Friday, October 12, 2012

Power of Fear

     There are two kinds of fear: the healthy kind that can keep us out of danger and being injured in some way; and the other is a constant fear imposed by governments, religion, and the media.  Some of us have a healthy fear of God because we do not want to offend him in any way.  A healthy fear preserves our lives.  Being afraid of sticking one's hand in the fire is obviously healthy because it will keep the hand from getting burned.  Being afraid of standing near a ledge with a 100-foot drop is a healthy fear.  Being in fear of God means that we are not willing to compromise our spiritual lives and we do not wish to destroy our souls.
     But there is an unhealthy fear that is imposed upon us every day of our lives.  The fear of losing possessions, a job, status in society, or any fear that is completely unproductive.  There is no end to the types of fears that are put upon us as men and women by the government.  Fear of diseases, fear of war, fear of other races, fear of global warming, fear of evil, fear of other people for almost any reason--all of these things combine for an unreasonable way of controlling people by manipulating them with not only lying but the use of fear.
     Evil people use fear to control others into doing their wishes.  Fear of going to jail is a big one when it comes to enforcing slave (income) taxes.  Income taxes is one of the worst forms of slavery that is only beaten by usury.  Income tax uses people as if they were livestock to be fleeced.  The fear of going to jail if you don't pay is very compelling.  To me, I would be more afraid of being a slave than to go to jail.  That's just me, but fear is the guiding darkness that instills misery upon millions of people.
     The most powerful of evil people are those in governments, religions, and the media.  These people harness fear and lying as their weapons of choice against those who would oppose them  Evil people, however, are the ultimate losers because anything that they do will result in failure and extremely unpleasant results.  Normal people who do not like evil, try to separate themselves from them as much as possible, but the problem again is the fear.  Fear disables the mind and the spirit and it destroys life as God intended.  And I find that separating myself from these things goes a long way in helping me to establish my own equanimity.  I try not to read too much garbage that may have a bad effect on my mind.  But the main thing I try to do is to get rid of the fear of all of the other things.  For me, I can hardly keep track of all of the problems, let alone actually do something about them.  While in the past I have tried, I'm realizing that one solution to the problems would be for good people to separate out from the evil ones.  Living with evil people produces pain and suffering.  No good ever comes from it, because evil people are always afraid of something.  There is always some boogie man around to unsettle their lives.  The problem good people have is not realizing just how weak evil people can be.  While they appear strong--especially when using violence--ultimately they are losers.  Evil people destroy themselves by violating God's commandments and the natural law.  There is no good outcome for an evil person.  People who want to be good are constantly frustrated because they have allowed the fear of evil people to dominate their lives.  This can happen to people who study conspiracies for years and years, but they have no form of remedies that they propose.  They are always pointing to the excrement in the cesspool, but they do nothing to clean it up.  The reason is the fear is always present.  Fear disables any man or woman, and fear needs to be overcome before it can be eliminated.
     One of the ways I get that accomplished is that I limit what news and information that I take in and put into my mind.  I have noticed that if my mind isn't cluttered with nonsense, I have room to actually think in a constructive manner.  Why do I need to know about every misdeed on the planet?  The main thing I can control is myself and I do that by limiting certain types of information.  I only read just enough to know what's going on.  I would rather spend my time learning how to do something constructive than spending my time with information that I cannot use.
     Most governments and religions that I am aware of are completely evil and they do not have anyone's best interests in mind.  They are destructive in their doctrines and most of them are liars.
Most are satanic to the core and it is through lying, fear, and usury that they control people to the point of abject slavery.  My idea here is to avoid these people as much as it is possible.  Do not break any of the commandments.  The best you can do with these kinds of people is to make your interaction with them indifferent to the commandments.  They will always try to get you to violate God's laws at every turn.  They lie, steal, cheat, kill, and murder just for the sheer pleasure of being utter miscreants.  Their goal in life is the failure for themselves and everything else.  If your life is going well, then do not engage them if you have a choice.  They are not worth anything and dealing with people of such low character will only serve to harm you and your family.
     I suggest that if you are going to any church, that you take a second look at it.  I would get out of these churches, synagogues, temples, and whatever because they are spiritually evil and they will destroy your good judgment.  It doesn't matter what organization you are in, I would get out of them completely.  They have no authority from God at any level.  Their books are corrupted and they destroy life as God had intended.
     Mankind doesn't need any religious organization or written document to validate the authority of God.  That authority is in evidence through nature.  God being the creator, established the universe and nature to be a testimony to his power and authority.  Evil people try to usurp God's authority; destroying themselves in the end.  Do not follow these groups.  They are not worth the heartache.  They will steal your soul and make you pay for it.
     Don't let the evil people rule you by fear, because it is their best weapon.  Don't worry about things that you can't so something about; but rather, so things that are good and constructive; being pleasing to God.  There is no fear in keeping the commandments.  Evil people are simply losers who are awaiting an ugly outcome; don't be one of them.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Great article, Al. The people who are drunk on power don't realize how enslaved they are to self and ultimately to Satan. They will always need more, more, more, because ultimately there is no freedom nor is there any real satisfaction to be found on their path. And the more people they trample down (or sacrifice to Lucifer, if they go that far), the more corrupted they become, regardless of whatever ridiculous kabbalistic ideas of "karma" to which they try to adhere in order to protect themselves.

    Or, one could be like us and be free of worry and be at peace (and happy, even without power, influence or much to speak of materially). They're free to choose. I pray that more of them decide to choose wisely.

  2. Reading these essays has become a joyous start to my day. Thank you again, Al.

    ~ Heidi