosexuals & I don't want homosexual friends. They disgust me. BTW I am not a repressed homosexuals, like maybe of you are because some of your best friends are & I don't have fear (phobia) only repulsion & disgust toward them !
    Love to see their face after !

  2. AnonymousJune 08, 2015

    My dear watchman...all of this Bruce Jenner satanic symbolisim sickens me and all those that I know personally. I believe that as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end and we are definitely in the days of Noah. It makes me happy to read articles such as yours because I am sick to death of the satanic perversion of Gods Holy Grace of Creation. I believe they are copying the fallen angels that are neither male nor female. The fallen angels acted out their perversions upon humanity. I think it interesting that you mention the talmud and the jews as well as the phony christians. The jews were NEVER the chosen people and anyone that has read the Scriptures would know this immediately. The jews are not many nations as was promised to Abraham when the Lord told Abraham he would make him the father of many nations. That is just one instance. The parable of the wheat and the tares will tell anyone who the jews are. The christian ministries that promote the jews and homosexuality and the prosperity doctrine are doing the works of satan and they absolutely know what they are doing. I have very little sympathy for any so called christian that follows these little satans. America is going to get punished absolutely for what we are allowing in this country. The rain falls on the just and the unjust alike but God's true people are very much awake in this world and are watching and like you are sounding the trumpets of alarm. God bless you fellow watchman. Diane

  3. AnonymousJune 08, 2015

    PS...I have saved you r site in my favorites. I found your site on Henry Makow a man I especially admire. Diane

  4. Excellent/well said.. I also follow you after reading your witty & truth filled comments on Henry Makow. We need more men like you in our world Al..

  5. AnonymousJuly 27, 2015

    I found this article which may be of interest about the topic of homosexuality. It is written by a doctor who found his nutritional diet which improved health accidentally cured homosexual desire in a lot of men. Those men no longer found their male partner attractive. He writes about the health distorting things he found that can lead to homosexuality. No suprise most of these conditions are caused by the illuminati satanists and their lies about what is healthy (like vegetarian diets) .

    Since children can "inherit" several of these health problems for their mother, it is no suprise that some children remember having had a homosexual orientation for as long as they can remember.