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Suicidal Marketing: NFL Not for Long

Update: 09/14/17

I wrote this article over three years ago.  I was talking with a friend tonight and he was telling me he was an avid football fan but in recent years, he has lost interest.  We were talking about the NFL's ratings and the general lack of interest a lot of men have for the game now.  For me, it was the Michael Sam incident and the fact that all of the networks were pushing for the "normalization" of homosexuality in a man's game.  I watch football sometimes, but I have lost most of my interest in the game because of the mixing of political correctness.  The market for football may be declining because there are also so many other options for people to spend their entertainment time.  It will still take a long time for the game to be completely destroyed by the corporate communist psychos, but I have all the confidence in the world that they will destroy their own market.  That's why I call it "Suicidal Marketing."


     One of the funniest remarks I heard from the then coach of the Atlanta Falcons Jerry Glanville who was criticizing a bad call made by a rookie official.  Glanville said, ""This is N-F-L, which stands for 'not for long' when you make them f**kin' calls."   Given the recent fiascos involving the NFL, I'm thinking that the NFL itself will be "not for long."  

Pushing homosexuality on the fan (customer base)

   It is my opinion that Michael Sam will do for the NFL what Ellen Degeneres did for JC Penney's.  The NFL has managed to piss off most of their customers, because a lot of us guys enjoyed the faggot-free environment of the football game.  But now, after seeing Michael Sam smooching his he-bitch, I can see no reason for me to watch the NFL ever again.  The shocking image of a man kissing another man just doesn't work for me and I doubt that I'll ever watch another football game again.
     This appeared to be a staged event intended to promote the homos and twist the minds of the young people who enjoy the game.  This was a broadside against traditional moral values in any culture or society.
     Frankly, this really pissed me off and I'll never look at the NFL in the same way again.  This completely ruined my enjoyment of the game.  I don't mind saying it, because it is true and it will be interesting to see how the attendance figures start going down as this organization intentionally pissed off almost all of their customer base.  In fact, I don't see how any man could possibly watch or play football for an organization like this.  

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater

     In this case, I think it would be prudent because an evil line was crossed.  To promote homosexuality in such a manner means that the whole NFL organization is more of a satanic cult that promotes perversion.

Suicidal marketing

     Kamakaze or suicidal  marketing is getting to be one of the most popular sales models of the "new age."  And it goes something like this:

  • Piss off or anger the majority of your market.  I'm sure the NFL has intentionally done just that with the Michael Sam incident
  • Give the perverts center stage...  Just as Ellen Degeneres ran JC Penney to the ground with the lesbian-centered marketing program Penny's stock went from 41.505 December 31, 2012 to 8.88 as of today.  This company was one the decline even before Ellen (BE) but hiring her as their spokesperson seems to be the thing that may be the complete undoing of a successful company.  Now, it looks like the NFL is going to follow the JC Penney model. And with Michael Sam being the first openly "gay" player, it now becomes a "historic" moment, but the reality is that this is going to become a marketing nightmare.  I certainly don't want to see a bunch of queers play football.
  • Attack your own cash flow...  This is a no-brainer.  By pissing off one's customers, people stop making purchases at your business.  In this case, it looks like JC Penney's doesn't want straight people to buy in their stores.  The problem is that the perverts don't have much in the way of numbers to make up for it.  With plenty of other choices, JC Penney's may be a thing of the past.
  • Shoot your own race horses..  Given the recent lawsuits pointed at the NFL regarding dispensing of drugs and painkillers, it looks like the NFL has yet another soft spot.  Giving players too many drugs just so they can play is the perfect way to destroy a man's health.  I haven't given it much thought, but it does seem to me that maybe I shouldn't watch men destroying themselves and be "entertained" by it.
  • Denigrate your brand..  This is critical in destroying a perfectly good organization.  By promoting open homosexuality in their programs, the NFL has sullied their brand.  The same thing has happened to the Boy Scouts of America.  
Perfect execution

     The NFL seems to be starting a perfectly run suicidal marketing program.  Since the league is so popular, it may take a few years before it shuts down.  Time will tell if I'm correct, but it looks to me that the NFL is on the crest of a very steep decline.  Thus, the NFL will be "not for long" if it keeps up this nonsense.

Suicidal Marketing 1.0: JC Penney

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of Natural Law:Supreme Law of the Land

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