Thursday, June 18, 2015

Chemtrail Thursday

June 18, 2015 11:42AM
(Warning: I'm using foul language again.)

I was sitting by my window this morning and I saw this mess in the sky.  I'm not up-to-date on all of the issues of chemtrails, but if this is being done by the government, then I know it cannot be good. Because of the secrecy of the program, no one really knows what is being sprayed.  There are a lot of websites that deal with this issue and have more information than I do.  All I know is that there is no good reason to spray this crap into the air.  Given the genocidal nature of the government, it would surprise me if this spray is a plan to exterminate as many people as possible.  The environment doesn't need to be sprayed.  Where have the so-called "environmentalists" been on this issue?

I get a bit frustrated in that I just try to ignore this garbage, but it keeps coming back like a bad dream. My guess is that the intent is to destroy the normal weather patterns and turn the west coast into a dustbin.  There's no point in writing your congressman because they are a bunch of sluts and pimps
for the new world disorder.


Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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