Monday, April 25, 2022

Laws or Freedom?

“As soon as laws are necessary for men, they are no longer fit for freedom.” (Pythagoras)

I’ve been reading some philosophy lately, and I like the one with the short sentences, few words, and lots of meaning.  The necessity of laws for men arises from mankind’s lack of knowledge of the natural order.  The natural order is so obvious but most of us have been avoiding or ignoring it most of our lives.  All of us have been indoctrinated into the authority of government and religion.  

Freedom arises when the natural order is respected and used for the benefit for mankind.  Manmade laws usually do not conform to the natural order because they are written in such a way to be confusing and overbearing.  When they do conform to the natural order, they do so in order to be deceitful and to cover-up the evil.  

Evil is a form of slavery and goodness is a form of freedom.  When we tell the truth, we don’t have to remember what lie we told, when we told it, and to whom we related it.  When the truth is present, it goes forth as it should producing peace and an orderly society.  

In looking at the governments of today, we are looking at men and women who believe in the slave state.  Governments do nothing good for the benefit of society.  If they manage to do something good, it is done in order to cover up the underlying evil of their existence.

Abiding within the the natural order solves all of mankind’s problems.  Regardless of which issue a man is considering, staying within the natural order will always get him the correct answer that produces nothing but good.  Life is much easier in using this method because that’s what the real God intended.

True freedom is living within the natural order.

Walter Allen Thompson


  1. it is always the same in this evil world the bad guys doing evil and people cannot distinguish the evil they are doing little by little we are approaching the end because all this they are causing is to invoke something

  2. The problem seems to be caused by the complacent masses themselves who cannot see this truth and are not prepared to stand up against greedy and opportunist bullies who try to rule them.
    In the present situation, the sheep will not suddenly understand the role they played in their own plight and resist in a logical and sensible way. Emotions will rule and it will be an ugly end to the concept of government and law etc. as well as the loss of many lives.
    Those who might? survive will start afresh adhering to natural law but I suspect that again will eventually be corrupted and it will repeat the cycle as it seems has various times in history.