Monday, February 3, 2020

Murder by Morphine?

I have a very critical view of the medical industry.  For the amount of money spent, I don't see where people get much value for the expense.  There is too much emphasis on treating the symptoms instead of working on a cure.  Of course, if you're a cynic like me, you'll think that there is no money in a cure.  Cures are bad for repeat business.

Last year I met a man who had COPD.  We would walk the dogs together.  One day he called me and asked that I help him with a few things because he couldn't drive any longer.  In following his medical requirements I can safely say that I've never seen such a shit-show.  If I acted like these doctors when I was in business, I would go broke.  Yet, MDs have the highest suicide rate of any profession.  Maybe their consciences can't take the evil of what they are doing.

The main problem Dan had was that he couldn't raise his head.  His head tilted at about 30 degrees and that's why he couldn't drive.  He also had COPD and his breathing was very difficult at various times.  When he went into the pulmonary doctor, thee MD was very short with him and gave him few answers to his questions.  The main purpose of his visit was for him to get set up with oxygen, which this doctor didn't give a prescription.  As the doctor was ending the session or visit, Dan asked for the prescription.  The doctor off-handedly wrote the prescription while walking backward with his computer cart going out the door.  I couldn't believe it; this guy was a real shit stick.  In addition, Dan never received the oxygen equipment he requested in time as his condition worsened.

A few months earlier, I had been in the ER myself with pulmonary edema and I had the same type of difficulty breathing. I got out in two days and even walked home.  While I was helping Dan, I had purchased an oxygen saturation gage.  I had Dan use it and he showed 76-83 oxygen level and the least it should be is 95.  I suggested that he go to the hospital.  I'm still kicking my ass for giving this suggestion.

He goes into Hospital #1 and stays for about 5 days.  He is then sent to Rehab Death Center(I'm being sarcastic) where they started putting him on morphine.  I had a shit fit.  He went downhill very rapidly and was back into Hospital #2.  He stays in Hospital #2 and they continue to give him morphine.  He was not in any pain other than the difficulty of breathing.  While this condition is very uncomfortable, there is no pain associated with it that would warrant the use of morphine.  While under the influence of morphine, he became complacent and he didn't seem to care about what was happening to him.

He is then transferred to the Rehab hospital again, and they continue the morphine nonsense until he died.  On his second visit, I was followed around the hospital by a member of the staff because I had made the suggestion that they give Dan Vitamin C injections rather than the morphine.  Dan hadn't eaten much in four weeks and when he did eat it wasn't very much.  Patients like these need to be feed nutrients and not drugs like morphine.  Since I wasn't a family member, I didn't have the standing to force the issue.  It seems to me that the injection of vitamins and other helpful nutrients would be a lot better than shooting him up with morphine.

While this medical process is going on, I noticed how nice and polite the healthcare workers were but they were not interested in vitamin C injections.  The reason I suggested them is because of my studies on the subject and also a 60 Minutes story from Australia.  The man in the story had swine flu and was almost taken off life support.  But the family put pressure on the doctors and they gave him vitamin C.  He made a full recovery and he still can fly his airplane. (See link below)  I gave these healthcare workers the link to the article but none seemed interested.  When I suggested Vitamin C injections to one of the doctors for Dan, he said: "No."  The tone of his voice was pure evil.  I was really pissed but I held my temper.  Dan's family wasn't on the same page as me so I basically had to watch him slowly die.  In my view, without proper nutrition, no patient is going to live for too long.  Rather than giving Dan what he needed, they gave him morphine instead and greased the skids for him to slide to his death.  All while smiling and looking like they care.  I became traumatized by the stupidity and the evil of it all and I couldn't do anything about it.

However, it began to dawn on me that my mother died in the same hospital.  She had full-blown lung cancer and I didn't know much about alternative cures at that time.  The last time I saw her, she said to me: "You're trying to kill me."  I got upset that my own mother would say or think such a thing.  But now, over twenty years later, I'm thinking the same thing was happening to her.  Now I feel bad that I didn't recognize the problem.  Rather than giving cancer patients the nutrients they need to recover, the medical staff simply injects the patient with morphine and dispatches them into eternity.

In another instance, I told a friend about my experience with Dan and she proceeded to tell me a story which was similar.  Again, it was the injection of morphine into the patient to keep them quiet and to make them die.  This is not healthcare; it's deathcare.  While there may be a place for morphine in certain instances, what I have seen is truly pathetic.

Here is a quote from Dr. Ryke Geerd Hammer, M.D.: "The worst thing about the present medicine is that most patients with cancer, regardless of the pain (even in mild cases), are treated with morphine or morphine-like drugs.  At the critical part of the healing phase, one morphine injection can already be fatal.  It also changes the brain waves in a terrible way and totally demoralizes the patient.  The intestines get paralyzed and can no longer digest any food.  The patient becomes lethargic and doesn't realize that, in reality, he is being killed, just when he was in the healing phase, on his way to health in a few weeks.  If one were to tell a prisoner in jail that he will be executed in two weeks, there would be an outcry of sympathy, even for the worst criminal.  If you tell a patient that the execution starts in the form of a morphine injection and will end in fourteen days, he would rather stand the pain than be killed by the morphine.  If the patient looks back on the relatively short time in pain, he is thankful for the New Medicine and the trust he had in his doctor."

In Dan's case, he couldn't digest his food properly and they had to physically remove the waste.  This happened a few days before he went into the hospital.  Dan had started to feel better in the ER and was then moved to a Rehab facility.  And it was at the Rehab facility that he became progressively worse and passed away.  After the injections, Dan didn't seem to care about what happened to him as he was "demoralized" by the morphine.  I was thinking that I couldn't interfere with his free will to choose what was best for him.

Did I witness a murder?  If I look back on the facts, I'll have to say that I did.  I gave the medical staff the evidence that I had on the value of vitamin C and the link which is at the bottom of this article.  I'm still upset about what I saw and I can hardly believe it myself.  I'm acquainted with conspiracies but this one took me by surprise.  Is medical care a carefully planned eugenics program?  My view, based on the facts presented, that it is designed to cull the population, especially those who are on Socialist Security and Medicare.  But, in the meantime, the medical industry is making a ton of money providing healthcare which isn't very healthy.  I have to judge them by their results.

I was visiting some friends and one of them is a doctor.  I said something about going to the hospital and she said: "Don't go to the hospital, they will kill you."  I guess my mom was right.  She took good care of me and I feel like I failed her when she needed it the most.  Even though I was ignorant of what was going on at the time, doesn't make me feel any better.  Bad decisions always get bad results.

I believe that people should do their own research and then make more intelligent choices in regards to their health.  Don't expect a doctor to know everything.  If his treatment fails, you die--not him.

Vitamin C: The Miracle Swine Flu Cure

Walter Allen Thompson has a  book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 


  1. Similiar to what happened to my dear husband, my friend's husband, and another friend's mother. We are broken hearted and blame ourselves. It's them, evil is in the medical profession now.

  2. I'm glad you are posting again.

    Paulette deosn't understand this world very well. The medical profession is one of the "first" professions where the devil set up shop.

    I haven't been to a doctor in years; I'd rather die naturally.

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  3. I also witnessed murder in front if my very eyes and were powerless to stop it. I keep running in my head everything that occurred before the hospital finally killed my best friend.

    It was horrible. Less than a few months later, it happened to my dad. With him, they gave him a pill that was supposedly help him breathe better. He died instead. I am mourning 2 losses all due to hospitals that are into killing.

  4. My girlfriend was murdered by those vultures. She was perfectly healthy and thought her doctor was her friend until that first injection. I'm guessing it was Nagalase or Alloxan, both of which cause diabetes.

    Having made her diabetic, they denied her the treatment she needed to keep her alive.

    I saw what was happening, but was disqualified from complaining because only the victim's immediate next-of-kin is allowed to make a complaint, or even to ask for an investigation after such an obvious medical murder.

    I've also got my own morphine-related horror stories, but I eventually managed to get off the poison after deciding I'd rather endure the pain and have my mind back.

  5. You need to get a " medical power of attorney" for anyone going into the hospital . It is a document signed by the patient BEFORE they are admitted that make you their spokesman and decision maker instead of family . A lot of older people have no close family , or at least no close family available. and the hospital uses that to do as they wish. be sure to have it wihth you. It does no good in a safe of safe deposite box.
    most hospitals will give you a blank one if you ask for it or
    here is one you can use.

  6. When hospitals, which have incidentally turned into law offices, do not have remedies (medications)to heal patients, they resort to killing. Thus even if you have a power attorney, as I did, they end up doing what they want and lie about it in their medical records. My friend had a Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNR) level 3, (pulmonary arrest) and without my knowledge she turned it into a level 1, giving the hospital the right to kill my friend. In the medical report the doctor claimed I and my sister gave her the right to do so which was a lie.

    I am a catholic who believes in pro life and I am against euthanasia.

  7. The other "injection" the public should be concerned about in relation to this article is the flu shot routinely given to seniors at assisted living homes. You must inform the staff that under no circumstances will your family member be given any inoculation without your approval, otherwise it's done as standard operating procedure.

    Contrary to what the so-called medical experts claim, a recipient of a flu shot CAN contract a flu-like viral infection, and even in many cases a life-threatening disease. (check my home page link for a related report on the corona virus).

    Texas school with 100% vaccination rate forced to shut down due to whooping cough outbreak – and they want us to believe that vaccines work?

    Adverse reaction and death after MMR vaccine

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    U.S. Government Continues to Pay Millions in Vaccine Injuries and Death Settlements

    The Dangerous Truth About Flu Meds That’s Being Hidden From You (Responsible for Deaths, Suicides, and Countless Psychiatric Episodes)

  8. AnonymousMay 20, 2020

    Was told by hospice that whatever and however much morphine my dad asked for I could give it to him because 'technically' he would not be ODing. My dad did not want morphine. Home hospice includes it in your care kit. While I was at my hotel resting for a bit, another relative gave my dad the morphine...kept dripping it in his mouth. He later died. Granted, he was on the verge of death, but he was a Christian and wanted as sound a mind as possible and stated Do not give me morphine. I honored my father. The others did not. I later learned that morphine can suppress breathing to the point of death. A detail I cannot deal with and trust absolutely no one on this earth.

  9. AnonymousJune 25, 2020

    My dad just died 15 days ago. The second round of toxic chemo poison is what killed. him. He had diarrhea and couldn't stop going. They tested him for C-Difficile and he was negative. I asked the Poison Doctor how long the chemo stays in the system, he didn't answer me! Later found out it can stay in the body for 2 months. Dr. Death suggested hospice. Dad had been on morphine and other painkillers due to the pain, and had been on them awhile so he had built up a tolerance, so to speak. I had asked them about the dosage (we were just setting up hospice for him in the home) and they mentioned the tolerance as I was saying that it can suppress breathing. The last day he was having trouble breathing, but with an overdose of morphine they say people don't realize they're not breathing. because it suppresses that part of the brain, which is why people die from opioids. In my Dad's case, a family member had given him hydromorphone (sp?) orally and he was saying he was still having trouble breathing. We sat him up (he was on 'black box' antibiotics as they were guessing he had an infection of pneumonia and kidneys but they didn't test him really for either) and he was not so bad if sitting up. Soon after the second hospice nurse (Nurse Ratchett from HELL) came and said (in front of my dad) that he had 1 or 2 weeks left, he died a few hours later, a half hour or less after being given hydromorphone. Though the chemo was what killed him, since he had started to regain his appetite until the third dose of toxic chemo, which as the first hospice nurse admitted (she was an angel!) that the chemo destroyed his intestines. No amount of immodium or synthetic opoids could keep him from going. Sadly there are many cures for cancer out there (Dr. Joann Budwig, Essiac ( has some good info about the crucial need to include sheep sorrel roots), Johanna Brandt's grape fasting cure, Latrile, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez's enzyme therapy he discovered from a dentist who cured his own cancer using enzymes, Maria Treben's book, "Health Through God's Pharmacy), and I'm sure there are others I have missed.
    People do not realize or ignore that the trillions that have been spent for 'race for the cure' and so-called 'medical research' has been completely WASTED. Maybe some beat the odds and their bodies heal from the cancer. Many incorrect tests happen and people who do not have cancer are treated as if they have it. Get second and third opinions, those tests are not flawless! Then they 'screen' you with mammograms (radiation), then PET scans (more radiation) and others. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn had it right. Doctors should be trusted as much as used car salesmen.

  10. MD are mass murderrers,cperiod

  11. Yes, Hospitals have become killing grounds and the older you are, or disabeld you are, makes you a prime target.I lost my dear husband who was killed off with morphen, I know that now but not at the time.He was disabled and did need his wheelchair, I was his full time carerand had no problem with that.He had a choking incident, I panicked and called an ambulance, they took him to hospital, within 4 days he was dead,three years later, his older sister also went in to hospital, she was in for 5 days, sent me a text saying going home on 5th day, but died from choking that night. I knew then without a doubt they were killing people off. May all of them that do this, rot in hell.