Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fake Religion

     In understanding fake religion, we have to understand the similarities between the fake government and the fake religions.  The lowest common denominator is the Devil, Lucifer, or Satan.  This is the key to understanding the reason why life has become so horrid.  While I do believe in the God who created me, I do not give any religion credibility as they are too inconsistent with their doctrines and they do not exhibit the moral standards one would expect from some of their teachings.  And after studying the Bible for over 25 years I have come to realize that these religions all serve the purpose of the Devil and not of God.  And all of them do it, even Christianity.  Most of these religions clothe themselves with the moral turpitudes but they are rarely consistent in their actions and they make grave errors in their teachings.  I've never had a problem with the idea of God but I could never reconcile the low moral standards of the people in these religions and what was clearly taught in the Bible.
     Most of the religions today are called the Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Both have widely different styles of tradition but all of them have very questionable if not evil doctrines that don't make any sense in relation to a normal--easy to understand-- doctrines of God's natural law.

The purpose of religion
     Most of my religious experience has been with Christianity.  But regardless of the style, I believe that in the substance of their teachings, all religions fall short and I think that the purpose of them is to spiritually lie to the people who listen to or read their doctrines.  The people are taught to leave their brains at the door.  For example: "Lean not on your own understanding."  However, a man must lean on his own mind and latent spiritual knowledge using common sense and right reason.  I learned that by depending on a writing such as the Bible, I could be swayed by a writing that I don't know whether it is true or not.  The Bible has a lot of inconsistencies that I don't bother to read it any longer because I'm not sure whether or not I'm getting the truth.  This is why I believe in using the natural law (no evolution) rather than a writing because the natural law which God established is always true.  Some of us may or may not understand it at first, but eventually, we'll begin to not only understand it but then use it to our own benefit.  Religion, in my opinion, is established to lie to the people and make promises that it can't keep and are not real.  The lie is the main tool of the Evil One so we must be careful about why and how we believe anything.  It is the constant lying of religion that allows the government and the religious psychos to control the thoughts of everyone.  For instance, the Bible says that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.  There's no question that this is what is in the writing.  However, do we have any facts that show that it is true?  I don't have any facts one way or another.  I find it dangerous to make assumptions that don't have any facts attached to them.  Because if Jesus Christ is not God in the flesh, then the writing is incorrect and a fraud.  This will also lead the Christians or the believers to inadvertently become an idolator because they are worshiping the wrong god.
     Do I have any facts that show there is a God?  Yes, I believe that the beauty of our world and our existence are ample evidence to show that there is a creator.  And the only sensible thing to do is to live by the natural parameters that he established.  I call this a latent knowledge and understanding that God gave mankind.  People should be careful about worshiping a god that doesn't exist; as that would be idolatry and quite stupid. If they say that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, then how can it be proven?  I don't think something that important should be accepted in just faith alone or on any writing.  Faith without facts is like playing a dangerous game of spiritual roulette.  Religions seem to facilitate idolatry based on blind acceptance of faith.  Just go to a temple, church, or any other religious building and you will see statues.  Almost all of these organizations break the commandment against any "graven images."  These churches are in gross disobedience to their own writings; they say one thing and do another. This also breaks the commandment against lying.  Lying is bad because it gives people false information and they will then waste time thinking and perhaps acting  on false information.  This is why the lie is so dangerous because it misdirects people into making the wrong decisions.  Most of us have wasted a lot of time and many have lost their lives believing in lies and then acting on them to their own demise.

Ignoring my gut feelings 
     As far back as I can remember, every time I went to a church, I had this feeling that I shouldn't be there.  I couldn't explain the reason why but I knew something about the gut feeling was odd.  In looking back, I have never been misled by my gut feeling and if I ignored it, it would always work against me.  All religions seem to want to control us and by doing so, they disarm the man by telling him to trust his religious leaders instead of using his own common sense and right reason.  In today's world, this is also done through the various media outlets and in educational institutions which are essentially indoctrination centers.
     Like other people, I trusted the religious leaders until I started to ask questions.  Everytime I had a question they would either brush me off or simply lie.  I started to get suspicious and I finally left the Catholic Church after finishing high school.  However, I didn't give up on God but just the religions.  Years later, I decided to read the Bible and I was flabbergasted by the various denominations there were and the insane doctrines that were usually different from one denomination to the next.  Today, I figure that they are all bat-shit crazy and they operate on the principles of Satan, the Devil, or Lucifer. As I attended these religious organizations, I felt like I was in a dungeon just waiting to be slaughtered.  I remember criticizing the Catholic Church as not even being close to biblical Christianity; yet, I myself was still in another cult in the charismatic movement.  And the cycle of shit went on and on until I separated myself from all religious activities and from reading religious writings.  By doing this, I felt like I got my own mind back to where it needed to be. Belief in God isn't anchored with religion but that's how I always looked at it.  Now, I just accept the reality of God by the evidence in nature and the natural moral order which can be easily observed with common sense and right reason.  That, and along with paying attention to my gut instincts, I seem to get along much better.  I no longer feel the need to indulge in fake religions which always bring on bad results.  I don't care what religion a man believes in because I think these religions are of the Devil.

Religions tolerate immorality 
     One of the best ways to expose bad religion is to notice their toleration of immorality.  They tolerate lying, idolatry, sexual perversion and adultery, war and murder, and almost anything that is bad for society.  The worse of it is that they support the governments of the world.  These governments are so immoral that I don't think they have any reason to exist.  I think we would all do just fine without them.  There is no immorality that can be lawfully sanctioned by any government.  The real law is a natural law which God created and it applies to everyone the same way.  I could write for hours on the specifics, but I think the focus should be on each man, woman, and child to observe what is good and what is bad and then make their choices.  If they choose good, then good things will happen.  A good choice is always going to have a better result against making a bad one.

Natural law keeps it simple
     I've done all the research that I can tolerate.  The society is so evil it is beyond words.  Obeying and abiding in the natural law is what works well and I believe that people should not be subject to governments or religion.  There is no writing that bestows freedoms by which God has given mankind.  And I believe that the only true way to figure out the truth of the matter is to follow the facts or the evidence and then make informed decisions.  In later articles, I'll write down how I use the natural law to guide my life to a better place.

Walter Allen Thompson has a new book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land


  1. I would say I'm more of an agnostic though was athiest over the years. I was never impressed with the over all behavior of those who attended religious services in my part of the country.

    I've read the Bible on a limited basis, but I've told other Christians that I can have a rational conversation with that we will never have the real translation or most accurate collection of books. Catholics have theirs and then there is everyone else.

    It is said that the KJV is the best translated version, but even if we knew how to read Aramic and Greek and ancient Hebrew there would be still be issue of how words have a cultural meaning at times. How do we know they got it 100% right?

    Nice post and great points.

  2. This post is BS, it's misleadingly titled 'fake religion' briefly mentions some 'Abrahammic' religions yet singles out Christianity and rants & raves only about Christianity for the remainder of the article, completely ignoring the murderous intolerance of the torah, koran and the talmud.

    1. I'm more familiar with Christians, but the muslims and the Jews are just as evil. I wouldn't touch any of these religions with a ten-foot-pole. The Talmud, Koran, and the Bible are very misleading and quite immoral because they represent lies. They have enough truth in them to be credibile but ultimately, these books as a whole are immoral and they lie.

  3. if your worried about idolatry and despise satan then you already believe in the bible since that is the source of both concepts. I feel the same way as you though but i go about it differently. I believe in the creator as the one true god and believe he sent his son ( a part of him) here to teach us a better way. We dont really know what God means or the workings of the spirit world but if you get rid of the religions and focus on only the gospels and letters which i will admit may have been modified. The erasmus translations bother me because of the concept of the eraser. Where did it come from?

    all that being said, i believe in god and i believe he sent his son to help us. It is doubtful Jesus was a concocted plan to peasify the world since it took the enemy 1500 years to regroup. Only in the last 500 years have they really been able to consolidate power.

    Any way you look at it, the teachings of Jesus put a major stumbling block in the way of the builders ( pharisees and moneychangers, the enslavers of the jews) which to this day they still have not completely overcome.

    so anyone who could do that must be of God so for me its not a far stretch that god raised him up and he is the son of God. I generally dont consider the old testament at all especially the first 5 books.

    remember that men whote these words but i think we can see that the idea of the new testament is to bring all men together in peace and i think it has accomplished that goal. All other religions are contrary to the new testament and thats why there wont be any Christians in the new world order. They will never accept it.

  4. I would say that the author here hit the nail right on the head. I am 81, have always been an agnostic with no like for any religion as I had heard of them. Then in my later 50's (over 25 year ago) GOD (not the God nor gods of Religions) entered my life direct from inside! The experience was one of indescribable Love and Truth and I cannot now conceive of anything more honest than that. If it is not honest it is worth nothing of lasting value. My higher Self, my Intuitive Soul, is my Spiritual experience and I know it to be never pressing harder than reminders, always having my best interest at heart and that meaning also the best interest of everyone else. I am reminded near constantly of that special loving and honest relationship and feel that it is indicative of man's best higher relationship to all of the promised goodness without any "badness" of GOD, something that Religions, like Governments, fail to supply, though they so often promise more. BEWARE, heed this article! IMnsHO and E so far.