Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trump for President?

Updated 10/27/16  This type of thing is what bothers me about Trump.  I don't think anything is going to change until the American people are completely fed up with the govtards.
Updated: 07/19/16
     It looks like this video was somehow removed from this post so I'm putting it back up as it shows who these men serve.

It's my opinion that it is a waste of time to vote.  The jackass who the Satanists choose is the one who is going to be president.  And although I've enjoyed watching Trump's dog and pony show, I've had a difficult time taking the whole charade seriously.  However, the above video with him and Giuliani as a cross-dresser is enough for me to completely disregard anything that Trump has to say.  While I agree with Trump on many of his issues, the fact is that the government is communist; as all of the planks of the Communist Manifesto are present--in whole or in part--in what is passed off as the "government" of the United States.  Trump would have to dismantle and remove all of the planks of the Communist Manifesto out of the "government' in order for him to be effective.
     So what is the point of this video?  It doesn't really make any sense and this is certainly not entertainment.  Does The Donald like trannies?  Is The Donald a homosexual?  I don't think so, then what's the point?  I doubt it, but it looks like he is genuflecting to the homosexual lobby.  I could be wrong, but why would a man like Trump degrade himself with a video like this.  I find it completely disgusting and I would question Trump's judgment to involve himself with a video like this one.  It makes him look like he is pandering to the homos, queers, and child molesters.  Many child molesters are homosexuals or are just plain perverted. 
     If The Donald is going to pander to the Rump Rangers and the Fudge Packers, then he will probably be just as liberal or socialist as the rest of the pack.  Trump's unusual pandering to the Giuliani while he-she is cross-dressing, should act as a warning not to look at Trump as a savior; or anyone else for that matter.
     Videos like this one and the usual hand signals are warnings or disclosures about who these people are, and for some reason, we always get a warning.  The problem is that most of us don't take these warnings seriously and then we are disappointed when the person we thought was going to be good, turns out to be just as crooked as the rest of them.  
     With all the wing-nuts running for President, Trump looks like the only one who might do a better job for everyone.  But I find this pandering to homosexuals is really bad and it should serve as a warning that something isn't right.  Perhaps this is a signal to the rest of the NWO freaks that he is on their side and will fulfill their communist agenda.  Remember, the anti-Christ is going to be a queer; according to the plan laid out in the bible.  That is their plan and this is why homosexuality is being taught in the pubic (misspelling intentional) school system.  They are telling us who they are making it look like it's just a joke, but in fact, it is the real thing.

Updated:  04/22/16

     One of the things that really pisses me off is the pandering to homosexual perverts and transgender psychos who want to change all decency into devilish shitpit.  It was reported that Trump said that transgender people can use any bathroom they wish.  So, if the leaders of the country aren't going to demonstrate any morals then I think it is only fair for people to stop voting and stop paying taxes for nonsense like what we are seeing.  This voting cycle should be called "Perverts on Parade."  The government of the United States is that of a demented sorcerer and the candidates running for President are displaying their voo doo quite openly.
     I've always had some reservations about Trump and his stance on the transgender bathroom issue is ludicrous.  It shouldn't be an issue for anything.  When I worked with people in other corporations, every once and awhile a transgender would appear as a very bad nightmare.  Transgenders are bat-shit crazy and to think that they have any social status is completely ridiculous.


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