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Working with the Natural Law: Part Five

Natural Use of Sex

     This article is going to be hard to take for some, but it is important to understand the natural way that sex was intended.  It's primary purpose is for procreation and it is not intended as a recreational sport. Sex is also an expression of love between a man and woman within the boundaries of marriage. Fornication, whether it be heterosexual or same-sex is not the proper way to engage in sex as the natural order clearly shows otherwise.  Most of us have been guilty of fornication and if we look back at these events, we can clearly see that these relationships almost always come apart at the seams at some point.  The prohibition of fornication seems to be completely ignored by today's society as all of us have been over-sexualized by the modern media.  As a result, it is rare to see someone who does not engage in some form of sexual perversion such as adultery.  Fornication destroys the soul.  What I'd like to do in this section is to point out some better ways to handle the temptations to fornicate and some adjustments society should take in order to stop this problem by rebuilding families.  It is my belief that fornication is one of the basic problems that causes untold trauma to relationships between men and women.  

Why is fornication evil?
I think the bible is correct when it says that when a man and woman come together, they become one flesh.  There is a spiritual and perhaps a physical bond that should not be broken.  This bond should be between a married couple (man and woman) and there's no room for anyone else.  I think that the power of this bond is underestimated by most people, but it is this bond which gives the couple a sense of belonging and security.  Fornication, on the other hand, does not give that, but just the opposite.  Since fornication is evil it always creates more problems than it is worth and it leads to unhappiness and instability.  Fornication is evil because it takes away the natural foundation for a productive and peaceful life.  Remember, fornication includes homosexuals and they suffer the same fate as the heterosexuals.  It is possible that the homosexual will suffer even more since the homosexual act goes completely against nature.  The penis is not designed to be put into another man's anus.  The fallout from homosexual activity is probably a bit worse than heterosexual fornication.  However, both are considered fornication and both produce very bad results.

     If we extend the idea of two become one flesh, then think of the horror of having multiple partners.  If the fornicator is one flesh with a partner one night, and then on another night is someone else, just think of the spiritual chaos this produces.  This is probably one of the reasons that some women can tell if their husbands have been fornicating.  They can feel it even though they probably have no other knowledge of it.  I believe that the man also has this ability to know when his wife has been having sex with someone else.  This adultery and fornication are a recipe for disaster and nothing good comes from evil.  In addition, there used to be a time when adultery and fornication were capital offenses punishable by stoning.  And there was a good reason for that because sex outside of the marriage destabilizes society and destroys the idea of a family.  

Young men and women should marry early
     It is very difficult to keep young men and women from having sex before getting married.  They have a strong sex-drive and it is almost impossible for them to wait for marriage.  By the time they get done with high school and then college, they have probably had multiple sex partners and have done a lot of damage to their own lives.
     Marriage should occur much earlier because these young people are physically mature to have children.  Society puts such a high value on education that doesn't educate.  The natural order tells us that young people should be married at an early age with the expectation of staying with their mates for the rest of their lives.  They should be raising their own families and they should be prepared for work.  Under the natural order, if they are physically mature to have children, then it would only follow that they are also mentally adequate to have children.  However, given the idiocy of the school system, the young person's maturity has probably been stunted by at least ten years.  An idiot has nothing to teach anyone and they inflict their nonsense on unsuspecting young people.  This is why I advocate home schooling.  But the best reason for young people to marry is to avoid fornication, thereby, saving themselves a lot of troubles later on.  

Young men and women should never fornicate
     Sometimes I get the chance to counsel some young people and the first thing I tell them is to stop having sex.  They look at me as if I just landed on earth from Mars.  I tell young women--over and over--to stop giving men sex unless they are married.  Even they look at me as some kind of wack job (may be true)but I constantly warn them of the dangers of fornication.
     Because of our oversexualized society, young men have lost respect for women and all they want to do is to get as much sex as they can.  This temptation is like a trance or a stupor and it works overtime to destroy the man.  All fornication moves toward the destruction of the family and it ruins the dignity of the woman.  The woman, realizing that there is a lot of power that comes from the vagina, will use that as a weapon against the man.  Obviously, this is not the way it should be.  It puts the sexes at odds with each other and it is a disaster for both.
     Young people should be set with the beginning of their careers by the time they are 15 or 16.  That means that they should have already started training in something about 3 or 4 years earlier.  So, at about 12 years old, they should be starting to learn some useful skills that they can use to make a living.  They could learn how to start their own businesses.  There's a lot they could do, but the main idea here is to keep them from rotting their brains in the communist training camps called schools.
     Thus, it is  the public and even the private school system that promotes fornication because it stops the young people from acquiring needed skills.  Since the Communist Manifesto promotes free public schools, we can start to see the connections for the destruction of people and their families.  It is this communist school system that confuses children about their own gender by promoting LGBT doctrines which destabilize society even further.

How to correct the problem
     I consider the temptation to fornicate is a direct assault on my entire being.  But specifically, it is an attack on my soul and I always have to keep up my guard.  I try to remove all sources of anything that could get my mind to start thinking about fornication.  In today's world, this can be a difficult job.  What I'm finding is that if I am able to avoid all of the nonsense, it gets easier for me to stay within the natural order.  So, the real issue is one of mind control.  We as people need to learn how to control our own minds by being careful about what we put into them.  I've even gone so far as to repeat the commandment: "Thou shalt not commit adultery."  The idea of repeating the commandment is to drive away the demonic temptation and keep it away from me.  This seems to work well and it has never failed.  However, when the temptation comes along, I have to remember to do it.  
     Fornication imposes a form of a stupor on the person.  So, there's a stupor and then there is a conscience telling us that what we are doing is wrong.  When the conscience kicks in then that's when the real problems begin.  It is better to avoid fornication than to have to deal with the conscience.  And I suppose this is why people drink too much liquor and take many drugs.  They think the liquor or drugs will take away the pain of their conscience, but it never does.  The conscience is God's way of disciplining mankind and it works.  Just try ignoring the conscience; it never produces good results.

Avoiding fornication is a major improvement
     I think life is going to be much better for those who can manage to defeat the beast of fornication.  We can clearly see that fornication is another battering ram to destroy society and the family.  If the family goes down the toilet, then the rest of society goes with it.  And again, the collapse of society is perspicuously seen by observing it.  So far, the results are bad, but with a little effort this beast can be easily defeated.

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