Saturday, May 31, 2014

Homo Nuclear Weapons

The global new world order powers are attacking the traditional family in what I would liken to a societal nuclear weapon.  The homos are using their perversion as a battering ram against everything that is good and that is within good taste.  The slutty performance by Michael Sam during his NFL (not for long) draft used his kissing of his he-bitch to completely traumatize the people who like the NFL.  Then there is the article in Time magazine about the so-called new frontier on civil rights showing the picture of a transgender black man.  This was doubly offensive because the black people are especially offended by homosexuality.  This was intended to break the moral barrier of the black people as well as everyone else.  And then there's the story coming out of Pittsburg, Texas regarding Earl's Bait shop and restaurant who don't want to serve "fags."

Political purpose of homosexuals

Homosexuals have a definite anti-social agenda.  They want to break down the traditional values of the commandments and the natural law.  Because their activities are so perverted, most people don't like talking about it.  I didn't even know about homosexuals until I was about 14 years old and my first reaction was why would a man do that when there are so many nice women?  I was horrified at the thought.  But, I didn't understand that there is a political purpose to this and that the reason for it in my mind is very clear.

Spiritual battle

There is a spiritual battle going on and many of us fail to recognize it for what it is and how to prevent it from destroying our lives.  Nature tells us that homosexuality is completely unnatural and it is evil to engage in it.  Homosexuality will compromise a man's sexual equanimity and put thoughts into his mind that shouldn't be there.  The very idea of this activity is completely offensive to God as it offends his laws and commandments.  And that is the whole point of homosexuals; it is there to offend God at every turn.  What few homos don't understand is that if they sow to the wind, they will reap the whirlwind.  Payback is a bitch, and the worst of the payback will not come so much from other men, but it will come from God.

Satanic government

Since most governments and religions are satanic in their nature, it is easy to understand why these governments support the LGBT agenda.  LGBT is a satanic agenda and it fits in perfectly with the  government policies under the cover of "civil rights."  Every bad deed seems to like a legitimate or the color of righteousness when doing their evil deeds.  Adopting the "civil rights" aspect of homosexuals is a classic example of using the good to cover for the evil.  This is also laughable because they really aren't fooling too many people.  But they are fooling enough to make it look powerful.  People like me who stand up to this are called bigots and homophobes, when the fact is that homosexuality should have never been put in the forefront of today's society.   Just the thought of it is extremely evil.

Homosexuals tolerated in religions

I believe that most all of the religions that I've examined over the years are just satanic support cults to support the government god-state.  They hardly ever lift a finger to fight this moral cancer on society.  And the reason is because that they themselves are on the same evil side.  It's the only way I know of to explain it.

Homo Nuclear Weapons

Let's look at the tactics of the homosexuals again and think of each one of the tactics as a homo nuclear weapon that was created by evil people to destroy our civilization.
  • Promote the perversion
  • Attack the children by promoting this disgusting idea within the schools.  This is essential to the homos to brainwash and pervert the children's thinking on their own sexuality.
  • Create a sense of legitimacy by hiding the evil using it as a  "civil rights" issue. The civil rights is the shield for the evil.  Homosexuality is bad behavior under the color of "civil right" such as those that should have belonged to black people because of racism.
  • Attack opponents by calling them bigots and homophobes.
  • Attack masculinity and femininity by inverting the sexual experience
  • Invert morality to make the satanic look good and normal sexual behavior as evil.
All of these combine for the homo- nuclear arsenal.  These are the tools to totally corrupt society.  I don't think a nuclear weapon on a big city could do as much damage that what homos can do to a few generations of people.   Homosexuality is anti-social and the people who engage in it are extremely nasty people.  The ones I have met were not the kind of people I would want to be around.  I hated working with them because they were always promoting their perversion and trying to push it on me.

The ultimate political weapon

A weak society is much easier to control and this is why homosexuality is promoted as an alternative life-style.  A moral society would be almost impossible for the evil people to control because there would encounter moral resistance to any of their evil policies; i.e. usury.  What does usury have to do with homosexuality?  Both are very evil and both have attempted to worm their way into everyones lives.  The type of perversion isn't as important as long as it is evil, it will work to destroy mankind.
However, the homosexuals know that their perversion is the most destructive.  The LGBT garbage that is taught will encourage some people to cross the line of the natural law, making it so much easier for the elites to weaken and thus take control.

Homos destroy themselves

The upside of this is that the homos are in the process of destroying themselves as they are such incredibly nasty people.  They are foul-tempered because they know they are doing wrong and they cannot tame their own conscience.  There is always going to be a heavy price to pay for their moral free-for-all.  And this is why they are so unhappy and will do anything to justify their poor sexual choices.  They think by making this a civil rights issue, then their conscience will be soothed but the natural law, which everyone is subject to, will not allow it.  Their consciences will be tormented until the day they die.


I might suggest to homosexuals to reconsider their position and turn away from what they are doing.  There is no profit in it and it seems to me to be a big waste of time and a waste of life.  The act of homosexuality is so hideous, that it shouldn't be that hard to set it aside, and then look for a normal relationship, such as one with the opposite sex within the context of marriage.  Remember,
a homosexual has nothing because they are essentially losers by living their lives on the dark side.  Putting one's life within the commandments and the natural law is far more profitable and will produce true happiness.

The new world order psychos are using homos as a nuclear weapon upon modern civilization.

The Downside of Homosexuality
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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. AnonymousMay 31, 2015

    You cant have your cake and eat it.
    Islam has the death penalty for homosexuality. But Christians gave that up for liberal, gay, man made laws.
    If Islam was the law of the land all anti-social behaviour would diminish.
    Alcohol: Devils brew. Forbidden. Jesus made water into wine!
    Women cover like Mary mother of Christ. Women walk naked in town.
    Thieves get hand cut off. Thieves get away to steal again.
    Gays are put to death. Gays run the system and laws.
    God is Judge. Gays are Lords and Judges.
    Cure to mankinds problems. Western Christians have no cures.

  2. The death penalty in the bible is stoning along with adultery and fornication. The only problem I have with that doctrine is that it has the potential to break another commandment in murdering someone. Repentance would be the best way for homos to straighten out their lives. I have no confidence in any of the organized religions. They seem to pull doctrines out of their collective asses and then say that God said it. I agree with you that woman should dress more modestly; burka is an overkill. However, I think women who dress modestly are more attractive than the ones who dress more like whores. The penalty for thieves in the bible is for them to repay 5 times what they stole. It seems to me that the natural law would go a long way in helping people curb their own behavior. And besides, Islam is founded or a spinoff of Judiasm. In my opinion, all religions are satanic cults. Just look at how they behave; that's all you need to see. One thing you didn't mention is that muslim or Islamic countries don't have interest in their banking systems. This is why the Middle East is being set on fire, because the banktards don't like a sound money system. The only way to have a sound money system is to forego interest/usury. However, most religious leaders won't teach people to abandon interest/usury. I think it is better for people to work more on themselves and abide in the natural order that God created.

  3. Al, how do you define what "natural law" is? To us, it's obvious that homosexuality is an abomination under natural law. Ask a homo and he'll contend the opposite. IT becomes an exercise in moral relativism. Basically, what got us into this mess in the first place. The point of religion in its uncorrupted form is to provide a clear criterion upon which natural law is based, as revealed from the One Who created us. That's what scripture is. I agree w/you, that modern day organized religion has strayed far off the mark. But that's because imperfect humans have stripped religion of its purity. Don't throw the baby out w/the bath water.

  4. Natural law is self-evident. It is the latent knowledge between right and wrong and it applies the same way to everyone. It applies the same way to all things in the universe. You're right about homosexuality is an obvious abomination. So the same applies to fornication, murder, stealing, idolatry, and other evil things. Scripture is a second-hand knowledge and it is too easily corrupted. I came up as a "Christian", however, I cannot find a truthful Christian church. They may have existed in the early days, but it has been extremely corrupted since the third century. Thus, religion is of no service to anyone unless it operates upon the natural laws which are self-evident to all of us.
    You said: "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water," but I say, unless it is Rosemary's baby. All the religions that I have seen don't rise to the level of the natural law so I don't pay much attention to them.