Thursday, May 22, 2014

God's World Order; New World Order: Part 2 Looking at Results

God's Moral Order

I find it appalling that the moral level of life, in general, is at such a low level.  However, when I do encounter someone with a high moral standard, I look at the results, and it always looks much better.  The reason is that high moral standards fit in perfectly with the natural law, and in my opinion, one doesn't need to read anything in order to conform to it.  I believe we all have a latent knowledge of right and wrong, and it is our conscience that provides the discipline in order to keep us within our natural limits.  If the conscience is ignored, then we make more mistakes because we ignore the reality that is there for everyone.   But having a high moral standard a man can bypass the problems of the conscience because he has done nothing to set the conscience in motion.  I think that this is the key to recovering from the influences of the spiritual rot that comes from modern society.  The conscience is never provoked when we obey the commandments and the natural laws that God put forth as our guide to a peaceful life.  Once those boundaries are crossed, then we invite the pain of the conscience to torment us with the horror of our poor decisions.  Many people try to suppress the conscience by drinking too much or taking mind-altering drugs.  But the problem never goes away, and in fact, makes everything even worse.  Transgressing the natural law means nothing but more trouble for everyone concerned.  And it is all self-evident if we know what to look for and how to make proper judgments.  Judgments should be based upon facts, and those facts should always be in line with the natural law.  Any group of people who violate the natural laws does so at their own risk and they make everyone else's lives miserable.

Peace depends upon a high moral standard

I don't think very many men would join the military if they thought that they would become murderers.  However, that's exactly what happens if a man kills another man based on the order of some government or religious official.  Governments and religions that are run by immoral people are the cause of most of the wars.  An immoral man doesn't have the moral or intellectual capacity to make life and death decisions that can promote peace because he himself is immoral.  In fact, he may think of himself as a god.  The question a soldier should be asking himself is this: Am I just as guilty pulling the trigger or dropping bombs on innocent people as the man who gave me the order to do it?  Obviously, the man who pulls the trigger is just as guilty as the man who gave the order.  Governments retain just enough moral standards to look good on the surface, but when it comes to their own interests, they have no problem in killing anyone who gets in their way.  I believe this to be true of all governments and religions.  In those rare instances where someone has to defend themselves, there is no transgression.  But to put on a uniform and then go kill a bunch of people based on some psycho's order is completely immoral and outside of the natural order.  Thus, if people with high moral standards refused to join the military, then the military would have to be used for defensive purposes only and not to gain an advantage over other groups of people.  Low moral standards get innocent people killed or they have their lives ruined.


The results are obviously self-evident.  We are now experiencing an almost complete breakdown of the moral social order, and in its place, we are seeing the disgusting "new world order."  All we have to do is to look at the results; the bad fruit.  Thus, the government and religious groups are run by people who follow Satan or satanic-demonic forces.  However, rather than get too wrapped up in who did what, when and where, I think it is much better for a man to button down the hatches and to get his own life in order.  If more men became moral beings such as God intended, then perhaps there will be some reason for hope.  But to turn the corner to restore morality, it has to start with every man and woman who chooses to abide in the commandments supported by the natural law.

Satanists are losers

Understand, that even the richest satanist in the world is still a big loser.  His money, fame, and fortune are momentary, but the end result of his life is doom and failure.  His lack of moral standards will speak for themselves, and he might not realize it until it is too late.  However, the moral man is way ahead of the satanic loser.  That should be obvious to everyone, but with the use of lying and mind control, there is a demonic attempt to reverse the natural order.  And if it continues, it will kill us all.  It makes more sense to take hold of God's world order, make it your own, and learn to live within its confines.  I won't suggest any religions as I think that they are as corrupted as the governments.  Since we all have a latent knowledge of the existence of God, we should use our own right reason and common sense according to what is seemly within the natural law.

There is nothing to be gained by associating with losers, especially satanic losers.  There is no reason to get involved in any of their activities as they greatly offend the God who created us.  Everything associated with them is all for nothing, as any pleasure will always result in dire pain and suffering in the future.  It is best to just leave them alone and don't do those things which offend God.

Focusing on the results in keeping the commandments and the natural law

If a man or a woman has an urge for fornication but manages to overcome the urge and to hold their fire, then there are some obvious benefits.  One big benefit is he won't be subject to any sexually transmitted diseases.  That's a big plus.  Another benefit is that it won't offend God as the person had enough self-control to overcome the promise of a short-term pleasure with a long term pain.  The relationship can be developed without the distraction of sex outside of the marriage.  There will be no out of wedlock pregnancies and no reason for an abortion.  See, all of the proper things of life fall into order when the commandments are followed.  It is always the good results that will make a man's life much better so it only makes good common sense to stay within the boundaries of the commandments and the natural law.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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  1. AnonymousMay 27, 2014

    Al--Another excellent one by you. I have been wondering why you had taken so long to get around to Part 2.
    After reading and listening to your 5-25 post I understand why. Those in that occupation are constantly around
    people that are immoral that they can't understand that some of us always speak the truth in our daily lives.
    Stay strong and I look forward to many more words of inspiration from you.
    You are a good man Al.---Bill J