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A Defenseless Population

     No matter what part of the world a man lives at, it seems that he is almost completely disarmed by government and religion.  Government and religion as we commonly know them are evil; extremely destructive forces.  If they were really of the Creator, they would compliment the creation and live within the commandments and the natural laws, and not destroy life.  What I mean by disarmed is not in guns or ammo, but it is developing the ability to think and reason for himself.  He is told what to think or how to do things that may or may not be good.  It is my belief that the best way to defend oneself is to keep God's commandments and make it a point to keep them all every day.  For me, it's the only way I can feel safe.  But how do we learn how to discover the truth in a world where the truth is not always obvious.  I'll try to relate how I try to discover the truth and then how I am going to act once I know.
Existence of God

     There is no question in my mind that there is only one God.  I know that because I can see the evidence of his creation.  I don't need any other information because his existence is told to me by nature itself.  It is impossible for anything to exist without someone who created it.  So it only makes a lot of good sense to me that God is the creator.  Now, I don't know how he created everything, I just know that he did it.  When I think of God, I think of only him as the only possible object for worship or fellowship.  I don't need any religion to do that for me.  I was raised as a Catholic which I eventually figured out wasn't even close to being "scriptural."  I went from one phony church to another before I gave up on religion and churches altogether.  The reason for leaving these churches is because they have multiple doctrines which are very misleading.  The pastors are chronic liars and I don't need to sully my mind with their drivel.  It is hard to tell the difference between a pastor and a politician.


     One of the most instructive verses in the Bible is the following: "Let us hear the end of all: fear God and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man." (GB 12:13)  Since, I am a man, my only duty is to fear God and keep his commandments.  I also find that Jesus Christ also says to keep the commandments.  I find this to be most useful and it simplifies the whole process in believing in God.  It didn't say that one had to join a religion, but the whole responsibility for a man is to keep the commandments.  And in the Epistle of John, he says that the commandments are not burdensome.  In other words, it should be easy to keep them.  The problem with most of us is that we've learned everything backward because we have been lied to by religious leaders.  And it doesn't really matter which religious leaders I am speaking of, it seems that all of them are liars.  And I used to drive myself crazy trying to figure out which one was lying when I should have figured all of them are doing it.  If a religious leader puts a lie into my mind, it will distort my thinking and I don't like people doing that to me.  I'm just sick and tired of religious people but I do believe in God.
I believe in God but not in religion as we know it today.

The Battle Between Good and Evil

     Most people do not consciously know how to battle evil.  It seems that all of us seem to be overwhelmed with evil when all it takes is keeping the commandments to defeat it.  Evil is a loser's
game, and it is very difficult to battle evil while being evil.  The commandments, however, completely defeat the evil, and they put mankind into a position of true liberty.  The commandments are an important part of the natural law.  Think of the commandments as gravity.  Gravity is a part of nature and we are all subject to it whether we like it or not.  The commandments are intended for every man on earth.  No religion gets any exceptions as we are all subject to the same creator whether we like it or not.  The downside of disobeying them is evidenced by the society we live in, so it is important to understand that there is indeed a spiritual war going on: between good which comes from God, and evil, which comes from the devil.  The problem is that few of us were taught how to defeat evil.  We are even intimidated by evil because we think evil has power, but evil has no true power.  Evil is the weakest link in nature and it is extremely destructive.  In fact, evil isn't a part of nature because God didn't create it.  Evil resides in disobedience to God.  Throughout every man's life, there is the constant struggle between good and evil, we know this because we can feel it inside of our beings.

Goodness, Virtue, and Moral Excellence

By keeping ourselves out of trouble, we can reap the rewards by improving our lives.  Our good character will always carry us through difficult times and situations.  Being patient and waiting for the proper time for something is always better than being impatient and making bad choices.  Moral excellence should be the goal of every man, woman, and child.  So we need to learn how to make that happen.  Keeping ourselves free from liars is an especially difficult challenge, and most of us don't want to think of other people as liars, however, in the religious community, it seems as if that's the only thing they know how to do.  Going to a religious group is not going to built good character, but rather, it will destroy the mind because of the errant and evil teachings.  Staying away from these groups will always be a productive choice.  It makes life easier to manage.

Avoiding Idolatry

I've seen more than my fair share of idolatry and I can tell you how to avoid it.  I would stand aloof from anything that is from the government or a religion.  Both work together to enslave mankind and these groups are more trouble than they are worth.  I have some very simple methods to avoid something so I don't have to spend the rest of my life reading books:
  • Does the organization use oaths?  Most governments and religions use them and they are forbidden by God.  Only God has the power to swear any oaths; not man.  Most governments I am aware of are running a form of feudal slave plantations known as nations and the oath of fidelity  is at the center of it.
  • Does the organization use any symbols of the occult?  There are too many to describe and I refuse to put these symbols on my website.  However, if you see a five-pointed star, symbols of a sun god, crosses, fish, one-eyed an anything, you will know that this will not be something that will be good for your mind.  Try to stay away from it.  Almost every religion uses the obelisk.  You can see the use of them at the Vatican, Baptist churches, protestant, Hindu, Islam, Buddhist temples, and Jewish temples.  This is why most religions are dysfunctional because they cater and pander to the occult.  And in my view, they are the occult. When you see the obelisk, know that you are getting into something bad.  Just stay away from such places.  You don't have to give a reason, just stay away and preserve your soul and your mind.
  • If you see any man or woman who is giving the "two-fingered finger" just know that they do not have your best interest in mind and that they are telling you by this disclosure that they are evil.  They are telling you that they are Satanists, so you don't need to listen to a word they say.
     I want to limit the signs because if a person can just focus in on these few things, it will save him a lot of trouble.  And that's the purpose of avoiding idolatry because there's nothing to be gained from it.
     If you think about how pervasive all of the above religious are, it is easy to understand that they are of the occult, and these are not godly organizations.  I used to be very confused by all of this as I never had any background in the occult until I went to church.  Then, I got more occult than I could stomach.  Once you understand that these religions are of the occult, then it isn't a great thing to notice how the governments are also of the occult.  Governments use the oath, governments have satanic symbols in their buildings, have statues in their buildings, and use essentially the same rules of Satan in governing.  They have no real body of law, they usually operate under some form of war powers under admiralty.  Which means that whatever the written laws have become are just policy statements and not binding law.  These "laws" are just window-dressing in order to make it look honorable.  The reality is that the governments of the world operate with war powers.  War is from Satan and not of God the creator.  The democracy or republican aspect of it is just a dog and pony show in order to let people think that they have a say in the government.
     It is much easier to operate my life within the commandments, rather than to partake of the occult with other people.  I can't stomach any more of it.  The occult does nothing good and using it will always get bad results.  Even TM and Yoga are highly dangerous as they are a part of the Hindu religion, which again if you remember, uses satanic obelisks.  A spiritual system that "empties the mind" is completely insane and renders the person doing it completely defenseless.  That is the purpose of government and religion; to morally disarm the person and put him into a state of chaos.
Noticing the Obvious

     If someone acts like an idiot, there's a fairly good chance that he is one, so stay away from him.  If you see an obelisk in a building, just understand what it means and stay away from it if it is at all possible.  Learn to connect the dots.  When you can do that effectively, you can save yourself a lot of trouble.
     For instance: if you go into a church with statues, then you know it is a place of idolatry because it violates one of the commandments.  You don't need to know any more of the details, the presence of the statues should be enough.  Statues seem to provoke men into worshiping the created rather than the creator.  Statues are just useless idols and they should be avoided.  But they do serve a purpose in letting you know what kind of organization you are going into.  It is there for you to see, to notice, and to avoid.
     One of the problems I have encountered for myself is that I don't listen to my conscience like I should.  And when I mess up, nothing good comes from any evil that I have done.  So, for me, it simply means to pay attention and do things within God's commandments.  That's all I have to do.

Pagan Religions

If the religious groups use pagan symbols, then you know that they are pagan.  Now, if you are a pagan, then I suppose that's where you'll want to go; however, it won't be good for you.  But it is always better to use the commandments to your own benefit.  I say this because it works.  You will never be disappointed when keeping the commandments.  If everyone were able to do that, we wouldn't have such nasty religions and governments as we have today; it wouldn't be tolerated.

Defenseless Population

Just by looking at society today and by observing my own past, I can see how defenseless all of us have been in opposing evil.  We almost laugh at evil as if it is a fun thing to do, yet evil brings ruin to our lives.  Governments and religion, in my opinion, provoke disobedience to God's commandments and they are at the center of evil.  God's commandments are at the center of all things that are good.
If the churches were of any value, the population would not be so defenseless.  Most religions in my view are pagan.  If you don't believe me, just watch them and observe how they act.  The best defense against evil are the commandments.  They make sense.  I suggest that if someone is looking
for a good defense against the evil, the best way to do that is to take the commandments, and make them a person's moral code.  This is the only way I know of that will actually work.  Government and religion actually cause more problems than they are worth.

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