Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sexual Libertarianism is Simply Nuts

     Today, the alleged President of the United States, Barack Obama came out and said that he supported the right of gay (queer) people to marry.  Now, there is a lot of discussion on both sides, but none of the discussion that I've heard goes through the reasons why the homosexual act is so destructive.  To have a "world leader" come out with his kind of statement just shows just how depraved the government has shown itself to be in many areas.
     The problem is exacerbated so-called "conservatives" who don't see any problem with homosexuals and what the do in the "privacy of their own homes."  Most homos do a lot of their nonsense out in public and they are constantly recruiting new members.  So, let's take a look as to why homosexual activity is so dangerous and destructive; both to the people who do it and the people who observe it.
     Homosexuals violate the law of nature when it comes to sexual activity.  They also violate Judeo/Christian law in that they violate God's laws.  Being a homosexual is as absurd as wanting to defy the law of gravity and then call it a right.  But many men and women are being misled because they are not paying attention to God's laws, nor are they complying with the natural law.
     The primary purpose of sex is to procreate children.  Having children is a good thing when they are born to a mother and father who are married as man and wife.  The pleasure of sex is allowed between married men and women.  There is something very special in the marriage bond and it ought not to be violated or perverted with same-sex marriages.  But the "government" is an instrument of sexual perversion not seen in modern times.  Barack Obama is an extremely immature psychopath along with everyone else who agrees with him.  The damage that same-sex marriages will do to a group of people or a "nation" will be massive.  Actually, it is already happening.
     Sexual immorality-fornication is being used as a weapon against civilized society.  The proponents of it, the media, the theater, the internet, and many other forms of publications, are doing it because they know it is going to destroy the lives of people.  They know that it will destabilize society to the point that it will be uncontrollable.  And out of the chaos and mayhem, the same old crackpot "elites" will take even more control over all of us.  They don't need physical chains, they have the mental chains of pornography, homosexuality, and child abuse.  They use it on us just as an enemy would use a nuclear bomb on an American city.  We can be caught off guard because we think its cute, funny, pleasurable, expression of freedom, or whatever.  But the sad fact is that sexual depravity is a slave chain.  Once this gets started in  a person's life, it's all downhill from there.
     It is not reasonable to say that sexual liberation harms no one; it harms everyone.  From a father, a mother, a son, or a daughter,  friend, sexual liberation ruins family relationships, orphans children, causes suicides, and completely runs afoul of God's natural law.  Child abuse is running rampant in this country with no sign of letting up.  All of the sexual depravity somehow will spill over into every facet of our lives because we haven't been taught or learned enough self-control.  How are teenagers going to learn self-control and then have a sex ed class on birth control?  That isn't going to happen.
     What sexual libertarians don't understand is that sexual depravity is the chain that binds them to failure in their lives.  They will fail in their relationships, and their lives will become twisted.  People who practice these things are slaves to the bondage.  They don't call it bondage for nothing.  There's nothing to be desired in bondage; unless one likes being a slave to evil.
     The queer people have a very definite political agenda and it is very fascist in nature.  If they had their way, I suppose they would want to have the whole country become queer.  They would have never had a chance to pull this off unless they took advantage of the general diminishing of morality in this country.  The queers want to be the slave masters, and everyone seems to be letting them have their way.  The reality of their position is weak and it will ultimately fail, because being a queer is the end result of failure.
    What I suggest is to stop listening to any newscast who promotes homosexuality or any news organization who is promoting it.  CNN is one who has been doing this for over thirty years.  I couldn't figure out why they started running stories about queers.  Now, all of the networks are doing it and the best way to overcome them is to simply shut off the newscasts.  I now assume they are lying every time they open their mouths, so why should I listen to it?  Most of the media are good for nothing and isn't worth the time of day, and it may even be dangerous.  So, one should be protecting their minds.
     For me, I've stopped listening to most newscasts and religious people.  They seem to be chronic liars.  I don't listen to what government people have to say because they also are chronic liars.  I now look at them as my tormentor; being ready to destroy my life at every turn.  I try to stay away from
things that will offend God.  Keeping the commandments is liberating; sexual promiscuity is bondage.  True freedom is established in God's natural law, and not the twisted perversity of homosexuality.  If everyone would take more time and attention and apply the natural laws to themselves, the problem would eventually correct itself.
   Finally, the sexual libertarian is simply making excuses for outrageous behavior that is destroying mankind.  The sexual libertarian is just as demented as the as the sexual pervert.  It would be nice if it didn't spill over and hurt other people, but it does, and the sexual libertarian adds to the problem and solves nothing.

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Walter Allen Thompson is the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God's Commandments


  1. You're an idiot. ASIDE from the typos, homosexuality is found naturally in most mammals, including humans, in small numbers, a little below 10% of the population in nearly all cases. You're unnatural. You, my friend, are a pious peice of swine on this planet.

    Let me make a quick assumption that you're a poor, fat hick, with an incredibly low-paying job, due only to your own ability.

    If you had, however, put up a DECENT argument, I might have been a bit accepting of your view.

    1. I fixed the typos. I wrote this almost four years ago and no one said anything except you. The idiocy is upon you and homosexuality is not natural and it certainly is not good for men and women. Homos have a shorter life span and usually have miserable lives. I've never seen a happy and satisfied homosexual. They are predators and they try to increase their ranks by picking on young men and even children. It isn't a matter of being pious but it is a matter of right and wrong. I'm right, and your wrong and that's why you are stupid to think that fagtards are good for anything.