Saturday, June 26, 2021

Notes on the Natural Law


I have put together some notes which I use on a daily bases to help me keep myself within the boundaries of the natural law and the natural order.  These are just random thoughts and conclusions that I have been studying. 

  1. Natural law applies to every man equally.  Regardless of the style of government, race,       culture, or religion, it applies to everyone the same way.
  2. Natural law is the existence and function of everything as the real God created.  It works together for the benefit of mankind.
  3. The real God established it.
  4. Evil violates the natural law and any man can avoid evil--and the bad results that come from it--by staying within the boundaries of the natural order which are inherently good.
  5. Natural law is the supporting of good and the avoidance of evil.
  6. Under natural law, evil always gets bad results.  Whereas, goodness and virtue always get good results.
  7. Everyone is accountable for their his own actions.
  8. Bad government gets bad results.
  9. Bad religion gets bad results.
  10. Free-will is the choosing between good and evil.
  11. Learning bad information is not good education.
  12. Trying to fix something that has an evil foundation doesn't work.  You can't fix evil but it can be avoided and/or corrected.
  13. You can tell a tree by its fruit.
  14. Abiding in the natural law always gets good results.
  15. Staying in the natural law produces peace and happiness not attainable in a world of evil.
  16. Evil should be eliminated out of peoples' lives.
  17. The ten commandments seem to fit in with the natural law perfectly.  But the Bible has problems in consistency of doctrines.
  18. Science is only as good as the truth it reflects.  If there's a conflict between truth and untruth, then it is worthless until a truthful conclusion is discovered.  Evolution does not occur in the natural law.
  19. Judge the government and religion by the natural law.  If they don't agree, then there is no credibility or authority from them.
  20. Natural law works because mankind can choose between right and wrong by using right reason and common sense.  Good choices produce excellent results.  It makes life a lot easier to live and enjoy.
  21. If confronted with the choice between good and evil, the selection of the good will always get better results even though it may not look like it at first.
  22. Evil never produces anything good.
  23. Natural law contains the proper morality when a man stays within its boundaries.  It is important to think and use right reason to improve and live a happy life.
  24. Economic natural law would be a completely free economy with an honest money system.
  25. Fornication and adultery produce bad results.  Sex provides for the procreation which in turn the children are best raised by both the natural mother and father.  The responsible conduct would be to avoid sexual intercourse until marriage.
  26. Marriages should be only formed under the natural law without oaths, affirmations, or vows.  The marriage should be formed by the man and woman under their own authority.
  27. Do no harm to anyone if it has anything to do with you.
  28. The is no happiness outside of the natural law.

Walter Allen Thompson has a book called Natural Law: The True Supreme Law of the Land 

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