Monday, March 18, 2019

Render Unto Caesar?

     There is a saying in the Bible that says: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."  Many Christians and people from other faiths may think that this means to submit to the authority to the government; even if it is wrong.  Then we see in Romans Chapter 13 of the New Testament: "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God."  The problem as I see it is that being subject to the higher powers could blatantly disobey God's commandments and the natural order.  The whole Romans Chapter 13 is a big problem for me because I don't think it reflects the view of the real God who created everything.  Unfortunately, the governments and the religions of the world cause most of the misery to mankind through their unending wars, theft by taxation, child trafficking, child molesting, and other sexual perversions.
     People in the government don't seem to care or they lose track of their moral responsibilities before the real God who created a moral order for everyone to follow.  Just because a man is in a higher position of authority, does not give him the right to violate other men, women, and children on his whims.  The evil of any government is its willingness to violate people and destroy everything that is good about life.  They destroy themselves by swearing oaths and in turn destroy the natural moral order in society.  It doesn't matter which country, they all practice a form of communism which is just a rehashed version of the feudalism of the old Roman Empire.
     To put this another way I ask this question: "What does Caesar have over the real God who created everything?"  Of course, my answer is that Caesar has nothing and no authority to violate the natural order.  However, all of the governments of the world have violated the real God’s natural order since the establishment of governments.  It is a very dangerous idea to have people in authority of any government who are willing to shed innocent blood over political ideas.  But in truth, that is the whole point of government—to destroy mankind.
     The governments of the world are established on oath-taking which in turn violates the natural order as only the real God has the power to swear any oaths.  Mankind is not powerful enough; mankind does not have power over the creator.  This is a little detail that political figures seem to forget.  They get too wrapped up into themselves and they make big mistakes which costs people their lives.
     If the people want a government, then that government should never be allowed to violate the peoples’ natural rights.  The main problem as I see it is that mankind invented the government and it can never be perfect or lawful in the natural sense of things.  The power of the government corrupts the people using the power.  Thus, it may be better not to have governments and let the people organize voluntarily to defend themselves anyway they see fit as long as they abide in the natural order.  Caesar is a creation of the real God; Caesar is not God and he has no authority outside of the natural order.
    No one has any authority to violate the natural law or the natural rights of any man, woman, or child.  The problem with the government is that they leave out what is good and moral and put in their filthy trash and call it legal.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. That's my big problem with the 'Churchians'. Any bad behavior by those in authority is tolerated all on the basis of an asinine interpretation of Romans 13. Many are far less worse than leftist, but stupid in their own way.

  2. Please check out Pastor Charles Baldwin. He has a whole series on just this very subject. Also a very different perspective

    1. If you have a specific link to an article on this subject by this man, I'll be happy to read it.

  3. AnonymousMay 18, 2019

    Maybe it means give to man the body for it is only a shell. Give to God your soul for that is his. I too am sick of control, power, greed and just watching and learning how evil man can be I can understand that God must be a loving and slow to anger, cause we all need to be smacked down. You are a wise person and tyvm for caring enough to help me understand more.