Thursday, March 28, 2019

Should I Cut Off My Dog's Balls?

I was out walking my dog Oscar who is an “intact” animal.  In other words, he still has his balls.  What a novel idea!  He’s about 20 months old and is in perfect health.  I saw some people I knew and the first thing out of their pathetic mouths was: “you need to have your dog neutered.”  This pissed me off so I told him that I would be happy to do it to him.  I should have told him all he had to do is to lay down and I would perform the operation—without anesthetic.  Since I’m an advocate of not only admiring the natural order but I try to live within it.  It’s not that difficult and the results are always much better.

Neutering animals violates that natural order and I believe that it will always have a bad result.  Animals who have been neutered acquire all kinds of physical problems that are job security for veterinarians.  Just do a search on the damaging effects of neutering.  I lost my dog Spot at 6 1/2 years old to cancer and he was neutered before I adopted him.  Upon doing some simple research, some people claim that 60% of dogs die of cancer because of being neutered.  But the advocates neutering dogs say that the dogs live longer, but they have no proof.  If God made the dogs to breed, then it only makes sense to leave them alone to live their lives the way he intended, and not be subject to such asinine bullshit advocating neutering.  I can just see that somewhere in the future, some idiot will suggest that only certain people can breed and the rest will be neutered.

Personally, I think that if these idiots want to neuter these animals so much and they ought to think about neutering themselves.  Dogs live on a higher plain of life in that they don’t start wars, they don’t blow things up, and they aren’t slave traders.  They try to enjoy every day with their owners and they just want to be happy.  With all of the bitchy women who aren’t even suitable to date, I look at dogs as God’s consolation prize.  The world would be a better place if it had more dogs.

People who want to neuter dogs are as annoying as the vegans who go on a jihad.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this suggested to me over the short time I’ve had Oscar.  I’m thinking that his ball sack looks unusual in today’s sick and demented world.  Between soy boys and neutered male dogs, it’s just another way of attacking masculinity in general.

When Oscar gets horney, he’ll hump on a female dog and I have to control him.  I first put him back on the leash and then I tell him he has to buy the other dog dinner first.  It isn’t that difficult to control your dog.  People have become so lazy and self-absorbed, that they’ll mutilate their dogs just for their own convenience.  Where’s PETA when you need them?

Birth control of dogs isn’t the problem.  The problem is with busybody people who want to stick their noses in other people’s business.  I am very annoyed when I can’t tell the dog’s gender from behind.  When I go to a dog park, I have to look for the dog’s dick or lack of one to a ascertain its gender.

The way I see it, God made them the way he did and we should just leave them alone.  Dogs are a wonderful companion and they should be allowed to live naturally the way God intended.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 


  1. With overpopulation abounding, why not an international legal mandate to neuter and spade 90% of the human race?

    1. That is pure ignorant BS. The only bad overpopulation occurs in the psychopathic one percent. If we neuter them the world would turn into a paradise in a few generations.

  2. Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Although neuter and spay have their place, if you are a responsible dog owner you are doing your animal a serious disservice according to the research. First of all, you abruptly cut off your pet's hormonal balance. When this happens to a human the body goes into shock and is starved of critical hormones. Women who receive hysterectomies without hormone replacement sweat, feel depressed, lose their passion, and gain weight, while complaining of in inability to focus. It would be more responsible to tie a female dog's tubes than to cut off life-sustaining hormones. We did just that and our female is thriving- while our dogs spayed early we acquired from animal control are lethargic, overweight, and likely depressed. Our male Shepherd is fully intact- and although a little fiesty, he is only three years old. I believe it is abusive to spay/neuter an animal if you have other means- but I also understand the need to do so because a portion of pet owners are irresponsible and there is a major overpopulation problem. Love your blog

    1. I didn't know you could just take your female dog to the vet and get her tubes tied. If I get another dog I will ask for that instead of the full spaying. My dog came to me spayed already. She is very overweight despite the effort I have put into slimming her down. Perhaps the spaying is responsible?

  4. There was an ad on this big cubicle truck used by the veterinary clinic where I live.

    "Your vet is only thing standing between your pet and (its) health"

    If vets were supposed to help, shouldn't it have read between your pet and illness? A major gaff or a major Freudian slip, considering how much vet bills cost.

  5. AnonymousMay 29, 2020

    You pose the rhetorical question for emphasis, "where's PETA when you need them?"

    If you value your dog's well being and don't want to cause him harm, then you better hope PETA is as far away from your dog as possible. This nasty group of seemingly benevolent pro-animal enthusiasts is just another phony organization that could not care less about animals. From what I've heard, a lot of people with honest intentions have been deceived and joined only to discover how much they love to kill the animals they supposedly care about.

    "Euthanize" would be the euphemism they employ. This sanitized language assists them in convincing us to agree to things we'd avoid if following natural law's guidance.

    Veterinary "care" should be viewed with the same caution you have for regular doctors. Avoid them if at all possible. They have expensive surgeries to charge you for, and, just like our "healthcare" system, the pharmaceutical companies have developed oodles of drugs for Oscar. Luckily lots require a prescription before you can purchase your pet's poison.

    Poison? Do I exaggerate for effect? Well, I leave that up to you, but definition of pharmaceutical might help you decide. The first result in googling "pharmaceutical etymology:"

    pharmaceutical (adj.)
    "pertaining to pharmacy or the art of preparing drugs," 1640s (pharmaceutic in the same sense is from 1540s), from Late Latin pharmaceuticus "of drugs," from Greek pharmakeutikos, from pharmakeus "preparer of drugs, poisoner" (see pharmacy). Pharmaceuticals "medicinal drugs" is attested by 1881. Related: Pharmaceutically.

    That was "preparer of drugs, poisoner," just in case you missed that.

    A relative of mine who loved his cat very much followed a vet's advice, taking her in for checkups regularly. Unfortuately for his cat, he had plenty of money to burn on whatever was suggested.

    That included annual vaccinations. And when the cat came down with cancer, the tumor growth was located in the same spot where they used to inject her regularly. Surprise!!!


    My cat had diabetes about 10 years ago. They had us injecting him with insulin if you can imagine.

    I have heard that PETA is one of the things used to distort our ways of thinking and make society more accepting of psychopathic and satanic behavior. One thing it does is make people value an animal life more than human life, even when the human is their own. Think about the disgusting campaigns PETA is associated with: Lady Gog-and-Magog-ah and her dress made out of meat.

  6. AnonymousMay 29, 2020

    You can include my name on that post I just sent about the pharmaceutical industry....Stephen Box

  7. Please keep your animals away from "vets". They all practice voo-doo sorcery and will kill your animals. I learned the hard way.

  8. AnonymousJuly 14, 2022

    i love my pet chihuahua/beagle mix dog @4years old I still cant imagine chopping his testicles off. To me, its animal mutilation.