Sunday, January 20, 2019

Writings are Only as Good as the Truth They Reflect

     Most of us put too much authority in writings.  When we read something, we don’t really know if the material is true or false.  We don’t have enough facts to make an intelligent conclusion based upon what we’re reading.  In my opinion, reading and writing may be good for some forms of communication, but none of it is factual evidence of anything unless it reflects the truth.  In examining political and religious ideas, we have few facts--if any--to make intelligent conclusions. The people are easily indoctrinated into stupid and evil beliefs that have nothing to do with the facts.

Religious writings
     In my own understanding, no one has met the real God who created everything.  But we do know what is expected of us and what is possible within the natural law.  These laws apply to everyone regardless of their culture or heritage.  A belief is just that; a belief.  But just because everyone believes it doesn't mean that it is true.  I've been taken in by religions and they are not reliable nor do they produce anything good.  Oh sure, they have the outward appearance of righteousness, but deep down they are corrupted and rotten to the core.  I don't believe that any writing correctly reflects the will of the real God unless it conforms to the natural law.  This is a much easier approach and I wish I had learned this early on as it would have saved me a lot of trouble. 
     When I read anything, I’m always trying to determine if what I am reading is true.  Do I have any facts to support my conclusion.  Reading and writing are not necessarily facts because it has to be done by a man.  And my experience with writings is that they can be very inconsistent and misleading.  However, when you match the writing with the natural law, you can see right away whether or not there is going to be a problem.  Truth doesn’t favor one group over another.  The truth is never relative; it is what it is and we need be able to know the truth in order to function properly.
Religion is always confusing and it is taught by a bunch of miscreants who constantly lie and distort the facts.  Of course, they don’t know the facts because they go by faith in the writing but not always in reality.

Man-made laws
     These laws are even more confusing that religious writings.  The reason is that they redefine words to say one thing when another meaning is intended.  This happens quite frequently in most of the laws and codes in the “United States.”  The “United States” has about 25 different meanings in the US Code; perhaps more.  It’s been awhile since I’ve read any of it.  But the confusion is intentional making people rely on attorneys who are officers of the court.  These people will stab you in the back if given a chance because their loyalty is to the court system and not their clients.  Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen is a good example of this.  These laws are not usable for the sane mind so the natural law is what people should pay attention to and obey that instead of worrying about this or that code.  It’s one thing to have voluminous sets of codes.  But the big question should be: What facts does anyone have that these codes or laws apply to me?  The government refuses to answer this question in a responsive way.  But the natural law applies to everyone the same way and there’s no argument about it.  The governments will start wars and steal money from the people to finance their stupid wars.  But these wars are immoral and violate the natural law.  The use of force is only proper when one is defending himself.  But most people give too much authority to the writing without asking the primary question:  What fact do you have that show that these codes or laws apply to me?  If there are no facts, then there is no application.

News and the various medias

     One of the most time consuming and worthless things to do is to watch the MSM.  They lie so many times that it is destructive to the mind.  This can also be true of "alternative" media so the viewer need to be mindful of the continuing question: Is what I am watching or reading true?  Sometimes it is very difficult to tell the difference because the liars always use enough of the truth in order to make a lie acceptable.  I don't watch it very much because I get no benefit out of it for the time spent.  If there is no benefit; then there is no point in taking in bogus information.  Lying violates the natural law, so it is easier not to view the nonsense in the first place and thereby save our own sanity. 

Natural law is the true authority
     The natural law always take the true authority over everything.  If a government official ordered me to murder someone, I would have no moral reason to comply as that would violate the real God’’s law which is the natural law.  The problem with writings is that if they are not completely true in every way, then taking any belief or action based on falsehoods will never get a good result.  I don’t need a Bible to believe in the real God.  And I shouldn’t need a man-made law to rule my behavior.  I already have the natural law which is complete and good; it already exists in the real God's natural order.  I'm finding out that by simply making decisions based on the natural law, I can get much better results.

On Reading and Writing

 Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


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  1. Isn't the kind of terminology used in written laws referred to as "legalese"?
    A sort of "poetic license" to apply any definition one wishes to any word?