Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Suicidal Marketing: Gillete andToxic Masculinity

      The stupidity of large corporations like Gillette is something to behold.  The main thrust of their recent commercial attempts to address "toxic masculinity."  I just viewed the video and it is stupid beyond anything that I have seen.  The word stupid is being kind and this is a perfect way to lose customers by pissing them off.  While this controversy is popular right now, I thought it might be good to show the advantages of growing a beard as opposed to shaving.

Shaving is gay or effeminate

     I have learned to use the natural law or the natural order to make intelligent decisions.  I don't really care about custom or culture.  Men, when they reach a certain age, will naturally grow beards.  Women and little boys and girls do not have beards.  The mature man will not shave his face but he will keep his beard and let it grow naturally.  Most men, including myself, never questioned the idea of shaving.  At the age of 14, I started to shave and never thought anything of it.  It wasn't until 13 years ago did I realize that it would be better to have a beard because I read a verse in Clement of Alexandria about shaving is effeminate.  And rightfully so because the natural order shows it.

Purpose of shaving

     As seen by the Gillette commercial, there is an attack on masculinity.  I believe that the idea of compromising masculinity probably goes back thousands of years.  The only reason to have men shave their faces or any other body part is to compromise their masculinity.  I believe that there is masculine power in long hair and by cutting it, the man loses that power.  The story of Samson seems to ring true.  The Satanists love to compromise their masculinity because they like to invert God's natural order.  This has been true throughout history.

Reasons to grow a beard

Here are the reasons why I think it is important and a benefit to a man to grow a beard:
  • Projects the natural power of a man; it's very masculine
  • It is an extension of the nervous system and men who have a beard will get much better performance in whatever they are doing because they have the extra edge of the beard (see link below this article)
  • Beards look better.  Look at some before and after pictures of men with and without a beard.  The beard wins every time.
  • Beards filter out germs and diseases thereby giving the man better health and less frequent flu and colds
  • Some younger men say that the beards serve as a "bimbo filter."  In other words, they don't want a woman who dislikes beards
  • Snowflake soy boys and feminist women hate the beard and that's all the more reason to grow one.  If they don't like it, then that's a good thing

The hidden purpose of shaving

     In my opinion, the reason for shaving is to have men emasculate themselves by looking like a girl.  Think about it, there's really no other purpose for shaving.  I consider it the first step to being a homosexual, transvestite, or a pervert.  It is the natural way of showing that the man is immature.  If a man wants to shave, then maybe he should go to Victoria Secrets and get himself a nice pair of panties and a training bra.  If a man has a full beard, then he is showing the world that he is a part of the natural order that the real God created.  The benefits are too numerous to mention.

Suicidal Marketing

     I've had a long career as a sales rep in a few industries and the main thing we all knew was to never piss off your customers.  Once you lose customers, especially over something this stupid,
it is almost impossible to get them back. But we can see a pattern here with other corporations who seem to despise masculinity.  JC Penny's with Helen DeGenerates who is a lesbian.  NFL tried to main stream homosexuality with Michael Sam.  In addition, the NFL did not allow Tim Tebow to thrive as he was too masculine.  Target Stores installed transgender bathrooms.  And it appears that Gillette just drank the cool aid and committed a marketing blunder of biblical proportions. The whole trust of most of the corporate world is aimed toward homosexuality and against masculinity.  I think that the men who don't have beards should consider growing one.  The beard is a part of the natural order and there's more of a benefit in having one than most of us realize.


  1. I'm a masculine gay guy with a beard and a giant mustache. I agree with the Gillette ad being out of touch with reality. Men should embrace their masculinity. I don't agree with demonising all gay men. We need to look at how gay men are pushed by the media to express themselves in an extremely feminine way or even by becoming a woman.