Friday, October 30, 2015

Dumb Communists: One Child Policy

"But after years of strict, sometimes brutal enforcement by a dedicated government commission, China's population -- the world's largest -- is now ageing rapidly, gender imbalances are severe, and its workforce is shrinking."
Frederic J. Brown - AFP - Thursday, October 29, 2015

     I just got done finishing my article Living Socialist on this blog when I saw an article from AFP stating that the Chinese Communist government is abandoning its one-child policy.  The thinking of stupid communists is that without so many people the economy will prosper.  However, by attempting to be god, the Chinese state government didn't understand that the natural law will always provide for the eventual recovery of the natural order.  The quote in the sentence above says it all.
     Without children, the population is going to age and there will be severe repercussions from forced limitations of children on couples.  Children are the joy of parents, and it is for the husband and wife to decide how many children they can handle.  But, the communist govtards in all their stupidity limited each couple to one child with devastating results.

Population aging rapidly
     The Chinese government bit on the claptrap of depopulation and now they are going to struggle to fix this error.  Now they are going to allow 2 children per couple.  The problem with this is that the government should have no say in how many children a couple should have and this is the problem with all communist-socialists governments.  They think they are smarter than everyone else when the facts show their stupidity knows no limits.  If the Chinese government really wants to fix this problem, it would be better not to have any limitations on children.  Children are usually the key to a happy society as they are important to the future of it.  The communist pigs in all countries are attempting a depopulation policy which is completely insane.  As the Chinese population starts to die off, they can now see the danger of this idiotic policy of one-child.

Severe gender imbalance
     I hear it is very difficult for Chinese men to find suitable wives because many of the couples--limited to one child--elected to abort their females and to allow the boys to live.  This is incredibly stupid as it destroys the natural order of life and we can now see the horrible results.  Many men cannot look forward to having their own families because there aren't enough women to go around.
Communism is stupid and this is an extreme example of it.

Workforce is shrinking
     The workforce is not only shrinking, it will be the skilled labor that will be hurt the most.  Most jobs require men and women and some point in the working process, so the incentive should always be to have more children in order to sustain a healthy society.  But the socialist idiots have created this shrinking workforce and this can only get worse in the near future.  

Empty cities
     Add to all of this is the fact that China has many empty cities where few people reside.  I'm not sure why these places were built when they should have known that by limiting the population they could not possibly have inhabitants to fill up all of the buildings.  They are now going empty.  Leave it to a communist to ruin his own market.  Socialism is like shitting in your own nest.

Communism is the problem
     Socialist principles do not work.  This is an example of it being a proven failure.  Communism is not necessary and it always leads to ruin.  This should serve as a good lesson to other countries who think that socialism has any value.  It is corrupted as it is evil and it will always lead to a bad result.

Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments

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