Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Perjury Trap

     The evilest of "government" operations is the legal system.  It claims that it has a right over God's natural order when it does not.  When you engage yourself in any legal proceeding, it is, in reality, a Satanic proceeding from the pit of hell.  If you have been following the news, many people are getting subpoenas (demands to testify).  This is the legal method to get the target to bend over and grab his ankles and enjoy the legal rape that is going to occur.  This means that the target is expected to incriminate himself by answering obtuse and twisted questions from various atturdneys (misspelling intentional).  This process is a trap to get the witness to lie and make a mistake and then possibly prosecute him for perjury.

Perjury is lying under oath
    In the legal process, perjury is lying under oath.  Not just lying, but lying under oath. While people may be compelled to show up for the inquiry or deposition, there is no requirement for anyone to swear oaths.  It is completely voluntary.  In fact, swearing oaths is taking the Lord's name in vain.  It should never be done for any reason.  Because swearing an oath is the same as binding your soul to a bond; that's never a good thing.  If an attorney or any other govtard wants to ask you questions, you can do it but never under an oath.  Let's say you make a mistake and want to correct it later.  How are you going to prove you didn't lie and commit perjury.  Remember, perjury is lying under oath.  However, if you answer questions without an oath, you don't have the same problem.  A man can testify if he wishes, but never under oath as it is never going to have a good outcome.

Oath-taking is the ticket to hell
     Most people do not consider the dangers of oath-taking.  I've written about this for over 9 years and I'm surprised when seasoned journalists or government workers get sucked into the pit of the legal system.  The subpoena is the primary tool of intimidation and it frightens people into submission.  Several people come to mind as I write this and the real danger zone is the oath.  The oath is the central glue that holds the "new world order" in place.  Without it, these entities would have no jurisdiction.  Think of it this way.  The oath is like the rope the court gives you to hang yourself.  And any document that you sign "under the penalties of perjury" does the same thing as by signing it assumes that you're under some kind of oath.

Natural law overrides man-made laws
     Under the natural law which the real God created, it is considered a sin to swear an oath.  Thus, there is no reason for anyone to do it other than their own ignorance and fear of the authorities.  In fact, it looks to me that we all "volunteer" to become slaves to the STATE, State, or state rather than simply obeying the natural law which will always get a better result.  Staying within the natural order
always better than blindly following unlawful orders that transgress the natural law.  There would be no need nor desire for any government if the people would follow this simple rule: no oath-taking.
    Think of it this way.  If someone from the government ordered you to kill someone, obviously, you would not be required to do it.  It's really that simple.  No government can require anyone to swear any oaths and if they try they have lost all authority.  That's something to think about.

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Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. Another witness of what happens when the Bible is no longer the court criteria for the laying on of hands to tell the truth, the whole truth oh, and nothing but the truth.

  2. The Bible teaches not to swear oaths. These courts are Satanic proceedings or sorcery. There’s nothing good about them.

  3. How do I get out of signing something and still get services that I need and agree upon?

    1. I will cross off the part "under the penalties of perjury" and put the reason conscientious objection for moral reasons and then initial it. That's a good question and I'm surprised no one asked earlier. Remember, the oath underwrites the perjury and it is like taking a noose and putting it around your own neck.

  4. So you do not sign it @ the bottom but leave it blank after you have crossed out “under the penalties of perjury” and put “conscientious objection for moral reasons” and initial it above the crossed out parts? Or you can go ahead and sign because I have already put that there? Just wanted clarification so it’s fully clear to me. And what if they come back and say that they cannot accept it? Thanks!