Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Malicious Soul Has No Life

    " For into a malicious soul wisdom shall not enter; nor dwell in a body that is subject to sin.  For the holy spirit of discipline will flee deceit, and remove from thoughts that are without understanding, and will not abide when unrighteousness cometh in.Wisdom of Solomon

     One of the lessons I have learned throughout my own life is that when I don't behave myself, I will always get paid back for anything evil that I have done.  There's not an easy way to describe this, but the fact is, every man who commits sin can expect an additional bad result for his actions.  Unfortunately, Jewish and Christian doctrines seem to be telling people on one hand to keep the commandments, and then on the other, it is impossible to keep God's commandments.  This just didn't make any sense to me.  If God's expects mankind to keep the commandments, then why would a religious group state that it is impossible?  My answer to this is that these religious groups are essentially pagan and they are not worth anyone's attention.
     If a man's thoughts are without understanding, according to the Wisdom of Solomon, "the holy spirit of discipline will flee deceit."  Self-control and self-discipline are the main ingredients to maintain a life that abides within God's natural order.  The "new world order" is simply that order which is established by Satan or Lucifer.  Any type of living conditions built upon the new world order is going to have all of the bad things that most men and women do not desire nor do they want:
war, economic instability, hatred, violence, fornication, homosexuality, idolatry, lying, stealing, usury, and murder.  These things make up the new world order and it is done to mankind on purpose.  Sure, some innocent people get caught up in the net, but most people could avoid the new world order by simply having the desire to stay within God's natural world order.
     One of my biggest challenges is to truly understand that most of the things that I read or observe are usually framed in lies.  Whether it is talk radio, television, and even the internet, trying to confirm information with the truth is a difficult task. Most lies have a certain amount of truth in them.  While I may see a writing about someone, I have really no idea whether any of it is true unless I can confirm it outside of the initial information I have received.
     The reason this is important is that errant information troubles the mind and the soul in ways most of us don't understand. Lying creates a very intense spiritual problem.  God's spirit cannot reside in a person who lies.  So it is important to always have the truth, and then simply work with that and discard all that are lies.  It's easy to say it in one sentence, but difficult in practice because all of us have been brainwashed into thinking one thing, when in fact, something else is happening.  And the continual reading of bad things distorts the mind because I believe that it wasn't created to know about all of the rotten things of the world.  Bad information needs to stay with the bad people who love to read about evil things.  This distorts their minds even more and completely trashes their lives when God intended for them to enjoy their lives.  God created man; Satan wants to destroy what God created.
     What I look for are the warning signals when I am about to go somewhere, or do something, or even think about an issue.  I look for the lowest common denominator that is most common to the evil and then I try to avoid it.  This is the part about self-discipline.  If I can determine it is evil before I take any action, I'm protecting myself from any future payback from being stupid enough to involve myself with anything evil.  This is what I look for:
  • Is a group or organization founded upon any oaths?  If so, I simply avoid them.  Make life so much easier.
  • Does the group or organization use occult symbols such images the five-pointed star, images of the sun-god, annu symbol (designs like the British flag), two-fingered hand signals, or all seeing eye?  I had a Geneva Bible given to me and right on the front of it was a pagan symbol.  This made me nuts when I saw it and I cut it off of the book. 
  • Do they say one thing and do another?  Do they lie?  If I see any of the above I have a fairly good idea that they are liars and I don't need to engage my mind in their words or deeds. 
  • Just because they make the claim of being Christian doesn't make it so, unless Christians are actually pagans.
     I don't need anymore information once I see these things.  I don't need to read any of their books and I don't need to engage myself in any of these activities.  If I have a choice, I do not want to buy their products.  Because the end result for me is nothing good.  In the case of the pagan symbol in the above photo: Is the group who put together the Geneva  Bible labeling itself as a pagan group?  Is modern Christianity simply a multitude of pagans trying to look righteous?
     What is interesting is that it seems like these satanic groups or people actually are disclosing who they are such as with the "two-fingered finger."  Certainly, many religious and political leaders disclosed who they are by doing it.  And as it turns out, the man has completely lost his credibility.  It is important to understand what is the truth, and then simply move all of the lies away from the mind.  Our minds cannot function properly on lies.  Lies will completely distort and compromise our own moral character.  Rather than sitting on the couch and listening to the nonsense in the media, it would make better sense to go out and take a nice walk outside.
     If you think that the political and religious systems are dysfunctional, why would you want to participate in them and corrupt your own mind?  It doesn't make any sense to me.  Wisdom is the building of good character and separating oneself from the evil of disobedience to God.  Wisdom makes everything work properly with no drama or stress.  Wisdom works every time.  Evil has no profit and the payback is unbearable.  Who needs it?
     Spiritual strength and even physical strength depends upon our understanding of the cause and effects of our current condition.  A society that continually disobeys God's laws has nothing going for it, and time after time, the true cause of our problems in general is not keeping the commandments which comply with the natural laws which were created.  Nothing else works, and nothing else will ever work better than them.  Strong self-discipline cannot work with someone who ignores the natural law.  Obviously, to me, the "State" is a complete failure in this regard.  Religions don't work as they distort their own teachings.  So we're left with those laws and commandments that are obvious in nature.  They were left on earth by the Creator.  They should be recognized for what they are and not added or subtracted from the truth.  Avoiding evil gets the job done and it adds to the enjoyment of life.  Heed the warning signs and things will get better.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land



  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2012

    I'm glad that you see the deception that is Ron Paul. He has all along been a Manchurian for a fascist corporate (Illuminati) take over of the world. He has deceived many patriots, many of whom have ceased to reason. Ron Paulites have become blind religious followers that simply can not be reasoned with.

    Perhaps his betrayal will wake up a few.

  2. It's getting worse. There's this new video of Paul trying to put a happy face on the whole deal. It really is disgusting. I could only stand watching about 2 minutes of it. I didn't want to lose my dinner.