Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simkanin's Last Letter to Me

This is why most people in the "paytriot" movement are just a bunch of jackasses.  And I can say the same thing about "conservative" politics.  All show and no go.  People who encouraged us in the beginning and then fled after giving us bogus information.  Few  stories were ever printed about Dick Simkanin. Now, in your so-called elections, the socialist Mitt Romney is the Republican frontrunner after Rand and Ron Paul stabbed their followers in the back.  Again, if you want to be taken advantage of and destroyed by so-called "conservative" political types, just take a look at this letter from Simkanin.  As far as I'm concerned, they are all socialists.

August 22, 2010

"........But, now I got myself put back in prison because I did not report to the Probation Officer within 72 hrs of my being let go by the BOP.  I let a guy talk me into a process that would free me of the 3 yrs of Supervised Release.  He had some pretty strong reasons for being right.  And, in law, he is absolutely right, but, as you so elequently put it in your letter, "RIGHT" dosen't mean anything to the present gang in charge of Amerika.  Because I didn't report they gave me 7 years in prison.  My appeal will be on getting a gross punishment that dosen't fit the so-called crime.  --S.R. Violation  Beaumont, TX FCI is the armpit of the BOP.  Most call this Bloody Beaumont because of some of the past riots that have happened here.  This is a complex containing a USP, Medium, and a low.  I'm at the low.  They also have a Camp of about 300 people.  I came back in with 5 points and I'm going to try for a Camp ASAP.  I'm not expecting anything big from my appeal, but who knows, I might get some time off.  I'm tired Al. I'm tired of all this patriot stuff and what its done to our lives.  I lost a 5 million dollar Company, my marriage and my family has pretty much disowned me.  The only people who write to me are those who I've met in the tax honesty movement, and those who write regularly are about 6 people.  It will only be a couple more years and no one will remember us and what we were all about.  Knowing what I know today I might do it all over again, but, I certainly would do it quite differently.  My real consolation is knowing, in my heart, that I have not actually committed any crimes.  I have always looked for truth and righteousness both in mans law and Yahweh's law.  I have never tried to enrich myself at the expense of another, even the gov't itself.  I believe that you pretty much have done the same thing.
    Father Yahweh guides our paths by bringing certain individuals and info into our lives.  I am back in prison for a reason.  At the moment I don't know why, but, I trust my Heavenly Father for the reason.
    I will take your advice about laying low and not trying to make any more points.  I'm tired!  At 66 yrs old I've had enough of this insane gov't and I would like to have a few yrs to just relax and enjoy.  However, it's not really what I want, but, what Father wants for me.  Every once-in-while I read the book of JOB and it helps me to get back in reality and out of a depressed state.  I'm doing OK!  My goal now, Yahweh willing, is to get out of this place and stay out, even though I just hate facing that Half-way House and Supervised Release.  But hey, it can't be as bad as Bloody Beaumont.
    Thanks for offering to send me some reading material.  If I think of something I really want to read I'll let you know.  Please don't send me anything about mainstream Christianity.  It's been so watered down it's actually reverted back to paganism.  I read your article about "Idiot", it was good and it fits today's Christian........."


    Someone took advantage of Dick and filed these UCC papers but I don't know who did it.  But whoever did is a schmuck and this is the bad result. So whoever the schmuck is I hope you learn from your stupidity.   I'm not sure you all know that Dick spent one year in the SHU which is like being in the hole.  The prisoner is typically locked down 23 out of 24 hours a day.  So when Dick finally got out, he didn't seem to be that sharp because he needed to readjust to the outside.  It takes awhile to get used to it.
    Anyone who uses UCC is asking for a lot of trouble.  I've seen men get over twenty years for doing it, or men in prison who keep thinking they'll be released shortly.  The problems is that there is no reliable body of law that is usable for the benefit of the common man; it's only for the ruling class.  And, it probably isn't too good for them either.  If you decide to use this system, expect something bad to happen.  I would only use these "laws" if I was forced to do it.  My good friend Dick was suckered into using this weird process and it cost him his life.
    Richard Simkanin was a very nice man and it is a tragedy that he had to die in prison.  I will always have the good memories of him for the rest of my life.

Simkanin Letter

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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  1. Dear Al,

    You have hit it on all points with this post, and it's the first one of yours I've read. I saw "Al Thompson" had posted to Marc Stevens' page a few years ago, and I said... Al?? I began to feel so grateful you had survived and come out, but I wasn't sure it was you until I followed your signature link from Marc's comment page and found your blog here. Thank God, It Is You, I am so happy you made it back.

    I too miss Dick and many others who were felled and ground into the Black Machine.

    Will keep this short and just say, Bless you and keep you, keep writing, keep praising.

    Heidi Merritt