Monday, April 18, 2022

The Joy of Life is in the Natural Law

The Joy of the Natural Law

The advantage of using the natural law in a man’s life is that there is an indescribable inner peace that comes in abiding in the natural order or natural law.  Everything that I do has a good outcome if I abide in it.  However, if I make a mistake, I get paid back for it which I don’t like.  All evil deeds are going to get bad results for the people who do such things.  This is why using my own ability to reason—using common sense—is going to make my life much happier.

I’ve been a political and religious researcher for over 30 years and no matter what information that I find, there’s no improvement that comes with that knowledge.  It seems as though everything gets worse.  What I’m finding out is that doing all of the research on many issues has as tendency to foul my mind to where I feel uncomfortable all day long.  Many times, it can deprive me of needed sleep.

In my opinion, the solution is for all men to take notice of the natural law and then use it for their own advantage.  All of us were born under the same natural conditions and it makes more sense to use it as the natural order is the boundary for life itself.  If we go outside that boundary, nothing good is going to happen.  And rather than read all of the junk about government, religion, science, and medicine I prefer to work on improving myself and I’m thinking that I can’t go wrong using the natural law.

The natural law gives us strength, courage, and truth with which we can properly guide our own lives.  Looking to government and religion to fix problems doesn’t work and the results are always disappointing.  I believe in the real God and I’m learning to respect his creation.  It doesn’t make any sense to continually keep doing things that do not work out for good.  With all the years of research I have done, it all comes down to the natural law and abiding in it.

I could have used this as a young man.  I’m learning this as an old man and while I feel blessed that it is working for me, I can see were an infinite amount of lifetimes have been wasted with politics and religion.  Learning how to accurately reason things out by using common sense is fairly easy but it is generally ignored by almost everyone.  It is difficult to get the false authority of government and religion out of the minds of people.  But I do think that many people like me are starting to wake up.  It doesn’t make any sense to document every turd in the cesspool.  It makes more sense to separate from the cesspool and go on to more productive things.

We should consider any subject matter and ask the questions: It is true or is it false?  Is it right or is it wrong?  Is it good or is it evil?  Once we know the truth, then we can take appropriate consideration and action.  If we don’t have the truth, then it is impossible to make a proper judgment.  It is better to set the issue aside until we arrive at a proper understanding.  If we act on any lie, then we will always get a bad result.

I stay away from groups because I cannot be sure they are not being infiltrated.  I’ve been though that a few times and it is a big time waster.  Of course, from the infiltrator, that’s the whole point.  I’m continually trying to improve myself as I avoid groups.  We have to make sure that we don’t partake in any evil for any reason.  By abiding in the natural law, we are giving ourselves a happier life filled with love and joy.

What’s nice about the natural order is that we don’t need to read a bunch of writings on the subject.  If we simply use it with right reason and common sense, we can vastly improve our lives.  We were all born with a latent knowledge of right and wrong.  All we have to do is use it.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land

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  1. I came to the same conclusion. I see the bigger picture so I don't have to turn every little depressing stone.