Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Truth: How to Use It

         I've been a conspiracy observer since I was eleven years old.  And after almost fifty years of studying this material, the question always arises: What do I do with this information?  Most people call people like me conspiracy theorists, but we aren't observing or speculating in theories, we are simply taking a bunch of facts and then we try to put them into their proper place and context.  Conspiracy observers or theorists (including me) remind me of my favorite cocker spaniel by the name of Lady.  Every time the UPS truck left our house, she would run after that truck and try to catch it.  My question is: What was she going to do with it once she caught it?  Same goes for conspiracy historians:  What are you going to do with the information?  What benefit is there in knowing all of this stuff?  How do I use it to my benefit?

     The truth is what it is and no one can change it.  I think it is safe to say that the new world order type of people are completely psycho and their only real interest in life is to make sure they kill us all.

They love death; and between religious and government psychos, there is no end to their destruction.  They are completely worthless to themselves, their families, and to God.  God created life; Satan wants to destroy it.  This is the struggle between good and evil.

     I don't write much about these conspiracies because many others do a very good job of it, and I don't think I'm going to contribute too much more than they already have.  But how do we use the truth?  How do we keep the new world order crap out of our lives?  How do we use the truth to our own advantage?

     Using the truth always has a beneficial outcome for any man who takes the time to discover it.  In my case, I have discovered that operating in truth keeps my life very simple and peaceful as I try not to allow any evil material into my mind.  For example: I got the not-so-brilliant idea the other night to do an article on the presidential elections.  As I started to listen to the debate, my mind completely rejected everything that was coming out of the candidates' mouths.  I saw--almost all at once--just how twisted the whole process can be and it was not going to edify me.  In fact, if I were to listen to such drivel, I would be making myself dumber and less informed than if I didn't listen to it at all.  Listening to political and religious nonsense is going to damage the mind, and twist it into places that many of us do not want to go.  It would be nice if there was another planet to go to for some peace and quiet, but so far that isn't possible.  But what I can do is to shut down my mind to garbage and just stay to myself.  Of course, truth can be used to distort the lie, but the truth will always manifest itself, and we need to learn how to identify it and then how to use it.

     When it comes to religious people, I immediately discard their remarks because I simply don't believe anything they say unless I can confirm the truth some other way.  Most of them do not believe in their own writings, so to me, it is a waste of time listening to someone talk about spiritual matters that they themselves do not believe.  The easiest way for me to identify them is to see if the men have beards.  Shaving the beard is forbidden in the bible and is considered a great dishonor.  Most pastors and rabbis have the girly-face look, so I don't need to bother listening to a word they say because they don't believe the "bible" in the first place.

     If I see a politician, religious leader, or who gives the two-fingered finger, then I know this is a person that I don't need to give any attention.  I'm actually grateful for the warning.  Once I see someone wave at me like that, I stay as far away from them as I can.  I know that no good relationship will come out of it.  I see many things in print with symbols of the occult.  When I see them, I stay away because nothing good is going to come from them.

     In utilizing truth, one of the things I do is to always look for contradictions and then I stay away from whatever it is until I get a complete understanding.  There's no point in moving on with something if the proper knowledge isn't there.  If the facts seem to be in dispute, then something doesn't deserve to be called a fact.  When looking at conclusions, the facts always have to support that conclusion.  When I'm considering any issue, the whole idea to arriving at the truth is to collect as many facts as possible and then make a decision.  When the truth is discovered, try to live within what you know is true and don't deviate from it if it has anything to do with you.  Don't try to alter the truth, just accept it for what it is but always be mindful to make sure you pay attention to your inner alarm when something seems to contradict itself.  When you see a contradiction, you know something is wrong.

     One of the things that have annoyed me is the constant views of satanic symbols on religious books and reading material.  I even have a Geneva Bible that had the Celtic cross with a bunch of disgusting pagan symbols on it.  My take on this is that the material contained in the book is probably tainted in some way so that I take that as a warning.  And of course, any writing should only be secondary information as anyone can say anything in writing, but each writing should be backed up by facts.  So my faith in God is not in any writings unless I can confirm the veracity of the writing with other facts.

     In using truth to my benefit means that I don't feel compelled to constantly study evil things.  The more I read evil things, the more my mind and soul is troubled. However, that doesn't mean to put ones' head in the sand, but to learn enough to know what is going on and then separate myself from it.   Rather, I simply try to separate myself from whatever it happens to be and I seem to enjoy life more.  I don't have a television, and I watch very few programs because I don't want my own thinking to become distorted.  I want to preserve my own intelligence; I don't want to destroy it.

     Truth doesn't do very well in groups.  Almost every group that I have seen gets corrupted by lying psychos.  Learn to think on your own.  Start with the facts and then come to a conclusion; rather than starting with the conclusion and then looking for the facts.  Use the deductive reasoning first; considering facts then coming up with the conclusion.  You can use inductive reasoning, but I don't think it is as accurate as deductive reasoning because it comes up with the conclusion first then tries to get facts to support that conclusion.    Fact plus fact plus fact should get you the proper conclusion every time.  

     Now, you may not like the immediate results.  In my case, I have come to the conclusion that I had been lied to all of my life and on many levels.  Lies always get bad results, and once I found the ones that I was interested in; I could hardly believe it.  But after the dust settled, I can say that I'm better off for discovering these truths.  I have tried to make my adjustments and move on with my life.

     To recap this article, there are some absolutes that are to be considered.  What are the facts? Is it the truth?   If it is the information is now usable.  If it is not, obviously there's no point in thinking about it.  Remember, the truth is never relative.  It is what it is and it stands on its own.  Lies are the ultimate mind control weapon.  It is better to simply limit if not eliminate most sources of information that don't do us any good.  I try to only use information sources that I know are reliable.  But even those, I still double check.  The truth is the source of freedom; use it.

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